What Does Music Have To Do With Airbnb?

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Paulbr75 (PD)

Airbnb introduces ‘Music Experiences’. Because what makes a better travel experience than incorporating live music?!

The wildly successful Airbnb is now making moves into the music industry.  The company, recently valued at $30 billion, is rolling out ‘Music Experiences’ to its millions of users.  This program includes exclusive access to sold-out shows and intimate live performances across a number of well-trafficked cities.

As of now, the concept is available in these 13 cities (to start):

  • Los Angeles
  • Barcelona
  • San Francisco
  • Nairobi
  • Cape Town
  • Detroit
  • Miami
  • Paris
  • Havana
  • Tokyo
  • Florence
  • Seoul
  • London

The details

Music Experiences is part of Airbnb’s global ‘Trips’ platform.  Trips debuted last fall and provides travelers with a range of bookable local events and inside recommendations in popular tourist destinations.

Thus far, Airbnb travelers have the option to purchase the following.

Motor City Rocks.  A two-day, insider’s tour of Detroit’s music scene.  This is led by guitarist Kenny Olson, who you may recognize him from Kid Rock, Aerosmith or Metallica.  Price: around $380

Grime Scout.  A three-day immersion of London’s underground music scene. Price: around $230.

Vinyl Mix.  This program offers the chance to go vinyl hunting in Tokyo and record your own soundtrack with a local producer.  Price: around $200.

Above all, Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky promises customer access to special pop up gigs, underground music sessions and the chance to meet local artists and performers.

Hmmm, pricey much?

If you’re a music and travel enthusiast like myself, you may be thinking that this sounds awesome. But pricey!  Not to mention time-consuming.  However, ‘Experiences’ is also working with Sofar Sounds, which I hope will cater to travelers like myself who are often on the go.  And, on a budget.

What’s Sofar Sounds?

Sofar Sounds is a global community where music lovers and artists unite to experience music in an intimate setting.  They basically host “secret” concerts for die-hard fans, who support the artist.

For example, you apply online to attend a show in your desired city.  Then if you are chosen, you pay $10-15 for a ticket.  You are not told where the location is until the night before.  Or, who will play until you arrive.  Also, you have the option to bring your own beer or wine.

From my own experience, I can confidently can say that Sofar expands the live music experience. Sounds cool, right?!

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Together, both Sofar and Airbnb aim to emphasize culture and community engagement. This could be a beautiful partnership. Especially for travelers on a budget.  “Sofar Sounds, like Airbnb, is all about global community; the magic that happens when people come together around the universal things that really matter, like music,” explained Sofar Sounds cofounder Rafe Offer.

Airnbn CEO Brian Chesky is also pumped about the agreement.  “Music is an incredible way to bring people together,” Chesky said.  “Through the platform, were able to support up-and-coming and local artists by connecting people to their events and brining their music to even more fans around the world”.

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Again, I love the idea of enhancing the music scene for travelers worldwide.  While ‘Music Experiences’ offers some great (and pricey) options, I am hoping working with Sofar will provide a last minute, affordable ticket for every local music scene.

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  1. music stowaway

    AirBnB is huge everywhere.. I don’t own one but there’s plenty around my own

    Imagine if they decided to make specialized music streaming radio stations for all the AirBnB properties to sign up to so that guests can enjoy music to their taste i.e.
    beautiful, lounge, hit, gold, classical, jazz, new age, instrumental etc.. all part of the package..

    Don’t know if I’d use it but maybe others would..