Suicide ‘Not Being Ruled Out’ In George Michael Sudden Death

Pictured of the front of 'The Kuschnacht Practice' in Switzerland, a high-end rehabilitation center where George Michael stayed for months before his death.
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Pictured of the front of 'The Kuschnacht Practice' in Switzerland, a high-end rehabilitation center where George Michael stayed for months before his death.
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‘The Kuschnacht Practice’ in Switzerland, a high-end rehabilitation center where George Michael stayed for months before his death.

George Michael’s death is now under investigation, with local coroners determining the cause of death.  Suicide, specifically by intentional drug overdose, is ‘not being ruled out’.  Here’s the latest.

Updated, Sun Jan 1 8 pm PT: George Michael’s initial autopsy has been ruled ‘inconclusive,’ according to English police.  More tests are needed.  “The cause of death is inconclusive and further tests will now be carried out,” a statement read. “The results of these tests are unlikely to be known for several weeks.”  Separately, George’s boyfriend Fadi Fawaz claims that a string of tweets alleging suicide were from an outside hacker.

Did George Michael dramatically take his own life on Christmas Day?  That is now a serious possibility, with local authorities and coroners initiating a thorough autopsy.  Initially, suspicions of a drug overdose surrounded the sudden death.  But now it appears that drugs may have been ‘self-administered’ in a manner that almost guaranteed an overdose.

Is George Michael’s Family Covering Up a Drug Overdose?

So far, those close to the singer have listed ‘heart failure’ as the cause of death.  But that suggests an overdose of sedatives, painkillers, and/or alcohol, all frequently used by George Michael for decades.  Often, these extreme downers were used in combination by the singer, resulting in numerous arrests and several collapses while driving.

According to one source with a connection to George Michael’s staff, a suicide is ‘not being ruled out’.  “We’re expecting an overdose [in the autopsy report],” the source relayed.  Continuing, the source pointed to ‘lots and lots of self-medication’ by the singer, often ‘in high amounts,’ which leads to the strong suspicion of a suicide.

It should be noted that this is a single source, though one with determined credibility.  Separately, another source to industry analyst Bob Lefsetz has also indicated that George Michael committed suicide, but these appear to be different individuals.

Our source declined to comment further, but urged us to secure an autopsy ‘whenever it’s released’.  That may list ‘heart failure,’ but would also include (by law) whether drugs were found in the singer’s body at the time of death.

‘Months of Rehabilitation’…

Also emerging is that George Michael had spent month in a rehabilitation clinic in Switzerland during the latter part of this year.  According to the UK-based Daily Mail, George Michael spend ‘several months‘ at the facility, spending £280,000 ($342,000) a month for exclusive, high-end treatment.

The facility, The Kusnacht Practice, does not speak to the media to protect its high-profile clientele.  That makes the exact treatment and term of the stay difficult to ascertain, though the Mail reported treatment for ‘depression’.  When asked why he was at the facility in Zurich, George Michael declined to offer a reason, according to the report.

The Kusnacht website is here.

Local Police: No ‘Suspicious Circumstances’

Meanwhile, local police responding to the incident reported ‘no suspicious circumstances’.  But that remains a vague statement, possibly indicating that no foul play, including homicide, had occurred.  Meanwhile, statements from other surrounding parties have been equally vague and terse, making it extremely difficult to determine the actual cause of death.

The broader circumstances seem suspicious: a sudden death at 53, with no previous health conditions.  And, a long history of drug abuse.

Autopsy Underway.

Exactly when the autopsy will be released is unclear.  In some jurisdictions, an autopsy can take months to be formally published.  That delay could serve to fuel speculation, though the document could include shocking details.  In the case of Prince, the document included details of an addiction to extremely potent painkillers, something previously unknown to the public.

Stay tuned for more details.

10 Responses

  1. Shaz

    Being reclusive is not a good sign and sounds very sad and lonely. He must have been tired of being judged and misunderstood. He was withdrawing ad wouldnt be surprised if he decided to withdraw permantly. Damm same apart from a brilliant artist he was the most “honest and real” individual. In todays society you get penalised for that by most people. Bless his soul.

