Have You Taken the ‘Bow Wow Challenge’? Here Are the Top 10 Entries (So Far)…

Earlier today, Bow Wow was outed for Instagramming his fake ‘private jet’ (then flying commercial).  Which led to one of the most brutal internet roasts of recent memory: ‘The Bow Wow Challenge’.

But first…

The Bow Wow Challenge: Background.

So here’s the Instagram post that started it all.

Which soon led to this slap of internet reality…

Which then led to the ‘Bow Wow Challenge’…

Here are the 10 greatest #bowwowchallenge tweets over the past 24 hours.  

#10. My New Bugatti

#9. With My Man


#8. My new ride at the car wash.

Car Wash! Bow Wow Challenge


#7. When you get your new ride.

#6. The Bow Wow Challenge: Russian Edition

#5. Finally got my teeth fixed.

Finally Got My Teeth Fixed! The Bow Wow Challenge

#4. Finally whipping.

Finally Whipping: Bow Wow Challenge!

#3. ‘My girlfriend & I’

#2. Inauguration

Bow Wow Challenge: The Trump Inauguration

#1. The LeBron Dunk.