Entire Download of Frank Ocean’s ‘Endless’ Has Been Sitting on Dropbox for 5 Days…

The music industry has been facing a major challenge in the form of piracy for years. The increasing number of free music downloads, unauthorized leaks, and illegal file sharing has resulted in a significant loss of revenue for artists and record labels. Frank Ocean, one of the most acclaimed musicians of our times, has recently become a victim of this phenomenon.

Frank Ocean’s latest albums, Endless and Blond, were released exclusively on Apple Music. However, both albums have somehow managed to find their way onto various online platforms, including Google Drive, SoundCloud, and Dropbox. The most surprising part is that these albums have been available for free download for several days, without any takedowns from the respective platforms.

The Dropbox folder containing the entire Endless album was first discovered on Reddit, which has become a problematic hub for piracy. The leak has caused a major headache for Atlantic Records, whose lawyers are already fighting with Reddit over an earlier leak involving a Suicide Squad soundtrack song from 21 Pilots. This time, the leak has happened on Dropbox, which has absolved Reddit of any responsibility. However, it has highlighted the ever-shifting piracy challenges faced by the labels.

The Google Drive leak surfaced on Sunday, while the SoundCloud leak appeared on Monday. Both links are still accessible as of Tuesday evening, despite heavy traffic and visibility by Universal Music Group, Frank Ocean’s label, and Apple Music. This has led to speculation that Frank Ocean is playing Apple Music for a big paycheck while allowing his fans to enjoy his music for free.

The fact that these links remain live is particularly surprising, given that Google, SoundCloud, and Dropbox are all legally obligated to comply with DMCA guidelines. These guidelines require them to take down infringing material once notified, usually within 24 hours. However, more than 48 hours have passed since the Google Drive link appeared, and nothing has been removed.

The situation has become even stranger, as Apple Music is now threatening Digital Music News for reporting on the leaks. The platform seems to be taking no action against the actual hosts of the free copies of the albums, even though they are violating its exclusivity agreements with Frank Ocean.

The leaks have caused a stir among music fans, who are divided on whether they should download the albums or wait for the official release. Some have criticized Frank Ocean for betraying his fans and selling out to Apple Music. Others have praised him for finding a way to get paid while still allowing his fans to enjoy his music for free.

The situation has also raised questions about the effectiveness of exclusivity agreements in the music industry. While they may provide a short-term boost in revenue for the artist and the platform, they can also backfire if the album is leaked on other platforms. In the case of Frank Ocean, the leaks have generated more buzz and attention than the exclusive release on Apple Music.

In conclusion, the leaks of Frank Ocean’s latest albums on various online platforms have highlighted the ongoing challenge of piracy in the music industry. They have also raised questions about the effectiveness of exclusivity agreements and the role of online platforms in enforcing copyright laws. While the leaks have caused a stir among fans and the music industry, it remains to be seen how they will affect the sales and reputation of Frank Ocean and his label.

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  1. Universal Indie

    According to this article;

    Frank Ocean is officially and independent artist now. Endless fulfilled his contract with Def Jam and Blonde is his first indie project.

    It seems Def Jam is doing nothing to really promote Endless.. and the leaks could be the result of a label not willing to pour money into promoting one project which will in turn benefit his indie project as well.

    Or it could just be a dumb ass conspiracy theory made up by me. lmao

  2. thwaller

    How long are you going to beat this horse? It is not news to tell everyone that a album is being made free out on the web. This is the case for 1000’s of albums. Congratulations on finding some, you detective skills place you side to side with teenagers. Who notified them of violation, and do you even have any facts to support your 24 hours? When was your claimed report sent and by who? You report nonsense. Hope someone is not paying you for work like this. I hope Apple takes you for everything, simply for being a dumbass.

  3. RealMusic

    They can stay there too. Who wants to listen to crap(RAP) music anyway?
    What a waste of storage space and bandwidth.

    • Universal Indie

      Says the “idiot” who thinks HIS opinion is what counts. smfh!