MTV Considers Removing Michael Jackson’s Name From Its Video Vanguard Award

Michael Jackson receives the MTV Video Vanguard award in 1989.
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Michael Jackson receives the MTV Video Vanguard award in 1989.
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Michael Jackson receives the MTV Video Vanguard award in 1988.

The fallout from HBO’s Leaving Neverland documentary continues as MTV considers cutting ties with Michael Jackson.

The annual MTV Video Music Awards are coming up in August, and Michael Jackson has long held a position of honor in the show with the ‘Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award’.  But that high-profile association is becoming increasingly uncomfortable.

One source said discussions over how to handle the award are getting ugly.

“There’s talk about if they should change the name, or get rid of it altogether. [There’s also talk] about who would pre­sent it and who would accept it. It’s a mess.”

Leaving Neverland focused on two first-hand accounts of men who suffered abuse at the hands of Jackson. The Jackson Estate has been aggressively opposed to the documentary since its inception, with legal action quickly ensuing after the initial airing.

In the hard-to-watch film, Jackson proteges Wade Robson and James Safechuck discuss very candidly how Jackson groomed them for a sexual relationship.  That followed decades of court battles and allegations of rampant pedophilia at Jackson’s Neverland Ranch.

The Jackson Estate has denied all allegations and sued HBO for $100 million for violating a 1992 contract. HBO’s response in court is that the contract was expired and was therefore no longer valid.  HBO won a court judgment in May to keep the case in court rather than forced arbitration.

Meanwhile, the value of the Michael Jackson legacy continues to plunge, with the King of Pop increasingly regarded as a pedophile.

Michael Jackson first received the Vanguard Award in 1988 and MTV renamed the award in his honor in 1991. Sources say MTV is still undecided on whether to rename it or leave it out of the ceremony.

VMA nominees were revealed this week including Billie Eilish, Lil Nas X, Ariana Grande, and Taylor Swift. Both Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift lead nominations with 10 each. Jennifer Lopez won the MJ Vanguard Award last year, but MTV has been mum on a recipient for this year.

It’s pretty likely we’ll see MTV elect to skip this one entirely since the controversy is so fresh. The Vanguard Award is not an annual award, so MTV could buy some time by skipping it at this year’s VMAs.

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  1. Charles Thomson

    Moron who can’t spell nor form a sentence. MJ is being muted all around the world. Catch up filthy fanatic. MTV is removing the pedo and who cares if you don’t like it, dolt. You are a loser who molests kids too. MJ fans are all pedophiles.

  2. Marty Flynn

    Wipe his pedophile behind off the face of the earth. Burn Bendoverland down now too!

    • Kirt

      What the hell is your problem? The man has living children that actually have feelings! Would you want someone writing this about your parent, degrading there life’s accomplishments. Just because you hair it in the media and a documentary does not mean it is true. In law and in court it is not about my truth it’s about the truth. A documentary, media, tabloids and the metoo movement can not over shadow that!

      • Sonny

        OMG seriously!! Facts are facts. He needs to wiped completely away and his children deserve to have a chance. It’s not their fault he was a terrible person.

  3. Jill Land

    This is disgusting stepping on the grave of an innocent dead man, michael jackson. We need to boycott the Emmys. Who are the lowlifes who voted 5 emmys to this down right lying conniving vile and vicious mockery.

    • Sonny

      Innocent??? Have seen the evidence. The children he raped are the innocent ones. How about giving them the justice they deserve!!

  4. Dark X

    The only pedophile I see is you Chester The Molester. The court , The FBI other law enforcement proved that MJ was innocent if you believe the bs that’s out here you’re just as a dumbass as the rest white supremacists.

  5. Dark X

    Marty Flynn speaking like a true white supremacist cesspool. Hey Marty take your own advice and wipe your pedophile behind off the face of the earth we be very grateful.

  6. Lellis

    Stop saying they were sexually abused or groomed for a sexual relationship! It’s all Alleged..Nothing proven!!!!!

  7. Alicia

    Do not remove his name! If MTV want to keep it they should! Why is it that when someone says jump like Wade Robson everyone says how high. Michaels name has been on that
    Award since 91, there have been accusations towards mj since 93 and 05. Why not take his name off then or after his death? Two men make accusations in 2013, have a documentary about there “truth” and all of sudden it is the truth. Michael is dead and fought this same battle in a criminal trial in 05 and won! MTV, stand your ground, keep the award the same! Michael worked so hard in life for his accomplishments, there is a reason why you named it after him and there is a reason why it has remaind, because the accusations being thrown at him have never ever been proven. All over the world we are held to the standard of INNOCENT till proven Guilty let’s keep it that way. Michaels not here anymore he was found innocent in life he can not be found guilty in death.