Music Industry Jobs: The Latest Juicy Hires and Promotions!

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Who’s grabbing the latest music industry jobs? Here’s who’s been hiring, promoting, and ‘acqui-hiring’…


To kick off new music industry jobs and hires, Okayplayer has just welcomed Rachel Hislop as editor in chief.  Hislop will report to CEO Jayson Jackson, and the pair will continue to expand the company’s editorial coverage.  This will include all matters relating to art, culture, sports and entertainment.

Just last year, Okayplayer significantly expanded its merchandising revenue, according to the company.

Industry Associations

Next up, the Association of Independent Music (AIM), appoints Gee ‘Genia’ Davy as the new Legal & Business Affairs Manager. She will begin her new role on April 3rd, reporting directly to CEO Paul Pacifico.

Digital Distribution

Ditto Music is expanding into the United States with a new Los Angeles office. CEO Lee Parsons said the new Cali office will “be the heart of our global expansion plan for 2017”.  Additionally, Connor Mallon will move from the UK office to open and launch PR and communications functions in the US.

Ditto will use the expansion to better partner with independent LA artists.


On another note, Warner/ Chappell Music (WCM) has officially opened a new office in Berlin.  This new location will primarily focus on A&R, with a songwriting camp involving member songwriters already completed.

More on the publishing side, Alan Ett will head up the new division at Spirit Music Group.  The expanded division, Spirit Production Music, was announced by SMG chairman David Renzer and COO/CFO Jon Singer.  Ett, who brings his Alan Ett Creative Group into the ‘acqui-hire,’ will report directly t0 Renzer.

Elsewhere, Horus Music has launched a standalone online music publishing division, ‘Anara Publishing’.  Anara will focus completely on music publishing, and will look after a roster that includes independent artists, composers and songwriters.


Ninja Tune welcomes Isobel Palos and Rob Buckley into their sync department.  Additionally, Palos will continue her old role; Head Of Film & TV at Ninja.  This includes its publishing division: ‘Just Isn’t Music,’ with the addition of advertising.  Meanwhile, Buckley will head up the JIM Bespoke department.  He will work with the label, artists and composers on specific commissions.

Back in Nashville, Big Machine Label Group hires Kris Lamb as VP of promotion.  He will replace Big Machine’s SVP of promotion Jack Purcell, who leaves the label after more than a decade.  However, Kris is no stranger to BMLG.  Most recently, he was VP of sister label DOT.


Check back soon for the latest updates on music industry jobs!  

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  1. King Shlomo

    in order for labels to be compliant they must advertise their available “jobs”- however 99% of the time they already know who they want to hire or have already hired that person. They just post jobs to be compliant. They really just internally promote or steal people from other companies. Not much hiring if you ask me. The HR departments are completely useless outside of picking company health plans. They have no power.