RiceGum Admits To Assault And Openly Mocks Gabbie Hanna

YouTube Vlogger RiceGum Admits To Assault And Openly Mocks Gabbie Hanna
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YouTube Vlogger RiceGum Admits To Assault And Openly Mocks Gabbie Hanna
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Derek Gates (CC by 2.0)

Did ricegum inadvertently admit to assaulting Gabbie Hanna, then mock her for it?

At a party, popular YouTuber ricegum allegedly struck and hit Gabbie Hanna. After scratching her, he proceeded to destroy her phone.

(Here’s our breaking coverage on what happened.  If you’re just tuning in, read this first).

Following yesterday’s debacle, ricegum took to Twitter to vehemently defend himself.  Upset over the hate he received, ricegum dismissed and openly mocked Gabbie Hanna’s claims.


Yet, ricegum may have accidentally admitted to assaulting Gabbie Hanna.  According to a video posted by Romeo Lacoste (and re-tweeted by ricegum), ricegum didn’t actually strike her. He says,

“…ricegum, I’m cool with Gabbie. This is completely not biased.  I was sitting right there, and I saw the whole thing happen.  And I feel a lot of misinformation is being thrown around.  And, also, the whole thing is being overly exaggerated.

So, basically, what happened was that me and ricegum were talking, chit-chatting, or whatever, catching up.  And Gaby sits down on the couch and sticks the camera in his face, snapping.  And, obviously, she didn’t mean any harm by it.  She was just joking around.  But she just keeps snapping and snapping, you know.  And, you know, we’re at a birthday party.  So I feel like maybe it’s not the right place and situation to be doing, you know, that kind of stuff. Cause, you know, everyone’s drinking, so it’s not like everyone wants to be on camera and things like that.

So, you know, he tells her, ‘Hey, can you not post that?’ And, I think, maybe she didn’t realize that he was being serious and thought that maybe he was joking…so she just kept snapping, and you know, doing more snaps, talking about the diss on the video or whatever…he asked her, I think, two or three more times, like, ‘Hey, can you not post that?’…she just kept filming.

And, he just jumped up, you know, and went to reach for her phone…she’s sitting on the couch and he’s standing up…it was more of like a tug-of-war, you know, them pulling the phone back and forth. Maybe for a few seconds. And then, he snatched her phone out of her hand and slammed it on the ground and broke the phone and then walked out.

Was he being aggressive? Yes. Definitely. Definitely more aggressive than he should have been for the situation. Did I see him hit her? Definitely not. Did he twist her arm? Definitely not. He wasn’t pinning her down. He didn’t hit her, he didn’t twist her arm. I would say, honestly, that this was just, you know, it was more of a tug-of-war of grabbing the phone. And he slammed the phone down and broke it. That’s pretty much all that really happened.

I feel like the whole situation is being blown out of proportion and exaggerated. I understand, you know, everyone’s upset. But, I mean, that’s really what happened. And, that’s all there really is to it. He left. I talked to him afterwards. He sent like, $2000 like right away, pretty much, to pay for the phone. And, obviously, the phone doesn’t cost two thousand bucks, so, you know.

And, yeah, that’s pretty much all that happened. I understand that she was really upset. He’s probably really upset, too. I think the whole thing is, you know…I would compare it to an aggressive argument. You know, I think, honestly, people just get in argument and disagreement. But no one was hit, no one got…”

After re-tweeting Romeo’s video, ricegum posted a message, admitting to forcibly grabbing her phone.

“Now you can see big nose [Gabbie Hanna] was clearly exaggerating. I still see people say ‘ok he didn’t hit her but he still grabbed her phone and smashed it’…Bottom line, I may smash peoples phones but I definitely do not hit girls.”

ricegum’s admissions, however, may count as a confession of willful simple assault and property damage. According to LegalMatch,

“How Is Simple Assault Proven in Court?

Simple assault has three elements:

1. Intent:

The defendant must show the intent to threaten or scare an individual into believing he was going to be physically harmed.

