Monsta X Moving on Without Wonho ⁠— Despite Desperate Fan Pleas

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Photo Credit: The Show / Twitter

Monsta X is now a group of six following the departure of Wonho. The group won their most recent appearance on The Show with the song, “Follow.”

26-year-old Wonho left the group last week, confirming the news in a handwritten letter. Fans were upset about his exit, throwing together $25,000 to buy an NYC Times Square ad. The ploy wasn’t enough to bring Wonho back into the fold, though.

The K-pop group has made their first appearance on The Show without their former bandmate. The group thanked their fandom ⁠⁠— collectively known as the Monbebes ⁠— for sticking with them. They promised to ‘rise back up after a fall.’

Many fans are still upset that Wonho left, though. They are sharing their displeasure on social media, saying Monsta X will always be a group of seven.

Wonho left the group amid allegations that he smoked marijuana and owed money. South Korean TV personality Jung Da-eun posted on social media to ask Wonho when he would pay her back ⁠— along with a host of other allegations.

Starship Entertainment rejected those claims but did reveal that Wonho may have been a troubled youth. A rep claims that he was incarcerated in a youth detention center in the past for theft. Wonho himself apologized in a handwritten note for what he called immature behavior in his youth.

Although I have some immature moments and faults, I tried hard not to become ashamed of myself after I debuted as an idol trainee.

I am announcing that I am leaving MONSTA X today. I am apologetic for causing harm to the members due to the unfortunate issues related to me. More than anything, I am sorry for disappointing my fans, who believed in me.

Fans have been encouraging towards Wonho and his rehabilitation efforts, though it looks like the Monbebes will have to continue on without him.

21 Responses

  1. Suzyq

    Same author who wrote a negative article about Monsta X fans being obsessed.

  2. Melissa

    You are ignorant. Collect your facts and talk to Monbebe’s before you write such nonsense.

  3. Anonymous

    Monsta X fans are not obsessed, they are just mentally retarded.

    • sksks

      um- not true at all… we will always be there for Wonho – i don’t see whats so retarded about that

    • Anonymous

      Oop I can confirm that about myself but not about the other monbebe’s.



  4. AWon

    Does it look like people have stopped? No.
    It’ll be embarrassing if this article turns out to be wrong.

  5. monsta x love

    monbebe, lets do not focus on this article
    this is wrong article
    and for those who has written this;
    we monbebe and monsta x are not moving without wonho , for monbebe time is just passing while we are fighting , and for monsta x they are just doing their schedule in bad mood they also do not want to do anything
    Monsta X fighting
    Monbebe fighting

  6. Meggu

    Nothing is solidified yet. And monbebes haven’t given up 🙂

  7. Wendy

    I am a fan of Monsta X and I think all the Monbebes should not only continue the petitions and sending out messages to Starship and Wonho, but I also think that perhaps even stronger measures are needed in the form of a boycott so to speak. I personally vow not to spend any more money on anything that will make more money for Starship until they change their antiquated ways of thinking and reinstate Wonho. I also think that if Wonho was making his best effort to be a good person now he should not be penalized for his past mistakes, he is only human after all and we have all made mistakes. So stand together Monbebes and all the other fans of K-Pop bands and vow to not give any more money to Starship until they correct this error on their part. #nowonhonomoney

    • Anonymous

      Ok first off your grammar is terrible, second I think monsta x will do just fine yes wonho is very special to us but we cant do anything about it if we boycott starship we hurt the rest of the members so i dont think this is a good idea.

    • Justanifan

      I would like to point out, that as a Monbebe, such actions would actually HARM Monsta X. It would do more harm to those left behind, and the kpop industry is nothing if not ruthless. This will not bring Wonho back, but possibly cause the rest of Monsta X to be dropped from the label eventually for lack of sales. This is not what Wonho would want. There must be another way. That being said, who are we to consistently spam the internet about how much we miss Wonho? The boys are surely suffering far more than we are, and there is every possibility that our actions as Monbebe’s are only making thing worse and more painful for our beloved Monsta X. So maybe, the best thing we can do right now, is to silently support our group who is suffering. To continue to look forward to their progress, and their music, and to continue to support them even if we have to face the awful possibility that Wonho might not come back at all. THAT’S what Wonho would want.

  8. anon

    lmao what an article. disgusting enough. not just monbebes that fight for him

  9. Wonho_MONSTAX_Fighting

    To all those idiots out there writing negative comments on this issue, I hate to say this but as a responsible global citizen, it is my duty to- you are all asshats and cannot appreciate good artistry even if it hit you in the face.
    Lets talk about all the good things MONSTA X has accomplished- bringing people together across different backgrounds and creating music everyone can go back to again and again.
    We Monbebes will continue supporting MONSTA X whichever course they may choose to follow, notwithstanding the fact that they will forever be a 7 member group for us. I stand here firmly supporting Wonho in whatever decision he takes.

    MONSTA X fighting!
    Wonho fighting!
    Monbebe fighting!

  10. Kathy

    Get your facts straight first. This is a horrible article. I can’t believe your editors let you publish this.

  11. Nicole

    If you had done any kind of research, you would’ve known that they finished promotions as six. They had two wins in that state and it is because Starship is working on legal matters. The others continued performances due to their ongoing comeback, not because they endorsed being a six member group. Monsta X continuously brought up to fans that they want to be seven again and all be together.
    The one thing you have most skewed is the motivation. Yes, we are fighting for Wonho to come back to the group but we are also fighting for idols to be accepted as humans. Most times they are to have unrealistic and perfect lives that they lived before and after debuting. Monbebe and other fandoms as well are bringing attention to the idea that idols are humans too and make mistakes. Many idols undergo online harassment for various reasons and people need to know the ones they are targeting are human as well.
    Before writing an article with false information, please do some research. Any amount of looking closer would have shown different fandoms showing support to make it known that idols are human and make mistakes.

  12. ximena

    pure clownery, we will not and will never let him go, who do you think you are to write such stuff like that? i have to say that you’re wrong, we monbebes become fighters, and we fight for what’s good, giving hope, helping others, and soon we all will laugh at that i-want-attention seo hee and that daeun girly for messing with us, and you will see, so don’t write things like this just trying to make yourself look superior bc honey, you’re not.

    • Anonymous

      As a monbebe I think we should let wonho go yeah sure I just lost my bias but the world keeps on spinning it’s not like monstax is disbanding.

  13. Anonymous

    Looks like you didn’t do your research well enough, or just didn’t do any in general. The article you’ve hyperlinked is not reliable; they’ve wrongfully mentioned a different person in their article when referring to the accuser, Jung. So basically your article is just an example of terrible journalism. Please actually do some research and don’t rely on one resource before you write another article. Also, if you don’t want hate coming your way from their fans, just don’t publish an article like this in a time when fans are still recovering from shock. Instead, take your time to write an article about how fans are still rooting for Wonho and for Monsta X, regardless of his sudden departure.

  14. a n o n y m o u s . . .

    this article is so disgusting. wonho will forever be part of our family, no matter what. we will forever fight for him. monsta x is 7 <3