Spinnin’ Records Launches a Totally Free ‘Subscription’ Service

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Is the future of music free?  According to EDM-heavy Spinnin’ Records, it most certainly is.  Just this week, the label launched ‘Spinnin’ Premium,’ which offers fans a ‘subscription’ of free downloads.  Each track is available for two week, ‘exclusive’ window.

“The focus is shifting from paying for your music to streaming and other freemium models.”

The kick-off release is “Ghost Child” by Firebeatz & Apster featuring Spree Wilson, which dropped last Friday.  “The music industry is changing rapidly,” said Spinnin’ CEO Eelkovan Kooten.  “The focus is shifting from paying for your music to streaming and other freemium models. People are now expecting music to be available how and whenever they want it. We’ve always acknowledged this by sharing as much of our releases as possible on social media and streaming sites, now we break down that final wall by giving away the music as free downloads.”

The Premium launch follows a similar move by Martin Garrix, who announced recently at Amsterdam Dance Event that all of his releases would be free to fans.



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  1. There is something...

    EDM is clearly a different beast with its own business model. Everyone is focusing on getting paid DJ sets rather than sell music, and the best way to do that is to have trending tracks. So everything is good as long as you can get attention, and that include spamming everyone with free tracks.

  2. FreeAsInBeer

    I can see that the model could work for DJs, just as a promotional tool to get gigs.
    But, how does the label stay in business? They expect to have enough sales outside of the free window periods, to succeed?

    • there is something...

      I’ve never worked with Spinning’ but I guess they have “360” deals with their DJs, meaning they get a cut of everything including booking and merch sales.

      • Yep.

        Spinnin’ signs most of their top artists to exclusive management and publishing deals as well. Something US law wouldn’t allow.

  3. cjhoffmn

    I haven’t been out on the site to look at the model yet, but it is a really interesting concept to have a free subscription that allows time gated access to new releases, then pulls them out of rotation. That might possibly help seed awareness, but then drive people to more profitable channels to buy/rent.

    Potentially interesting innovation, I think.

  4. Anonymous

    “Is the future of music free?”

    The future? Music has been free for about 15 years now…

    • Versus

      Free for 15 years? How so?
      If you mean illegally, then everything is free.

  5. Versus

    How is this supposed to work for those non-DJ musicians, who must support themselves from recorded music?