  2. Ali

    overweight due to heroin being plied into his drinks and then slowly overdosed.
    His boyfriend Fadi Fawaz is a muslim from turkish / algerian origins who have an innate hatred for homosexual non-muslims (from Shariah / Islamic Law). A hatred which is supported with their national trade – heroin.

    The autopsy should be informative unless the truth is surpressed because of further investigations.

  3. Roy Malik

    George died under some very suspicious circumstances. Why was he all by himself on such an important holiday? A lot of his family and friends of so many years within a very short distance away from him in London. The Greeks are very close knit family people, where were his sisters and their families on that day? If I was his cousin and lived 50 miles away, there is no fucking way that he would be alone. Where was pretty boy Fadi Fawaz that proclaims that he will live George forever… where the fuck was he that night?? You’re telling me your BF is a supernova like George and you finally show up for stupid lunch the next afternoon before 2pm? What type of non sense is this that I’m hearing. Are the English Police dumb? We are talking about a major artist of 30 years, where was all of his staff? Are you fucking kidding me!! The greatest voice that we had in this stupid century of ours lies dead somewhere in a freezer as it awaits autopsy. All of you people in the press that ridiculed him all your lives, open your stupid eyes and find the truth for me… Redeem yourself!! This is your chance… They killed my boy I think.. I’m broken like a billion pieces of glass, all shattered because of him.

  4. Roy Malik

    As a matter of fact, Fadi Fawaz is very fortunate that he doesn’t live in Los Angeles, because I would’ve tortured the truth out of him. Look at me!! Look how Angry I am!! This is my state of mind on this 30th of fucking December and neither am I gay or in George’s personal life.. Judge my state of mind… Well, upon walking into the bedroom where George Michael was lying dead in his bed, the calculated and very carefully chosen words that he tweeted. Something like “seeing your partner lying dead peacefully in bed.” Those words aren’t coming from a man that is devastated.. No way. Fadi Fawaz is a very questionable entity here. He was definitely around George for other reasons $$. Is there a way where I can slip something in your drink the night before and then arrive the next afternoon once I’m sure your body is cold?? Is there a motive of sorts here? A death scene doesn’t have to be a distorted one to conclude foul play.. I can simply poison you in some way the night before and you go to bed for the last time… My advice to Fadi is to stay away from LA unless he wants to have 2 anuses instead of 1 that he has today.

    • Muca

      I agree,Malik…This Fadi seems pretty shady…Even story about their relationship is shady…And,what an idiot tweets about boyfriend’s suicide??Till George’s death this “relationship” was,obviously,low profile,but now Fadi tweets that George commited suicide,after a many attempts…?What about respecting George?Why is he telling to the public details that I’m shure,George,wouldn’t like him to say…So,it seems that this Fadi guy is looking for his 5 minutes of fame…
      I apologise for bad spelling…

  5. Anonymous

    Maybe, maybe not. We’ll have a better idea once they finish up toxicology in a few weeks. Until then, it’s all speculation.

  6. david

    From what I understand GM was recovering from a recent bout with pneumonia….he had allegedly lost like a third of his lung capacity, and so his voice was not nearly as strong as it was…it was said to be permanent…. it is so sad to hear another amazing artist that was deeply unhappy / depressed… and ended up losing their life through drugs.

  7. Anonymous

    I am, like every fan of GM is broken emotionally. The tabloids are making a fortune off of this beautiful man, who could sing like a bird of paradise. Unfortunately Mr Fawaz will someday meet his maker. In midevil times, it would never take this long to cut a liars tongue off. It’s not to hard to read between the lines of his disrespect, and disregard for a great man that did alot of kind and gracious acts throughout his career. He tried to help himself. Why would a man go through all this rehab if he wanted to die. He would never have done a act like this based on his regions beliefs. He knows this is a sin in God’s eyes. My suggestion, and I’m only the size of one pebble on a oceans beach. Mr Fawaz needs to invest in a life insurance policy and put all of GM charities as the beneficiary. Because we all know the cologne he wears, smells real fishy. Leech, and Angry George didn’t want him around. I can’t stand even looking at him. I will forever remember GM forever. RIP GM ❤

  8. Apology

    I missed a comman after the word angry. In regards to Mr Fawaz. Not George. Typo, I don’t want anyone to think it was intended in regards to GM. TY