Warner Music Finland Acquires Finnish Indie Hip-Hop Label Monsp Records

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Warner Music Group has acquired Monsp Records, one of the largest indie hip-hop labels in Finland.

WMG has been scooping up several independent labels across the globe in the last two years.

Recent acquisitions for WMG include Netherlands-based Spinnin’ Records and a significant partnership with Nigeria’s Chocolate City. WMG has also acquired some of the best independent labels across Europe and the Middle East.

Just recently, Warner Music launched a division for the Middle East in 2018 that now serves 17 markets across the MENA region.

Monsp Records is based in Helsinki, Finland and specializes in rap and hip-hop.  Helsinki isn’t exactly The Bronx, but like many far-flung locales, a domestic hip-hop scene has germinated.  Monsp was founded in 1997, and successful domestic artists include JVG, Phyimys ‘The Saint’, and Atomirotta.

Monsp founder Keijo Kiiskinen will continue to serve as CEO. He will work closely with WMG Finland to grow the label’s roster.

The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture honored Monsp Records in 2011 for the label’s substantial contribution to the arts.  The label was lauded for releasing a slew of Finnish artists, including Reino Nordin, Notkea Rotta, Ruger Hauer, Ruudolf, Teflon Brothers, and more.

Monsp’s related business and partner companies were not included as part of the recorded music deal with WMG Finland. Those partner companies include:

  • Independent labels Lihamyrsky, Katakombi, and Överdog
  • Music retailer Katin Tavara
  • Booking agency All Day
  • Digital music distributor Musiikindigitaalinenjakelu.fi

Kiiskinen said he believes Warner Music Finland is the perfect partner for his label going forward.

“I’ve long admired Warner’s passionate support for original and innovative talent, and this relationship will allow us to achieve more than ever before for our artists. We can’t wait to see what the future holds.”