Introducing the First iPhone 7 Lightning Jack Headphones…

BeSound Thunder earphones
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Thank you, China.

With more and more images showing up online seemingly confirming that the iPhone 7 will not have a 3.5 mm headphones jack, manufacturers are scrambling to accommodate a Lightning port that will allegedly ship with the iPhone 7.  One such manufacturer is Chinese company, BeSound, who is promising iPhone 7 users the option to purchase “hi-fi, noise-cancelling Lightning earphones that adapt to your music and the way you hear-by besound [sic].”

Others may be in development, but this is the first model we’ve seen that solidly matches the Lightning port requirement.


Thunder Earphones for the iPhone 7
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Aptly named Thunder, with a Lightning port connecter at the end, these earbuds will supposedly include a “state of the art noise cancellation, revolutionary sound customization and hi-fi quality sound, all with no need for a charger,” a rather large claim. With a standard silver metallic design and very odd futuristic shape, these earphones are powered by an internal hi-fi audio and the iPhone’s Lightning connecter, which gives “every iPhone user the chance to experience lossless sound for the first time.”


Thunder iPhone Earphones 2
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On its Indiegogo page, Besound looks to have already surpassed their $10,000 funding goal, with the company currently offering various deals with an estimated shipping date of February 2017.  Considering that the iPhone 7 is rumored to come out in September of this year, the date seems like an awfully long wait.  Others will undoubtedly beat Besound to market, with a possible rush of Lightning-enabled headphones and buds blitzing the market in September.

The cheapest deal for the Besound headphones comes in the Super Early Bird deal of $139 plus shipping, which will come in chrome silver or chrome black, 1 cushion kit, and 1 durable carrying pouch.

The most expensive IndieGoGo deal is the 3 Day Thunder Tour in Shenzen, with the person receiving the same Super Early Deal package, but this time, you’ll be able to stay 3 days with the Thunder team at just $1,999, with apparently, the flight “on us.” Comparing these prices with current iPhone-compatible Bluetooth headsets, the cheapest iPhone Bluetooth earbuds recommended by is currently Sol Republic’s Shadow Wireless, with an online asking price of $99 and is available right now.


Calibrating the Thunder earphones
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Other news sources are reporting that Apple is also building their own Bluetooth headphones to go with the iPhone 7. We’ll have to wait and see if this is true, and check the actual cost, to see if BeSound’s Thunder earbuds are actually worth both the asking price and the long wait time.

5 Responses

  1. Nicky Knight

    Of course the tricky bit is at the times you want to charge your phone while using the headset to make calls or listen to music..

    • TheFuturist

      So charge it whenever you not using the headset to make calls or listen to music. Are you on your phone 100% of the day? Not difficult. Sheesh.

    • Irish Brickhouse

      Yellohhhh Stop being yuppies and buying apple, all us Droid people been tellin you for years that, that bullshit sucks! But you don’t listen cause you all think you are the in crowd paying for the friggin apple name! Stop being idiots and get you a droid! Notes are just as expensive as i-poops so you can still act like yuppies but get a better quality product with a bigger screen for all your video watching enjoyment! Wake up people Apple is Crapple!

  2. TheFuturist

    Oh no, what am I going to do??!! You stupid idiots. It’s not the end of the world. Apple will be including earbuds that have a lightning cable connected to it. Chill the fuck out! And if you want to use your old headphones with the iPhone 7, just get a small headphone amp that includes a lightning cable. Not very difficult. It will greatly improve your sound quality as a bonus as I already use one of these.