Days After His Death, Jeremy Geffen’s Heinous Sexual Assault Crimes Come to Light

The late Jeremy Geffen battled serious sexual assault charges more than a decade ago.  Now, it looks like there was a dedicated effort to scrub his sordid criminal record from the internet.

Several days ago, music manager Jeremy Nathaniel Geffen passed away at age 40.  The premature death is rumored to be the result of a drug overdose, though nothing has been confirmed.

The influential manager worked with several top artists in the industry, including Sean Combs, D12, and Britney Spears.  Geffen led Creative Rights Group (CRG) as president and CEO.  Founded in 2014, Geffen’s company helped artists recapture and monetize the rights to their work.

At CRG, Geffen aimed to help oldies performers claim their rightful royalties.  Those fights are often arduous, with aging artists lacking the sophistication to battle complicated contracts and companies.  It seemed like Geffen was doing a lot of good work for deserving artists.

Now, it looks like there’s more to this story.

Just days after Geffen’s death, some pretty heinous criminal activity is surfacing.  And according to sources, Geffen’s company may have actively suppressed his troubled past.

What Geffen didn’t want people to remember.

Ten years ago, and long before the #MeToo movement, the Los Angeles Police Department arrested Geffen on suspicion of sexually assaulting two underage girls.

The then-31 year old manager eventually faced a long list of charges.  The LAPD charged him with the following:

  • 3 counts of rape (1 count under intimidation)
  • 2 counts of oral sex with a minor
  • 2 counts of sexual intercourse with a minor
  • 2 counts of statutory rape
  • 2 counts of inducing minors to take a controlled substance (1 count of possession of cocaine, and the other of forcing a minor to consume the drug under the threat of force or violence)
  • 1 count of forced oral sex with a minor under 14
  • 1 count of oral sex on an intoxicated minor
  • 1 count of attempted sodomy with a minor.

The final charge included forced sexual penetration with a foreign object.

The assaults allegedly took place at Geffen’s West Hollywood home and at multiple Hollywood nightclubs.  Police had been investigating Geffen since October 2007, when the first girl came forward.  He allegedly assaulted the first teenager in December 2006 and again in January 2007.

During the investigation, a second teenager reached out to the LAPD.  The two victims didn’t know each other, and the assaults took place at different times.  Geffen reportedly assaulted the second girl in November 2007.

Authorities determined that Geffen met the underage girls at several nightclubs in Hollywood.  He struck a friendship with them and offered them drugs.

Officers set his bail at $2 million, which he later posted.

Speaking with the Los Angeles Times, Geffen’s attorney, Danny Davis, declared his client’s innocence.

“I strongly respect my client’s presumption of innocence.  I like to think I specialize in cases of innocent clients, and that is why I am attracted to this case.”

The music manager pleaded not guilty in court.  Unfortunately, things didn’t look good for Geffen.  Facing over 20 years in jail, and having to become a registered sex offender upon release, he accepted a plea deal with prosecutors on October 7th, 2008.

Geffen ultimately served a probation period of 5 years.  The charges were eventually reduced to misdemeanors.

But, who actively suppressed the news?

Following Geffen’s tragic passing, a source reached out to Digital Music News after we broke the story of his passing.  The source told DMN that Geffen’s management firm had actively “scrubbed much of [the news] from the internet.”

The anonymous tipster may have had a point.  According to WeHo News, once Geffen finished his probation, he actively went after sites featuring news of the case.

“Geffen… [wants] to “cleanse” his Internet tracks and public image of all images and negative mentions on web sites that he can bully, trick or intimidate into following his agenda.”

The manager’s lawyer allegedly hired a third-party website to remove images – and thus mentions – of Geffen on WeHo News.

It seems to have worked.  Mentions of the sexual assault case and plea deal are now very difficult to find.  The original WeHo News piece on Geffen’s plea deal has been permanently removed, with no snapshot available on

We did find a few other stories about the incidents, but many were pulled offline.  Some were archived.  Our source warned us that this was because of the scrubs, though some court paperwork remained.  Accordingly, we started digging.

Geffen never officially commented on the news, nor did he issue a formal apology to his victims.

You can check out the case summary below.  The charges and plea deal remain publicly available on the Los Angeles Superior Court system.