2. Reasonable apprehension:

Reasonable apprehension is defined as the victim perceiving a harm or threat made by the defendant as possibly happening. If the victim does not perceive the threat as real or directed towards them, then the threat has not created apprehension.

3. Harm:

the victim must be harmed in some kind of way. This varies from hearing a threat of physical injury or unwanted touching.”

By admitting to grabbing her arm against her will, ricegum may have admitted to assaulting her.  Courts usually qualify simple assault as a misdemeanor.  Also known as misdemeanor assault, different states treat the crime differently.  However, the charge may result in monetary fines, and a minor jail sentence at a local county jail.

It may also open up the popular Asian YouTuber to a civil lawsuit, although unlikely.

Ricegum’s admission may also count as criminal damage to property.

“Criminal damage to property is a broad category that involves all forms of damage to property. This damage may also involve an interference with another person’s right to use the property. The laws on criminal property damage vary from state to state, as well as the punishments.”

Gabbie Hanna said in her original video that she reserves the right to seek legal action.

In a now-deleted video, ricegum openly mocked her wounds, attempting to show them as self-inflicted. Gabbie Hanna posted the video on her Twitter.

You can watch Romeo Lacoste’s video below.

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    Paul David Resnikoff,
    226 1St, Campbell, CA 95008
    (408) 374-6936

    Blake Resnikoff, Bruce M Resnikoff (60), Est E Resnikoff, Nicole A Resnikoff (24), Claudia Resnikoff (59), Jerome E Resnikoff, Lucille E Resnikoff

    Take screenshots of this comment and go wild, guys 🙂 We ain’t stopping until he deletes the articles.

    • Truth

      WhoIs information is public, retard. You’ve done absolutely nothing.

  2. Vail, CO

    Wow! Looks like RiceGum is a bigger bitch than Chris Brown.

    • Kristopher

      Rice threw her phone. And he paid her 1,000 dollars or more for a new phone. So don’t talk like you know everything when you don’t.

    • RG's a little bitch

      100%. What a little chink faggot. I can’t wait for the day he goes broke.

  3. Jerry

    He was making fun of people who fake abuse, dumb ass fake news reporters

    Here, have this dumb ass website owner’s info

    Paul David Resnikoff,
    226 1St, Campbell, CA 95008
    (408) 374-6936

    Blake Resnikoff, Bruce M Resnikoff (60), Est E Resnikoff, Nicole A Resnikoff (24), Claudia Resnikoff (59), Jerome E Resnikoff, Lucille E Resnikoff

  4. Liv

    Please don’t take down the article, Paul. These trolls posting your information just shows that there are immature people who are willing to intimidate and abuse people to keep the truth from getting out.

  5. Queen

    The fact his supporters have to intimidate the reporter just for, well, reporting speaks volumes.

    It wasn’t a “tug of war.” It’s HER property. It was him attempting to steal something from her and her holding on. They are not equal participants.

    And his response to all of this shows he’s a massive tool.

    • Tflrs

      She was stealing from him. His image is his IP, its how he makes his money. She was attempting to use his image without his permission to make money. Agreed his approach was unwarranted but now you see how women provoke men into assaulting them physically yet get away with their emotional abuse.

    • Stop Using Threats and Insults When You Have Logic, Assholes

      These commenters are assholes but like, if some guy was taking videos of me at a party, I would smash the shit out of his phone, regardless of whether he was actively harassing me. It was a reasonable response to some creep trying to harass you at an event for friends for fucking youtube views.

      • RG's a little bitch

        Now this I can agree with. Posting the journalist’s information and reacting like. 5-year-old just makes him look guilty af.

  6. lmao

    Gabby completely backpedaled from “he hit/beat me” to “he smashed my phone when I invaded his privacy” after literal witnesses. I’m not condoning what Ricegum did but Gabby lied about him hitting her to make it out that he’s abusive to women- literally fucking slander that she backtracked from when she realized she couldn’t hold up her accusations. But according to apology/introspection from Gabby but RiceGum is in the wrong here?
    *also fuck the people here posting the author’s address

  7. Wow

    Has the world really come to this? Where people feel the need to intimidate and scare people?

