How to Screw Over Thousands of Your Best Fans, by Kanye West

Kanye West
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Kanye West
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Kanye West, Life of Pablo Tour, Grand Rapids, MI.

Kanye West’s ‘Life of Pablo’ tour looked pretty damn amazing.  But that was before Kanye started canceling dates because his girlfriend didn’t hire a security guard.

Bought tickets to Kanye West’s amazing Life of Pablo tour?  Well, if you’ve already experienced the floating stage and craziness, congratulations.  Otherwise, well, you might be getting screwed.

The reason is that Kanye West is now postponing upcoming dates on this tour, and may starting cancelling other dates.  The reason is that he’s apparently flummoxed that his girlfriend got robbed in Paris in an extremely suspicious jewelry heist.  But that robbery, which surprisingly has zero suspects or leads, might be completely fabricated.

In fact, most of the details don’t really add up, which makes it seem like a complete publicity stunt.  Either that or Kim Kardashian somehow didn’t hire one security guard.  All of which totally sucks if you were looking forward to seeing Kanye West live.

You see, cancelling shows might just be part of the elaborate hoax.

So if you paid $100+ to see Kanye perform at the Meadows Festival in New York, then you’re not getting your money back.  If you’ve purchased $100+ tickets to see Kanye play in Philadelphia or Detroit, well, those dates are now getting seriously postponed.

Live Nation just confirmed that Philadelphia at the Wells Fargo Center is moving from this week to December 13th.  Detroit’s show on Thursday is moving to December 22nd.

A lot of people are traveling around in December because of the holidays.  Others just won’t be able to shift around their schedules.  We’re not sure if you can get a refund, but you probably can’t.  You might just have to burn hours hawking those tickets on StubHub.

Actually, we’re not even sure if Kanye will end up playing those December dates.  So maybe you’ll get a refund after all.  Who knows.  It really depends on Kanye’s schedule, not yours.

DMN will have more updates on additional postponements and cancellations ahead.



4 Responses

  1. Larissa

    It’s wife not girlfriend. Is this tabloid website or music business one???

    • Shlomo

      Agreed. Paul you’ve turned a fairly reputable site into a joke. Nobody including Larissa or I or anyone who reads this for digital music news gives 2 fucks about this

  2. jr

    If this is to be a music story rather than gossip nonsense, you might need to dig into the ticket and insurance clauses that such events trigger. Follow the money you might learn something.