Hours-Long Standoff Ends ; Chris Brown Arrested for Assault With a Deadly Weapon

As if assault charges weren’t enough.

Update: Chris Brown has now been arrested by the LAPD on charges of assault with a deadly weapon.  Police camped out outside the Brown residence for hours, while a judge signed a search warrant ultimately allowing entry.  Brown is in police custody, and is expected to post bail.  The initial story, posted as the story was breaking earlier Tuesday, follows.

Detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department are investing a woman’s claim that Chris Brown assaulted her in his Tarzana home.  According to details confirmed by an LAPD spokesperson, police first arrived at the singer’s home after receiving a call at 3 a.m. from a very distressed woman, saying that the singer assaulted her with a gun.

According to reports, the woman told officers that Brown pointed a gun at her during a violent rage right before she decided to make a run for it just outside and dial 911.

Apparently, Chris hasn’t left his home, and has taken a very defiant attitude, reportedly throwing a duffel bag out of the window and taunting cops, telling them to “Come and get me.

What exactly was in the duffel bag that the singer threw out?  Reports suggest that in addition to the weapons in the bag, there were also drugs. Police are reportedly still at the singer’s home

In an Instagram video uploaded roughly an hour ago (which has gained a lot of views), the singer’s frustration and anger pours out against the police as he states:

And all this news… Y’all ain’t doing nothing but giving me better publicity.  Every, how old is it gonna be?  Come on, my nigga, I’m tired of this… ‘Barricaded myself in my house?’  Have you seen my house?  I’m gonna barricade myself in a palace.  ‘I’m not coming out,’ for what?  I ain’t did…I ain’t gonna do…And it’s always going to be….the police.  Black Lives Matter, nigga. I don’t care.  Y’all gonna stop playing with me, like I’m, I’m the villain out here like I’m going crazy.  I’m not.  You guys got me…up, though.  So good luck.  When you get the warrant or whatever you need to do, you gonna walk up right up in here, and you gonna see nothing, you idiots.  I’m tired of…dealing with y’all.  Y’all the worst gang in the world. The police. And I said this…you.”

You can see the actual video below.


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Chris Brown image by Eva Rinaldi, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC by 2.0).

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