KISS Making Millions Off of $3.99 ‘Air Guitar Strings’

Got $3.99 to Waste? Why Not Buy Some Official KISS Air Guitar Strings?
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Got $3.99 to Waste? Why Not Buy Some Official KISS Air Guitar Strings?
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Derek Mead (CC by 2.0)

KISS ‘Air Guitar Strings’. Really?

KISS is a marketing machine that knows no limits.  But it’s also a marketing machine making millions.  And for those who just can’t enough of their air guitar —as well as those who absolutely need something officially licensed by KISS — look no further.

Facebook user Christina Vitagliano spotted the following product at the Monster Mini Golf at The Rio in Las Vegas.

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Christina Vitagliano (Facebook)

Now, we’re learning that these empty packages have been selling like hotcakes.  That is, tens of thousands of units ahead of Christmas alone, with everyone loving the gag.  All of which translates into millions for KISS’ coffers.

Vitagliano arrived at The Rio All-Suite and Casino’s official amusement attraction, ‘KISS By Monster Mini Golf’.  Originally located on the corner of Harmon Avenue and Paradise Road on the Vegas Strip, the attraction revolves around all things KISS.

The attraction closed its doors as The Rio worked on an expanded space and rock n’ roll environment.  After the construction, the site re-opened in mid-May.  According to the website, the attraction is:

“A unique, 13,000 square-foot ‘KISS themed’ attraction that showcases an indoor glow-in-the-dark custom-designed, rockin’ 18-hole miniature golf course filled with state-of-the-art video & animatronics, and never-seen-before KISS props.”

Vitagliano didn’t just happen to find the product and write about it on Facebook.  She’s also the CEO and founder of the attraction.  Speaking on the product, Vitagliano wrote,

“KISS by MMG Air Guitar Strings!

Auto Tuned, Tight, Optimum Rock Performance.

Only $3.99.” had an alternate product description.

“These strings are precision manufactured to the highest standards and most exacting specifications to ensure consistency, optimum performance, and long life.  These Air Guitar Strings are made from nothing wrapped around more nothing, with specially tempered nothing-plated high carbon nothing, producing a well balanced tone for your air guitar.”

Remember: don’t just buy any air guitar strings.  Demand the best!


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