A Major Country Star Agrees to Play Trump’s Inauguration (And It’s Not Garth Brooks)…

Toby Keith Plays Austin City Limits, 2015
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Toby Keith Plays Austin City Limits, 2015
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Toby Keith Plays Austin City Limits, 2015 (Ralph Arvesen, CC by 2.0).

Garth Brooks turned Donald Trump down.  But Toby Keith has now accepted a last-minute offer.  And he’s not the only one.

With one week to go, the Donald Trump Inauguration Committee has finally landed a superstar.  After getting rejected by heartland favorite Garth Brooks, Toby Keith has now agreed to play the controversial gig.

According to details just shared with DMN, Toby Keith will play in featured performance role.  Specifically, the country star will lead a large Inaugural concert in front of the Lincoln Memorial on January 19th.  The concert will be called “The Make America Great Again! Welcome Celebration,” with hours of musical enjoyment.

On January 20th, Jackie Evancho will be singing the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ immediately after the President-Elect is sworn in.  At this stage, we’re unclear if other marquee performances will occur around the ‘main event’.

Others also confirmed.

We’re also learning that a few other groups have also said yes.  That includes 3 Doors Down, a group that had a string of hits in the early 2000s.  Also joining the bill will be Lee Greenwood, whose multi-decade career is legendary in country.

Andrea Bocelli Warned: ‘You Will Lose Millions of Fans…’ 

Additionally, Jennifer Holliday, The Piano Guys and the Frontmen of Country will be performing, according to the Inauguration Committee.  Earlier, Big & Rich and Cowboy Troy also confirmed.  Not exactly Trump’s first choices, but no slouches either.

The confirmations reverse a string of high-profile rejections.  Beyond Garth Brooks, the list of superstars saying no is now voluminous.  Elton John, Celine Dion, Andrea Bocelli, Charlotte Church, Moby, the Beach Boys, David Foster, and Rebecca Ferguson have all declined, some quite vocally.

All-Black Talladega Marching Band Raises $320,000 to Play Trump Inauguration

Separately, the Trump Inauguration has received a surprising yes from the Talladega College marching band.  Alums from the historically-black college were adamantly opposed, though the group has now managed to raise more than $320,000 to make the trip from Alabama.

More details as we learn them!


16 Responses

  1. Rick Shaw

    A former major country star. This will not boost Keith’s career.

    • mks281

      Keith is accepting sloppy seconds and is not insulted? He must be desperate as his audience has moved on leaving him behind….

  2. mks281

    The Peetus really wants an all girl group in skimpy outfits jumping up and down…no need to sing or dance or even do majorette moves…just skimpy outfits jumping up and down. with Toby singing in the background!

  3. Benjamin Franklin

    The pettiness of the Left-wing has created all of this drama and yip-yap. Such a waste of time and energy, acting like cry babies.

  4. anne

    Garth: do you realize that the majority of your fan base are middle americans who gave you your start and success. these are the same people who voted Trump into office…shame on you.

  5. KAREN

    I’m pretty sure Garth’s sweet Mother would be quite disappointed.

    • Bigwieght

      I’m not a friend in low places any longer. At least put out a statement stating why you backed out…

    • TexasBlonde

      …..that he refused to perform. That is the only thing she would be disappointed about.

  6. TexasBlonde

    I will boycott Garth’s music and ask all local radio stations to refuse to play his songs. Love Toby Keith and he is the only one doing the right thing period. Who care what the looney leftists think or want.

    Jennifer Holiday can go butt a stump for letting leftists loonies sway her decision.

    Oh, and I am sure Garth’s mother would have been proud of him singing at Trump’s inauguration. I would be. I have heard much worse “locker room talk” come out of the mouths of men who were business leaders in a small community. Women need to get right and realize they talk just as bad and even worse among themselves about men. They are not pure innocents like the leftist loonies are trying to pottray themselves. In fact, they are the worst and they would make most men blush.

    • Chris

      I would love to hear Garth reason. Never would’ve thought this of him. I will not buy anymore of his or Trisha music or watch either of them again. Just saddens me!!