10 Things I’d Love to See In YouTube’s ‘Remix’ — But Probably Won’t

Praying for YouTube Remix
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1. A patronage system.

YouTube content creators are begging their viewers to go to Patreon.  But what about a direct contribution button underneath the YouTube video itself?

And a great payment system (backed by Google) to make it all work?

Suddenly, the payout pressure is lifted from crappy ad-sharing.  And a motivation for artists that want to truly leverage their YouTube audiences.

2. Integrated tour date listings

Not just for superstars selling on Ticketmaster.  For everyone.  An easy-to-use, editable module that fits neatly beneath every video.  Or, on every artist page (like on Spotify).

Yet another way to make artists like YouTube, instead of begrudgingly accept its semi-evil existence.

3. Actual integration between audio and video content.

Spotify is smartly packaging video content into its app.  They’re even filming their own content on ‘channels’ like Rap Caviar.

Now, it’s YouTube’s turn.  What about a truly excellent integration between Google Play Music’s audio streaming and YouTube’s video streams?

That’s what Lyor Cohen said he’s doing, right?

4. A service that isn’t left for dead after three months.

YouTube Red.

YouTube Music.

YouTube Music Key.

I get it.  Music is complicated.   The shine wears off once consumer complaints, artist drama and licensing headaches set in.  But can Remix actually live for more than three months before it becomes a half-baked, neglected launch?

5. Mobile portability and cacheing.

Why can’t I bring a music video with me?  Or better yet: enjoy it as audio or video wherever I am?

Why not simply allow mobile cacheing for a small monthly fee?  YouTube is way behind Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon in this category.

6. An easy add-on section for merchandise, website links, and other areas that help artists.

I understand: YouTube wants to keep everyone in their giant tent.  But only a small percentage of people click links to things like merchandise and tickets.

And those clicks can literally pay an artist’s rent, if not finance an entire tour.

7. Retroactive revenue-sharing on claimed videos.

An artist from the 90s often has no idea how to claim their YouTube channel.  Or even what a ‘channel’ is, or how to construct one.

But if Google is collecting the ad revenue off of an artist’s content, why can’t that artist receive their cut?

Because they didn’t claim it from the beginning?  That sounds like stealing.

8. An honest account of CPMs.

If you’re paying crap, fine.  But lying to artists and rights owners isn’t cool.

Just because you can confuse them, doesn’t mean you should.  Let rights owners make informed decisions, and decide if music videos (and other video content) fits into a broader revenue model.

Better yet, offer the tools to make that happen (see nos. 1,2,6 and 7).

Remix should feature a real, easy-to-use dashboard that actually informs artists of actual CPMs and payouts.  And has lots of add-ons to help artists leverage their YouTube audiences into higher-paying platforms.

9. Verified play counts.

People don’t believe any of the numbers.  Because half the time, they’re artificially inflated.  Remix should change that.

10. An actual attempt at freemium.

The conspiracy theory about Red is that YouTube never wanted it to work.  Why?  Because that would compromise its record-shattering user numbers, and force an entirely different business model.

But that reluctance comes at an extreme cost!  Artists and rights owners hate YouTube, and only accept it because they can’t afford to not be on it.

But what about a freemium system that actually limits some music video viewing?  And offers some serious incentives for paying?

Now that’s a serious music service.  And one that artists, fans, and the music industry will support.


photo: Pexels (CC0)

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