Sacramento Radio Station Bans All Kanye West Music

Sacramento DJ Goes On Epic Rant, Stops Playing Kanye West
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Sacramento DJ Goes On Epic Rant, Stops Playing Kanye West
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Image by Pieter-Jannick Dijkstra (CC by 2.0)

The price for a short performance by Kanye West followed by a 17-minute outburst? No more radio plays in Sacramento. Oh, and an explosive follow-up rant.

Despite how you feel about Kanye West, the past several months have been difficult for the singer.  After going on a lengthy rant at the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, Kanye West canceled his tour.  He then ended up at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles for a psychological breakdown.

Snoop Dogg posted his criticism online, calling the singer crazy.  And now, Kanye West just lost a radio station.

Justin “Jaymarzz” Marshall over at KHHM Hot 103.5 in Sacramento stopped a Kanye West track after just thirty seconds.  The Sacramento station started playing Fade before Marshall interrupted, saying, “Here it comes, here it comes. All right, stop this stupid f–king record,” amidst mocking laughter.

He then went on an epic rant against Kanye West for his performance on Saturday night.

“That’s the last time you’re going to hear this song in this radio station, ever. Right there. First and foremost, last time you hear Kanye West Fade on this radio station. Also the last time you hear any Kanye West song on this radio station for a very long time. And let me tell you why.

“A’ight? Everybody came out to have a great time Saturday night. A lot of fans in the building, a lot of people spent a lot of hard-earned money, bro. A lot of hard-earned time. Time, time, time.  Time is something we can’t get back.  Everyone can get a refund back.  But you can’t get your time back.  You can’t get the emotion back that you were going to put into that show. To watch someone that you love, the person, you buy their music, to perform. This is called a moment, folks. These are what make our lives: moments. And memories to share with each other, and stuff. And he took that from people Saturday night, okay?

“I got a lot to say right now, but first, that’s what I wanted to address, first and foremost, is you are a piece of crap, cause I can’t say what I want to say, you know what I mean? I can’t say it, but you guys know what I really want to say. To do that to people that put all that time and emotion into you as an artist, as an entertainer. To share that moment, man. I saw people talking about they had to take off work. I saw people with minimum wage jobs saving money, you know what I mean? Because they wanted that moment, and you stole that from them. So first and foremost, go to hell for that. That is the first problem.

“Second thing I wanted to address is why will you never hear a Kanye West song again? Because Kanye West got on a stage and told radio F-U, what? 17 something times, it felt like? Okay, let’s talk about that real quick, sir. Let’s talk about the market, the city you decided to do that in. Sacramento has played every single off The Life of Pablo. This radio station has played every single off The Life of Pablo. Okay?

“You hear Fade quite often on the radio station. You heard Father, Stretch Your Hands, it seems like every hour, ‘cause you were. That record was playing non-stop here. And you’re going to go into Sacramento, and say, ‘F Radio?’ Really, bro? Really? You’re the same guy 15 years ago that was begging radio to play you, and they did, and they gave you a shot. Without radio, you didn’t blow up to be the artist that you were, THAT YOU WERE. ‘Cause you’re no longer that artist anymore. You’re no longer the guy pushing 5 million albums, selling millions and millions of singles.

“You guys really want to know some real facts? I have the Soundscan in front of me. Fade, that record? 67th at 10,000 sales last week. 10,000 at 67th. You want to know what was number one? Rae Sremmurd. Black Beatles sold 144,000 records compared to you right now.  So you want to talk facts, and you want to talk about ‘everyone needs to adjust and get with it?’  Maybe you need to do the same thing, because guess what?  People aren’t buying your music like that anymore, bro.  Despite the radio support that you get.  No one’s buying your music like that.

“Sure, you got 18,000 streams on, you know, streaming sites last week. ‘Cause they don’t got to purchase that. You’re free. And your fanbase is always going to stream your music, no matter what. But the masses ain’t buying your stuff no more. I searched SoundScan for two months’ worth of Soundscans looking for the sales on Father, Stretch My Hands in the top 200. Couldn’t find them, because no one’s buying the damn thing.

Radio’s a huge part of it.  And you want to say ‘F that?’  No, bro, ‘F You,’ ‘cause no one’s supporting you anymore.  ‘Cause we don’t have to. Guess what? Our bills are still going to get paid. The three of us? We’re still going to collect a check at the 15th and at the end of month. Our bosses are going to collect a check. The radio station is still going to sell advertisements. Our advertisers are not going to leave us because we leave you. We’re going to be okay, bro.

“And, you know? He’ll probably be okay, too. He’s got some money. You know, all this debt he claims to have, I don’t believe it for one second. But he’s going to be okay. Be mad at Jay Z, be mad at Beyonce. Be mad at the people doing things, bro. That’s okay. It’s whatever to me at this point. But to, don’t crap on your fans, man. Don’t crap on the people that have given you this life that you have. Don’t do that…‘Cause they don’t buy your music, they don’t buy your tickets, there’s no Kanye West. You’re just another bum local rapper trying to push a mixtape on a corner, if people don’t buy your music. All right?

You want to check everyone else? You want to be on your Trump crap? Get on line with your own life, bro. Why don’t you start thinking about your own life? Think about the family you married in. All that fake plastic that surrounds you, and you want to be real and have emotions? You married into the fakest family in the world. That care nothing about, all they give a damn is money and fame. And you’re so anti-that right now? You hypocrite. Get off, man. I’m done.”

You can check out the full video below.