    How incredibly immature do some of the people commenting this article have to be? First of all, why the hell would you try to post someones address on here:

    how would YOU like it if someone poster YOUR address or YOUR parents address? hmmm pretty sure you wouldn’t like that.

    Speaks for what kind of person you are, really childish. So much hate and spite wont lead to happiness in the end, only your downfall.

    Also idiots, the owner of this website may be named “Paul” but he’s not even the person who wrote this article. In addition, regardless if abuse happened or not he’s clearly in the wrong for doing that to her phone and he should’ve just stayed quiet. Instead, he chose to make a video mocking abuse.

    Whether or not abuse actually happened, he STILL mocked it. What is that saying for the millions of women, children, AND men out theirwho have been mentally and physically abused?

    Try to think before you type.

    • John

      He mocked Gabbie, not “the millions of women, children, AND men out theirwho have been mentally and physically abused.” Your comparison is illogical.

      Yes, it was rather immature of Rice to belittle Gabbie, but the latter chose to defame the former with serious allegations. The point of the video was to prove how little effort was required to feign an assault, which happens often. If you want to criticize anyone, it should be Gabbie for exaggerating her claims to perpetuate Rice in a bad light.

      According to the most reliable source, the eye witness, no physical contact was made by Rice and Gabbie, only them through the phone. Therefore claiming a person “hit” you, when the only object in contact was the phone, is a terrible offense if convicted guilty. This will also lead to a string cases of lawsuits. I do hope Rice follows suit with his case so that it will illustrate the dire consequences of making false accusations.

  8. John

    The ‘victim’ approached Rice with reasonably malicious intents of belittling him. Furthermore, the altercation began because the ‘victim’ refused to stop recording Rice even when asked multiple times to stop. The ‘victim’ can easily be sued for harassment and recording without consent, which will negate your “assault” case. On the other hand, a case for property damage may ensue, but Rice has already given the sum. The ‘victim’ may also be sued for defamation if it truly was not an assault case and if Rice’s party can prove that he did not lay a finger on her per say, but the object. If a legal case develops, Rice definitely has the favor. Your article needs to do a better job of developing the story in an unbiased manner.

    • RG's a little bitch

      The people who should be sued are the ones posting the author’s info on here.

  9. Victoria Collins

    He put his hands on her. Whether that was to just take her phone and break it (still assault, still taking someone elses property and damaging it, both things illegal) and that be that or if he actually did more and hit her he’s still on the illegal end of things. He had no right to touch her, her phone, or anything of that sort. Assault, and damages to personal property not belonging to him. I would think this is pretty cut and dry but no, people still want to argue for this douche nozzle.

    • Katie

      She had no right to record him without his permission nor to harass him after he explicitly told her to stop. If YOU were talking to a friend, only to be interrupted by some asshole getting in your face and trying to piss you off while recording you, can you honestly say you wouldn’t try to take the phone so the creep doesn’t have video of making you uncomfortable to jerk off to. Like, Gabbie actively bothered him in order to get this kind of interaction–there’s no other reason she would have done so. Rice’s actions after the incident were a bit petty, but understanding considering she took the opportunity to commit slander and try to ruin his entire career. Realistically, taking jabs at her was very lenient, as he has grounds to send her to jail for claiming that he had hit her when he had not.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, no, sorry love, that doesn’t justify destruction of personal property.

      • cameron

        this is true i think that this is something that happened two years ago and i have no idea why i am commenting on this in 2019 but this is true both sides exaggerated because that is what they do.

  10. The honest side

    How is he admiting to assault her!? He had already said hundreds of times that he smashed her phone … That is it … Why she sayin’ he scratched her … She is just trying to get views … She is sad

    • Katie

      Well, trying to get views and ruin his channel; I don’t think she realized how severe the legal recourse is for her making those claims. Hope he takes her to court for defamation of character.

  11. seat

    i hate you all so much it’s actually kind of beautiful