Will.i.am Defends Michael Jackson, Saying He’s No Worse Than Companies That Supported the Holocaust

will.i.am (photo: Eva Rinaldi (CC BY-SA 2.0))
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will.i.am (photo: Eva Rinaldi (CC BY-SA 2.0))
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will.i.am (photo: Eva Rinaldi (CC BY-SA 2.0))

The fallout from the release of the Leaving Neverland documentary continues — but more celebrities are sticking up for Michael Jackson.

Worldwide, radio stations are pulling Jackson’s music.  Broadway shows are being shelved, and Jackson covers are being scratched from performance lists.

But Michael Jackson still has his defenders and apologists.  That slowly-growing list now includes rapper/entertainer Will.i.am, who has stated that playing Jackson’s music is no worse than patronizing a company with connections to the Holocaust.

The Black Eyed Peas frontman was speaking at a press conference promoting a new series of The Voice when he made the comments.

“We live in a very, very, very, very hypocritical, double-standard, fake society. I can name a thousand other products that we still buy, still use, that are owned by folks that have done the most horrendous things to people, millions of them, and we don’t take their products from the market. You’re not talking about banning Bayer that made the chemicals to kill all the Jews. You’re not talking about real shit and yet you want to flex on a song?”

When asked about his thoughts on the allegations contained in the documentary, Will.i.am says he’s conflicted. He says he is pulled between wanting to support victims of abuse and the memory of someone important to him.

“And for somebody that knows him, you’re torn. You have the doc. Your heart wants to believe them but they’re on record lying so how am I supposed to trust that?”

Bayer itself has not responded, and is likely choosing to remain quiet on the matter.  The German pharmaceutical and chemicals company had used slave labor in concentration camps during World War II.  Will.i.am’s comments are not entirely inaccurate, though Bayer did profit off of the atrocities of the Holocaust.

Will.i.am further commented, stating that he believes that whoever is behind the documentary is “probably motivated by the money.”

Others are also speaking out in favor of the late Michael Jackson.

Barbara Streisand also found herself in hot water when she said that Jackson’s abuse “didn’t kill them.” She also expressed sympathy for Michael, saying he was very sweet and childlike when she met him.

She added that she blamed the children’s parents more than anyone.

Michael Jackson’s estate is suing HBO for more than $100 million over the airing of the Leaving Neverland documentary.

5 Responses

  1. will.you.pls.leave

    Goodbye will.you.were — those who follow MJ will follow MJ off the stage.

    • Anonymous

      So, Michael Jackson supposedly molested two young boys when they were young. Where were these boys parents? Why are these two ungrateful liar’s wait until years after Michael Jackson is deceased? Bunch of BS!

  2. Anonymous

    Absolutely no proof of Micheal Jackson committing any crimes. Just a few jackasses saying this and that happened. Show me the proof.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      There is actually proof in at least one of the many cases against Michael Jackson on charges of child molestation. One of the molested boys identified a unique mark on Michael Jackson’s penis, which helped to qualify the case as an inappropriate sexual relationship and one that was abusive. I believe that case was subsequently settled out of court.

      • Infinity

        I believe one shall do full research before claiming something like this. MJ was willing to pursue a criminal case in the Jordie Chandler case you are talking about but his appeal was rejected by the court. That’s how confident he was of his innocence. But the Chandlers were only interested in money thus filing a civil suit. Also MJ was not in favor of the out of court settlement that his legal team made. Plus if this was the case then why didn’t they bring it out in 2005 case. It could have been the biggest evidence. All they wanted to do was bring him down. MJ was acquitted of all charges in the court. There is so much proof of his innocence that if you do a little bit of research you would know truth.