A New Idea for Bands That Can’t Afford a Vinyl Record Release…

FACT, The Vinyl Factory and BORN.COM Bring Artists VF Selects, An Easy Way To Release Vinyl
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Are you a musician or in a band?  Fact Magazine and the Vinyl Factory bring you VF Selects, a project to help you release your music on vinyl…

Today (June 14th), Fact Magazine and The Vinyl Factory have announced a partnership with crowdfunding site Born.com to make the release of vinyl easier for artists.

It’s simple.  All the artist needs to do is send them a link, and they’ll put it on wax for them.  The project is called VF Selects, and if Fact thinks a musician or band has the sound and audience to sell the records, then they will make the release happen.  Once the link has been submitted and Fact gives it the go-ahead, they will launch a crowdfunding campaign with Born.com for 400 vinyl copies with ”top-of-the-line mastering and full artwork.”

Fact says the partnership was put in place as the prospect of releasing music on vinyl can be ”daunting” especially for young artists or labels, delays can be ”off-putting,” and overall it can be an ”unaffordable commitment.”  Fact will accept a personal release as well as a nominated one, and will aim to work with people who already have an established fan base, as well as those that are completely unheard of.

To send a music link, all you have to do is enter the name of the artist and the link to their music, whether that be on SoundCloud, Bandcamp or music page.


(Image by Ville Säävuori, Creative Commons, Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic, CC by-SA 2.0)