We Asked 7 Women Artists: How Do You Deal With the Music Industry?

Lightning in a Bottle (photo: Charlie Winterhalter)

We asked seven female artists (and one guy) at Lightning in a Bottle about the unique challenges they face navigating the music business.  Here’s what they said.


Kalibri: “Art speaks for itself. If you’re a talented artist who’s on top of your career and you can speak about your projects, people will want to work with you.”

Aima The Dreamer

Aima The Dreamer: “Lightning in a Bottle has really impressed me with who they booked and the female artists who are here.  Women in music have to work twice as hard.  Bringing all these beautiful, powerful, talented women together sets a positive message for the festival scene. It really reminds us why we are here and is  empowering for myself and other women in the industry.”                                                      

Claire Mortifee, Erica Dee

Clair Mortifee (left): “Follow your gut, follow your vision. Learn what you can do by yourself first, and do as much as you can. Be your own best manager and PR team. Be your own best label. Then you will know what you are looking for, and who you want to add to your team. Once you have your own back the right people will join.” 

Dakini Star

Dakini Star: “I have never signed with a label. I was never willing to sacrifice my message or my art as what is driving me to succeed. I don’t want to risk compromising my vision. yes, it has been rough, I feel that I’m not always paid what I deserve.  But in the end I retrain my integrity of my message.  That’s the pay off.  Then you end up at places like Lightning in a Bottle with other beautiful, inspirational artists.  It feels great to know you got yourself here.  LIB acts as a delivery system to share positive messages, create change, and elevate consciousness especially for women in music.”

Kalibri (pictured with Claire Mortifee, Erica Dee, Dakini Star, Aima The Dreamer)

Kalibri (top left): “When we choose to collaborate with people who are aligned with our vision and mission and we have a good message and intentions, we have a great experience. There is so much beauty in the music industry and in these festivals.  Being able to create and co-create with other artists is magical. I t is a beautiful time to be a female in music.  It’s experiences like these that welcome women.  Thank you Lightning in a Bottle for bringing out all the feminine, loving, caring, sexy energy out on stage.”

Erica Dee

Erica Dee: “If you want to sign with a label it is important to know exactly what you want and need. Make sure you check what artists they work with and how well they are doing before you consider the paperwork.”

 Vallis Alps (Parissa Tosif+ David Ansari)

Parissa: “Get a good team around you that cares about you and what you are doing. Find people who will encourage you to get your music out there. It’s all about the people who surround you, and the environment you create.”


David: “Stay focused on what is really important. Sometimes there’s lots of noise from the people around us. For me it gets in my own head.  I tend to worry about things that might not work creatively.  I think remaining focused on making the best possible art you can, and finishing it, goes a long way.  Trust yourself.  Know when your work is done and move forward.”


Parissa: “When we write new music sometimes we will make a game out of it.  We will say, ‘okay let’s write a lame pop song,’ or let’s pretend we are part of a certain band.  This helps get our creative juices flowing, and makes sure each song is different from one another.”

Lauren Lane

Lauren: “When times get tough, just don’t give up. Listen to your inner voice. Make music that makes you feel good. Don’t worry about trends. Trends come and go. Stay true to your own style.”


All Photo Credits: Charlie Winterhalter (taken at Lightning in a Bottle).


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