Andrea Bocelli Warned: ‘You Will Lose Millions of Fans…’

Boycott Bocelli Movement Begins Following Donald Trump Inauguration
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Is Andrea Bocelli committing career suicide?  Activist fans are now going into overdrive to prevent a performance at Donald Trump’s upcoming Inauguration.

On the heels of a meeting between Andrea Bocelli and Donald Trump, a core group of fans are going into full-blown activist mode.  The meeting, reported by Digital Music News on Friday, was not confirmed by either camp.  But the pair likely discussed details of the upcoming Presidential Inauguration on January 20th.

Now, Andrea Bocelli fans are trying to dissuade the operatic tenor for taking the gig.  Over the weekend, fans took to to gather signatures and persuade the singer that a Trump Inauguration would be a very costly move.

“Please consider that if you perform at the Trump inauguration, you will lose the admiration of millions of Americans,” the petition warns.  “You will also lose the respect of millions of others around the word.  I personally will never buy another Bocelli CD/DVD.”

Bocelli is a long-time friend of Donald Trump, but that association could be proving toxic.  “To sing at the inauguration of  man who is the antithesis of all that is good in the world states that you agree with his racist, bigoted, misogynistic, anti-environment platform,” the petition continues.  “So far, every performer of merit has turned him down.  Even the marching bands in DC, who have participated in all elections regardless of party affiliation, have refused to participate.”

“Please do not support this man by lending him your voice.”

The petition was posted this weekend, and is rapidly reaching 1,000 signatures.  That could snowball into the tens of thousands, depending on Bocelli’s next moves.

The pressure on Bocelli follows a quiet refusal by Garth Brooks, considered a top choice.  Others, including super-producer David Foster and Elton John, have also said no.

That opens the door for more ‘red state’ singers like Kid Rock and Ted Nugent to play the affair.  Just recently, Kid Rock and label Warner Bros. Records teamed up to create an aggressively pro-Trump, ‘f-you’ themed merchandise line.   Whether Trump is trying to move away from that aggressive, ‘us vs. them’ style is unclear, but we’ve heard nothing on a Kid Rock invite.

So far, only 2010 ‘America’s Got Talent’ runner-up Jackie Evancho has formally agreed to perform.  Evancho didn’t win the competition, but as Saturday Night Live quipped, she did win the ‘America’s Got Talent’ Electoral College.



11 Responses

  1. bob

    jesus people need to calm down and move on. this is just ridiculous at this point

  2. Jason

    People love him not just because his voice, but also the perceived passion and simpleness in his mind. Well, that may all change.

    • Justin

      yes – they may now love him because he can sing live unlike Beyonce going all karoake on our a**ses for Obama’s inauguration.

  3. Edwin Niedermeyer

    Is Bocelli going to lip sync a track like Beyonce did for the Bamster?


  4. Puente Gonzales

    All of these actvists need to get a job… too much free time.

  5. WineCyclist

    Lose a few fans? They weren’t fans to begin with if this is all it takes to “lose” them.

  6. ZLOBO

    Pretty pathetic. Aside from the merits, these fans are no more than spoiled children who will punish anyone who breaks from liberal conformity. The dogs keep barking but the caravan moves on.

  7. Eilo

    Isn’t there a 1,000,000 people protest march at Washington monument happening soon? Timing around the inauguration date?

  8. Rick Shaw

    It’s true. He will lose some fans over this. People are passionate about this election. While they may accept that Trump won, they don’t have to like it. Look at the Trump supporters who vow to boycott anything that goes against Trump. Now that is pathetic. He won.

  9. J

    Andrea should study the demographics before making such a decision. A larger percentage of Trump supporters can afford the very expensive tickets to a Bocelli Concert than those on the Progressive/Liberal/Socialist side. Just saying…….

  10. Rey Rey

    Make America great again,,, um lets see we can make girls have
    babies by rapist.. we can have slaves again… we can allow women to make less then men for the same job… we can NOT have insurance again for everyone again… we can make gay marriages null and void and dictate that she or he be with someone of our choosing not theirs… we can walk down the street and call people what they want… oh yeah and don’t forget the lynchings, we can hang any black man who looks at a white girl….jury trials.. I don’t think so.. we can just use mobs of people again and the word of a liar to verify the story… this is going to be a great America again. Dont for get the native Americans. We can finish killing them off and take the rest of their land, and we can pollute where ever we want to around the globe. Special needs, who needs programs for them, sterilize their mothers and throw them in a mass living quarters clinic for the retarded. Yes, and we must have those wars so we can make more money. It’s amazing how the republicans can only win by cheating. First there was Bush, now there is Trump and the Russians…smh…. I think I am going to defect to Canada. This is too much.