UnitedMasters Reveals More Details About Its Lucrative NBA Deal

UnitedMasters’ deal with the NBA sounds like a great opportunity for indie artists.

Just over a week ago, UnitedMasters unveiled a lucrative deal with the NBA.

The league will feature select indie musicians across its digital properties and social community of 1.5 billion.  This includes the NBA.com app as well as league and team social media accounts.  Artists will also have their songs featured in highlight films.

The deal has opened up a new realm of opportunities for artists, with a brand-new audience potentially accessed.  The independent distributor will also market select artists, their merchandise, and tickets to shows directly to NBA fans.

Financial terms of the deal remain undisclosed.

Now, Steve Stoute, cofounder and CEO of United Masters, has revealed a bit more about the global partnership.

Having your music featured across digital channels.

The lucrative deal will allow the NBA to easily license indie music from UnitedMasters.

The indie distributor, writes Billboard, will grant the licenses free of charge.  In exchange, the NBA will promote the song with league tagging.  The league may also mention artist names in select highlight videos with a direct link to the featured song.

Speaking about the partnership, Stoute explained,

We’re basically removing the barrier of getting your music heard, so it’s another opportunity for these artists…. It’s only independent artists and we’re given them the unique opportunity to get their music heard.  And this is a global opportunity.

He added the company wants artists to build a relationship with the NBA.  Stoute imagines a future where indie artists could perform at half-time shows.

This is basically the first step into a much bigger opportunity.  But the first step is giving these artists the promotional vehicle to be heard and to get as much exposure and amplification as possible.

Jeff Marsillo, the NBA’s Senior Vice President of New Media, added,

The breakthrough in this structure is that it’s a unique example of a brand or league providing a global distribution platform for artists – something UnitedMasters and the NBA are singularly positioned to do.


Featured image by Rene Schwietzke (CC by 2.0).

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  1. Jon Bahr

    Lucrative? How is a deal with artists granting their music completely gratis to a billion dollar entity viewed as lucrative? Your song name might be mentioned and clickable doesn’t seem like the deal of a lifetime except for the NBA saving money on music costs.