Executive Shuffle: ASCAP, iHeartMedia, Verve Records…

Executive Shuffle: ASCAP, iHeartMedia, Verve Records...
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The music industry has undergone significant changes in the past few years, with the rise of streaming platforms and increasing competition among record labels. As a result, companies are constantly reshuffling their executive teams to stay ahead of the curve. Here are some of the latest executive shuffles across the industry.

ASCAP, the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers, has made two key promotions. John Bonaccorso has been promoted from Senior Director of Customer Experience to Vice President of Licensing Customer Experience. In his new role, Bonaccorso will continue to be based in Boston and will be responsible for developing and implementing strategies to improve the licensing experience for ASCAP members and licensees.

Todd Oliver, meanwhile, has been promoted to Vice President of Sales Operations. Oliver joined ASCAP’s General Licensing department in 2010 and has held various positions within the company, including Area Account Manager and Project Manager. In his new role, Oliver will be based in the San Francisco Bay Area and will be responsible for overseeing the company’s sales operations and revenue growth.

Elsewhere, iHeartMedia, the largest radio broadcasting company in the US, has seen the departure of Shira Mahler, who served as Manager of Marketing and Communications for five years. Mahler has now joined Sunshine Sachs in New York as an Account Director, where she will work on developing the company’s music business.

Verve Records, a division of Universal Music Group, has announced the departure of Mike Rittberg, who served as General Manager of the label for just over four years. Rittberg was responsible for providing leadership for branding, marketing, and promotions for artists’ releases. No replacement for Rittberg has been announced yet.

Finally, Reservoir, an independent music publisher, has hired Donna Caseine as Senior Vice President of Creative and A&R. Caseine will be based in Los Angeles and will be responsible for developing and overseeing the company’s creative publishing operation on the West Coast. Caseine brings over 20 years of experience to Reservoir, having previously worked at Universal Music Publishing Group as Senior Vice President of U.S. and International Creative Affairs.

Executive shuffles are a common occurrence in the music industry, as companies constantly strive to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to changing market conditions. For example, ASCAP’s recent promotions reflect the company’s ongoing efforts to improve the licensing experience for its members and licensees. Similarly, Reservoir’s hiring of Donna Caseine reflects the company’s commitment to expanding its presence on the West Coast and bringing in top talent to drive growth.

At the same time, executive changes can also reflect broader trends in the industry. For example, the departure of Shira Mahler from iHeartMedia could reflect the company’s ongoing struggles in the face of increased competition from streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. Similarly, Mike Rittberg’s departure from Verve Records could reflect the challenges facing traditional record labels in the digital age.

Overall, the music industry is a dynamic and rapidly evolving landscape, and executive shuffles are just one of the ways that companies are adapting to these changes. As the industry continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how these changes play out and what new trends and innovations emerge.

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