Featured image by Jeremy Geffen (CC by 4.0)

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  1. Shlomo

    Attorneys and music accountants should Confess their artist robbery schemes or face the almighty KARMA. You can hide from everyone but yourself.

    • Mark

      The man just died less than a week ago. Let his family grieve, this is in really poor taste.

      • Jim

        Poor pedo family. They should all be gassed to death.

  2. Briana

    So nice of this “anonymous source” to let you know. Speaking ill of the dead is not fair. You should be ashamed for posting this.

    • Jim

      DMN you should be very proud of exposing the Jew Geffen and his rapey family.

  3. Marc

    This is beyond low to print this trash a week after his death. If you were so concerned about this why didn’t you ever confront him with this. Instead you bring up some trash from 10 years ago and make it like news. Its not. I’m sure his family is thrilled with dealing with this while grieving. You are the chewed up gum someone steps.

    • Paul Resnikoff


      Depends on the perspective (perpetrator vs. victim) I suppose.

  4. asdf

    I love everybody being like “sure, this guy was a serial pedophile and rapist, but he just passed away so show some respect!”

    • Stop

      I support #METOO #timesUp and all the other causes to support men and women of sexual assault. It’s just so sad, however there are many twisted accounts. They met at a club, he didn’t know their ages.
      There was another guy who hooked up with ones of the girls too. The difference is his family is worth billions and paid everyone he needed to so he wasn’t included. Jeremy plead innocent because he knew he didn’t RAPE anyone, he hooked up with them forsure but he had no idea their age. Why would he asked!? He met them at a club, they went to his house for a party, drank, did blow, ect. Due to their age it’s rape. It hurts my heart because he really didn’t know their age. It’s so sad he lived with that shame for so long. Imagine being in a situation like that. But that’s a story no one wants to read, it’s horrifying to think that young girls party like that, it’s easier to blame someone else and believe in teenage innocence.

      • jim

        Sorry the Geffen Rape Clan doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt.

  5. Beavis

    REALLY bad way to go out. It would be a lot more defensible if the girls were 17 or 16, (age of consent in many states still) particularly in LA, land of the freaks, but below that age, creepytown really kicks in. Forced oral sex under 14? Drugging minors? Multiple instances? Of course, it begs what clubs were letting these girls in at this age? Is the LAPD busting any of them?

    In this day and age, no checking of IDs? This guy was over the line, and a rep is a rep. I personally would prefer DMN cover more topics regarding picking a good Pro rights Org or sorting out the one million online distributors instead of running with this gutter news, but I guess they need to be the next Nat EnQ.

  6. Done

    I’m a girl, i know exactly how to manipulate men especially at that age! Keep in mind if you’re 14 and in a nightclub doing blow you’re not caption of the debate team. Guys are wasted they aren’t checking ID’s for after parties why would they! You need an ID to get in. The fact that nobody brings this up is rediculas. They arent poor defenseless girls, its LA! Drugs, sex, money is Tuesday. IM A WOMEN AND IT IS 100% WRONG TO TAKE ADVANTAGE, RAPE, OR INTIMIDATE ANYONE WETHER MEN OR WOMEN! Let me be clear. This story is only half because the other guy that fucked them is heir to a billion dollar fortune. So his family paid them off. Jeremy didn’t have the amount of money they wanted!!!! I know it’s hard for all the basics to understand this, so let me break it down. Yes both guys 100% fucked these girls consensually! Did they know their ages, fuck no, who would ID after you met a guy at a club! When those girls started telling people about how they partied and hooked up with some guys in the hills, their parents found out, search who they were, realized they had money, and pressed charges. FACTS! I Was literally at his house a few years ago when this random girl came to the house, with in hours she starts yelling at him to buy her a YSL or she was going to call the cops, say he made her do drugs! The blow SHE brought to his house. I’m so sick of people trashing him. Jeremy was an asshole but he wasn’t a rapist! HIS LIFE WAS WORKING HARD, MAKING MONEY, AND HAVING AS MUCH FUN AS POSSIBLE!

    • Jim

      Mossad can’t let you know about the dirty Jewish cabal of rapists in the music business. Metoo was a sham, to protect Singer Weinstein Geffen etc from their more heinous crimes. Jeremy was a HUGE rapist.