Laidback Luke Predicted Avicii’s Death Back In 2015: “It was like watching Amy Winehouse”

Laidback Luke, who predicted Avicii's death In 2015
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Laidback Luke, who predicted Avicii's death In 2015
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Dutch DJ Laidback Luke

Laidback Luke, who collaborated closely with Avicii for many years, witnessed some serious warning signs starting in 2015.

For Laidback Luke, the sudden death of Avicii wasn’t completely shocking.  The Dutch DJ, who worked with Avicii for many years, says he witnessed a haggard, burnt-out guy who was likely drowning himself in booze.  Layer in sleep deprivation, non-stop touring and persistent pressure, and the writing was on the wall for Laidback Luke — even back in 2015.

“Tim [Bergling aka Avicii] and his team have been kind enough to book me at his Ushuaïa Hotel parties in Ibiza, most recently in August 2015,” Laidback Luke (real name Lucas Cornelis van Scheppingen) told Billboard in April of 2016.  “He looked terrible.  He gave me a very sincere but oh-so-tired smile when he saw me.”

“Soon after, he was onstage playing his amazing music — and that’s when it dawned on me. This wonderful and talented kid might not overcome his struggles.”

At the time of the report, Avicii was 25 years old.  At that point, Laidback Luke openly wondered if Avicii would join the infamous ’27 Club,’ which refers to the preponderance of famous musicians who have died at the age of 27.  That list includes Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain, and Jim Morrison, all of whom died through overdose or suicide at that age.

Here’s what Cornelis van Scheppingen relayed in the 2016 op-ed:

“At that moment, I envisioned my friend, now 26, joining the infamous “27 club” of music and film stars who died at that age. It sounds horrible but it’s the truth, and I can’t take back the ­overwhelming sense of frustration I felt. It was like ­watching Amy, the recent Amy Winehouse ­documentary, and suddenly realizing that you too were laughingly ­belting out her lyrics — “They tried to make me go to rehab/I said no no no” — while we all watched the spectacle, seeing tragedy unfold and not doing a damn thing.”

Avicii was found dead last week in the resort town of Muskat, Oman.  He was 28.

Avicii’s Cause of Death Either Substance-Related or Suicide, Authorities Reveal

After relaying those comments, the Dutch DJ applauded Avicii for his ‘retirement’ at age 26.  At the time, Avicii decided to stop actively touring and take a prolonged hiatus.  He later returned to making music, but never resumed his ultra-hectic pace of public performances.

Laidback Luke’s comments at the time are now see prophetic:

“Hopefully this will start a ­conversation about more reasonable expectations and will encourage all of us to be more ­responsible. We, the generation of ­seasoned artists, need to recognize our role in guiding the next generation by pointing out the pitfalls, offering an ear, a shoulder and ­sometimes a kick in the ass too. We all have to stop looking away. It’s often said that the brightest light casts the darkest shadow — so be brave, and don’t be afraid to walk away from that light.” 

On Friday, Laidback Luke was asked about his prediction in an interview with Sirius XM Radio.

“This must’ve been in 2015 when he invited me to open for his show in Ibiza, and it was there and then where I watched his show on the sidelines, where I got the actual vision of — I wrote this for Billboard — where I saw him joining the rock star elite group of legends that all passed away at around the same age, the age of 27, and I had this vision and I needed to write about it and make people aware.”

“I can’t believe it actually freaking happened.”


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    This is insane…and what a loss. I loved Tim and I am so heartbroken …