Have You Taken the ‘Bow Wow Challenge’? Here Are the Top 10 Entries (So Far)…

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Earlier today, Bow Wow was outed for Instagramming his fake ‘private jet’ (then flying commercial).  Which led to one of the most brutal internet roasts of recent memory: ‘The Bow Wow Challenge’.

But first…

The Bow Wow Challenge: Background.

So here’s the Instagram post that started it all.

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Which soon led to this slap of internet reality…

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Which then led to the ‘Bow Wow Challenge’…

Here are the 10 greatest #bowwowchallenge tweets over the past 24 hours.  

#10. My New Bugatti

#9. With My Man

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#8. My new ride at the car wash.

Car Wash! Bow Wow Challenge
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#7. When you get your new ride.

#6. The Bow Wow Challenge: Russian Edition

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#5. Finally got my teeth fixed.

Finally Got My Teeth Fixed! The Bow Wow Challenge
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#4. Finally whipping.

Finally Whipping: Bow Wow Challenge!
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#3. ‘My girlfriend & I’

#2. Inauguration

Bow Wow Challenge: The Trump Inauguration
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#1. The LeBron Dunk.