Adidas Originals Launches Its ‘Don’t Assume’ Collaboration with NTS Radio

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Courtesy Photo from adidas | James Massiah

Adidas has teamed up with NTS Radio for a new collaborative partnership as part of the Adidas Originals line.

A new collection of merchandise, designed with underground music and culture in mind, is the first step in the new collab. Released under the title of ‘Don’t Assume’, it’s a collection intended to tie local community spirit with a global outlook.

The ‘Don’t Assume’ tagline has been a long-standing mantra for NTS Radio.  The phrase was borrowed from a free-jazz LP by singer Maggie Nicols & pianist Peter Nu, released on Leo Records in the late ’80s.

“Don’t assume… don’t assume… there’s no room to assume,” the song warbles, sounding like everything except jazz.

That juxtaposition is one reason why NTS Radio chose the slogan to embody itself among artists and partners. NTS Radio states that it represents all styles of music, culture, and people.

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The Don’t Assume collection features eight pieces of soccer-inspired gear. An Adidas Originals SPRT tracksuit, home, away, and goalkeeper jerseys, along with a premium paneled sweatshirt, are all part of the collection.

The goalkeeper jersey features Hackney’s cult Caribbean restaurant, Peppers and Spice, as a sponsor. The restaurant was also featured on the late Anthony Bourdain’s TV series, ‘Parts Unknown.’

To celebrate the release of the new collection, NTS has selected some of its residents, friends, and family to showcase the brand. Each artist will produce a one-off radio show live on NTS.  The show will feature artist playing different styles of music than what they’re known for.

You can catch each artist live at the hour listed below.  Everything is listed in BST (British Summer Time), though it’s easy to convert BST to PST using this tool.

  • Leksey Lu — May 20th, 3 PM BST
  • Lee Scratch Perry —May 21st, 12 PM BST
  • Ms. Carrie Stacks —May 22nd, 11 AM BST
  • James Massiah —May 23rd, 11 AM BST
  • Kedr Livanksiy —May 24th, 11 AM BST
  • Anu —May 25th, 11 AM BST
  • Vegyn — May 26th, 10 PM BST
  • Tomasa Del Real —May 28th, 12 PM BST

The Don’t Assume collection will be released in Adidas Originals stores and online on May 25th.