Thom Yorke Is the Human Embodiment of Satan and All Evil…

Of all the people… why Thom Yorke?

Somehow, Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke has become the human embodiment of Satan and all of his vices, according to a declaration by Christian fundamentalist group Generation for God.  The strange tweet from the group, which also declares activities like homosexuality, marijuana smoking, and atheism as sins, pegs Yorke as representative of 8 deadly vices.  These vices, in turn, are employed by Satan to control and destroy individuals.

The list of vices pegged to Yorke’s face include things like ‘Atheism,’ ‘Drugs’ and ‘Disobedience to God’s Law,’ which Yorke may indeed be guilty (we’re not sure).  Others are more of a stretch, but include:

  • Pornography.
  • Witchcraft and tarot.
  • Avarice.
  • Idolotry.
  • Unforgiveness.

The choice of Yorke remains an epic mystery, though the tweet is quickly gaining steam among Radiohead (and Yorke) fans.  “Is this going to be on vinyl?” one fan replied.  Another pointed to an amazing upcoming album cover.

Adding to the intensity is a ‘heat map’ effect on the singer’s face, which could make any mug into an evil menace.  But if this is Satan, maybe he has positive musical qualities that we should consider?  “I always knew Satan had a great taste in music,” one fan raised.

Other interesting questions surfaced among the Radiohead faithful,  For example, what about rock n’ roll and blues before it, declared the devil’s music?  In fact, music in general, not to mention virtuosic performers, have always run the risk of being viewed as messengers of Satan.  “Ironically, they didn’t include ‘rock n roll’ in their list,” one fan noted.

“You guys forgot Harry Potter and rock music,” one fan responded.

The tweet has drawn a few hundred comments, mostly in jest, though a big percentage aren’t laughing.  Many questioned (rightfully) whether the use of Thom Yorke’s face is fair, and further questioned what rights Generation for God had to associate their message with his likeness.  So far, there’s been no response from Yorke, whose face has apparently been misappropriated for other strange purposes (price of fame…)

Beyond that, the use of Yorke quickly opened the group’s messages to attack, including its rigid views against homosexuality, pornography, freedom of religious thought, and declaration that religion is the answer to escalating violence (not its cause).

“Ugh, set this account on fire, lord,” one fan blasted back.

Here’s the full tweet.

5 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    It seems like Satan is becoming the more reasonable choice…

  2. jan de wit

    my best friend , who committed suicide in 1998, said: ” If the devil would make music , it would be (like) Radiohead ”
    I just was looking on the net if anyone would connect Radiohead with ‘satan’ or at least ‘dark forces’ .

    • Anonymous

      I was 16 in 1998 & was listening to Radiohead, I was also suicidal. It was NOT because of Radiohead! I still love & begin many joyus mornings with Radiohead. ” Because we separate… like ripples on a blank shore.. in rainbows..” Oh yes ,these lyrics are the words of Satan ? No offense to you & I’m sorry for the loss of your friend, but music has been scientifically proven to be therapeutic for mental health and has saved me from suicide,lifted me out of low moods and assists with emotion management. So leave my guys alone ! Radiohead is not the devil! ? Suddenly,I’m having flashbacks of ‘The Water Boy’

      • Anonymous

        “lifted me out of low moods and assists with emotion management. So leave my guys alone”.. one would think God saved your life.