Two Weeks After Overdose, Lil Peep’s Family Already Cashing In

In less than two week’s Lil Peep’s family has already cashed in on the rapper’s legacy.

For the week ending December 9th, Lil Peep landed on the Billboard Hot 100 with the single, ‘Awful Things.’  The track debuted at No. 79, marking the first time that the late rapper ever managed to appear on the Hot 100.

Following the rapper’s unexpected death, possibly from Xanax contaminated with fentanyl, downloads for the single have skyrocketed.  Billboard reports that the song’s streams rose 144% to 8.2 million in the United States.  Downloads sold also went up to 3,000, a 190% increase.

Lil Peep first debuted on the Billboard charts last June.  The singer hit No. 10 on the Social 50 survey.  His last album, Come Over When You’re Sober, Part 1, landed at No. 23 on Rap Album Sales.  The album debuted on the Billboard 200 at No. 168 for the week ending December 2nd.

Now, the rapper’s family may be cashing in on his legacy.

Less than two weeks have passed, and already, the family is selling merchandise to “honor Peep.”

Lil Peep (whose real name was Gustav Ahr) passed away two weeks ago today.  Yesterday, the estate for the deceased rapper announced that they would release officially-licensed merchandise.

Stating that “fan demand” had caused the late rapper’s family to release merchandise so early after his death, an Instagram post reads,

To all Lil Peep fans,

Peep has the most amazing fans in the world and we love you all.

Merchandise wasn’t something that we were ready to release so soon because we were focused on grieving, and organizing a celebration of Gus’ life.

However, we have been overwhelmed with requests from loving fans hoping to support Gus and his family by purchasing legitimate Peep merchandise.

To ensure authenticity, all official merchandise about Lil Peep merchandise, music, or any other art forms, will come from Lil Peep’s official verified accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

All of Peep’s social posts, prior to November 16th, will remain intact.

If it’s not on his socials, then it hasn’t been approved.

Peep loved designing and selling his merch and always wanted to help out his fans when they asked for reprints.  We will continue to honor Peep’s memory by carrying on as we believe he would have wanted.

Rest in Peace, Gus.


Featured image by Lil Peep (YouTube screengrab)

11 Responses

  1. Vail, CO

    So, so sad what happened to this legendary rapper.

    Would you like to buy a $29 t-shirt to commemorate the loss?

  2. Tiz

    This is such click bate and defamation of a grieving family.

    It would be best to dig a little journalism and dig a bit deeper into the reason why the family is selling merchandise so soon (simple google search would have revealed this – which is what I did).

    The family was forced to sell merchandise via Lil Peep’s official site because non-legit sites were popping up and selling unauthorized merchandise and profiting from it.

  3. lux

    are you really that bad of a journalist that you have to be so salty? like anyone can write 3 paragraphs of nothing, hitting the copy + paste button a few times and using questionable quotation marks? whos the wrong one here, a family giving fans of their loved ones a way to remember them, or you, writing petty “articles” about a dead man & his family. your writing skills are disappointing and bland. not to mention the already existing merch sold out about 12 hours after Gustav’s death so fans obviously begged for more.

  4. TrillCollinss

    Yeah really disappointed with how this was worded. Walt-mart started selling Lil Peep shirts, the family had no choice.. If you look at the available merchandise on the store right now, the lack of designs alone suggest that this was somewhat a forced/knee jerk reaction that I know I would do if I was in the families situation.

  5. Vail, CO

    Sorry, Daniel is spot on on this one — you think they aren’t making money off the Wal-Mart versions? They get a royalty. And like Wal-Mart is going to sell some bootlegs.

    NO, the family wants to direct sell now that there’s a huge surge in demand. Cash out while there’s lots of money to be made.

    Gotta love America.


      They get no royalties and Walmart sells bootleg all the time. You don’t know shit. People were selling bootleg merch within 24hrs of his passing. All his family did was release merch that has already been sold before, and added a few new designs that Peep himself recently posted he was releasing soon. Suck a dick how low of a human do you have to be to attack a grieving family.

  6. Anonymous

    how fucking dare you talk about his family like that!

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think they were forced to sell merch bc of Walmart, it’s bc of his gold digging ex girlfriend whatever the fuck her name is who started selling horrible insensitive hoodies and cashing in on his death after knowing him for only 2 months. That’s what forced them to start selling AUTHENTIC merch bc they knew that was what Gus would want.