Cash Me Outside Girl’s Father Says She Doesn’t Deserve a Record Deal

Has the Cash Me Outside girl’s management team fabricated a talent that she may not have?

In her first single, ‘These Heaux,’ Danielle Bregoli (aka Bhad Bhabie) proudly rapped about the money that she had.

I ain’t nothin’ like these hoes / Don’t compare me to no one / Money green like Cee Lo / Yeah my pocket so swollen.”

The song debuted at No. 77 on the Billboard Hot 100 in August.

Weeks later, the ‘Cash Me Outside’ girl (as she’s best known) landed a multi-million dollar deal with Atlantic Records.

Sounds like a great success story, right?

Yet, some people would say that compared to other hard-working artists, the 14-year-old rapper doesn’t deserve her success.  Especially her father.

The ‘Cash Me Outside’ girl’s father shares his concern over his daughter’s well-being.

For the past 24 years, Ira Peskowitz has worked as a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputy.

Speaking about his daughter’s erratic and criminal behavior that would soon land her in court, Peskowitz said,

That behavior is appalling.  And it’s appalling that anyone can think it is acceptable behavior.

Not much has changed.  This time, however, he pins the blame person the girl’s mother and management team.

In a sixteen minute interview on The Domenick Nati Show, Peskowitz shared that he recently spoke with his daughter.  He shared intimate details about their troubled relationship before and after her rise to fame.

When he called Brelogi on her fourteenth birthday, a bodyguard (on the mother’s request) told Peskowitz and his nine-year old son,

“She calls me Daddy now, not you anymore.”

But why would a 14-year-old girl even have a bodyguard?  According to Peskowitz, it’s “all part of a show” staged by Bregoli’s management team.  Without a bodyguard, people wouldn’t recognize Bregoli as an artist.

Dismissing an earlier claim posted on TMZ that he no longer pays child support, Peskowitz said,

For now, for the majority of the fourteen years, I’ve been paying close to $1,100 in child support.

Frustrated about the payments, however, he added that Bregoli lives in Airbnb homes and has new jewelry.  Her mother also lives on disability, yet has managed to live an extravagant lifestyle with Bregoli prior to her rise to fame.  This led to her troubled childhood and erratic behavior, according to Peskowitz.

There [are] pictures of [her mother] Barbara and her getting gold… with diamonds on it.  New Nike sneakers, you know, fancy dinners… What am I paying child support for?

Despite his complaints, however, Peskowitz shared that he still worries about his daughter’s well-being.

When asked about whether he considered Bregoli a “troubled child,” Peskowitz confessed,

Domenick, Danielle has been exposed to more things than any other child or human-being should ever be exposed to.

He also shared that he doesn’t want his 14-year-old daughter hanging around Kodak Black, a “convicted felon.”  Kodak Black featured her in a music video last February, seemingly prompting her rise to fame.

You give me one name of one father that… they want Kodak Black around.

“Kodak Black is a convicted felon… crimes against children, drugs, guns, and that’s who they [her management team] allow her to associate with?”

When asked about whether Bregoli has talent as an artist, Peskowitz shared intimate details about his daughter’s life.

According to him, in multiple music videos, people can see that she has never rapped before.  Her management team on the other hand, says Peskowitz, simply created a rapper without forming her artistic talent beforehand.

Peskowitz coldly added,

How about this?  Do I think that Milli Vanilli was awesome?  You saw what happened to Milli Vanilli… I want to listen to the words before the music and the digital enhancement is done.

I think her management team was able to set-up one piano lesson… they did it for a publicity stunt.”

Bregoli’s father also doesn’t think that her rise to fame is fair to talented artists in the music industry.

“So think about those millions of people who focus their whole entire life to get that opportunity that my daughter has gotten.  And the doors have been shut in their face.

These are all good people…[They] are thriving for the opportunity for someone just to listen to their music or their instrument playing.

He ended the interview asking fans not to trash his daughter on social media.   Peskowitz also requested that fans remain alert for pedophiles that may harass Bregoli.

You can check out the complete interview below.

Image: YouTube screen grab

7 Responses

  1. Derek

    How can this guy trash his daughter like this and expect people to think he cares for her. This guy is a bitch, and I don’t think Atlantic records would “lie” about a multi-million dollar record deal. This bitch just trying to get in the lime light and get a check.

    • Faza (TCM)

      “Sincere words are not fine; fine words are not sincere.” – Daodejing, Legge translation

      The man is concerned about his daughter associating and being used by people who care nothing for her, save how much money they can make.

      The truth is that the girl is in her formative years and suddenly has had the world thrown in her lap, it would appear. It’s an illusion, of course. The moment the money stops rolling in, all her new-found “friends” will drop her like a hot potato and move on to the next thing. We have decades’ worth of examples; this really isn’t under question.

      In the meantime, she’s got ample opportunity to make life-breaking mistakes, to say nothing of the fact she might well find herself incapable of sustaining any kind of career once she stops being the hot-ticket item – not musical, nor any other (if – which isn’t unlikely, given her age – she’s gotten it into her head that she’s such a big shot she no longer has to study, get skills and generally work to become a productive member of society).

      Generally speaking, people who have fame and fortune thrust upon them unexpectedly are prone to doing all sorts of dumb stuff. Double that, if it happens when they’re still kids.

      You might survive becoming an instant celebrity if you already had a solid work ethic beforehand and have been taught enough wisdom to plan for the lean years . If any of these are absent, your big break may well turn out to be a poison pill.

    • Kala Kahn

      You are obviously one of her fans, what he says is true she is a fake marketing scheme artist and she should be paying her dad, who continues to pay a third of his salary for 14 years for a stuck up, rachet brat of a daughter who shouldn’t even need the money.

      Your opinion is atrocious can only imagine what you look like and how cursed your life must be, being such a selfish fake loving lame POS…

  2. Kala Kahn

    i have alot of respect for the dad and thats crazy he still has to pay child support, probably a third of his police officer salary goes to this girl and she is supposedly making all his money and having that goofy bodyguard who danielle rides piggy back on his shoulders claim hes her daddy…

    This whole situation is totally disgusting, Bhad Bhabie should be paying him not the other way around, but hes right not sure how much longer this marketing scheme of a music career is going to last, but who knows lots of rachet wanna be 14 and unders out there, but most if her views right now come from trolls lol…

  3. Hit Spins

    “Cash Me Outside” is one thing.. but also check out “Get That SOB Off The Field” Taking A Knee song by My 2 Cents (Feat. President Donald Trump) .. on YouTube
    It takes the presidents voice and places it over a hip-hop/trap beat and goes to town.. political satire in rap…

    It seems singing is kinda out of date and we’re in the age of novelty rap records that capture the streaming market.. what next .. a rap from Prime Minister Theresa May over a sparse hiphop/trap backbeat.. actually that’s not a bad idea..

  4. Sam Heitkemper

    if you all think atlantic paid “millions” for this, i have a fortune waiting for you from a nigerian prince who only requires your banking and social security information.

    while this child, her mom, and handlers may be POS’s, i read that the dad was out of their lives when she was an infant. seems like he’s done more talking about her than actually with her. mr. peskowitz, you, sir, are paying child support for your lack of involvement in your daughter’s life which effectively birthed this monster. don’t like it? pull out or step up next time