SoundCloud Jumps Into Pay-For-Promotion Game With ‘Promote on SoundCloud’

SoundCloud Jumps into Pay-for-Promotion Game with 'Promote on SoundCloud'
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SoundCloud has announced the launch of a new self-service advertising tool, which will allow the company’s Premier artists to promote their music for a fee.

Called Promote, the service places an ad for song tracks on top of both user feeds and mobile pages. It further lets artists determine an ad budget as well as lets them choose from a variety of advanced targeting methods.

The company believes that the ads will help artists in a number of ways, and not just with increasing the number of plays that they receive on the platform. They think that the service will also help artists develop a more diversified set of listeners and will help them better interact with their fans.

Promote is just one of the features available to Premier artists on the platform. Others include:

  • Fast and direct payouts
  • Free distribution to every major music service
  • Competitive revenue sharing
  • An effort to curate and champion emerging artists

Premier artists on the platform also retain all rights to their music and keep 100% of streaming revenue. It is open to any artist on the platform who meets the following conditions:

  • They are 18 years of age or older
  • They have published original music on the platform
  • They have no copyright strikes against them
  • They have had at least 1,000 monetizable plays on the platform

Gilles BianRosa, who is the chief product officer at SoundCloud, commented on the deal by saying:

“Promote on SoundCloud is an important addition to SoundCloud Premier, which offers creators wide distribution, more earning potential, and now, a way to proactively promote their music on SoundCloud. By promoting on SoundCloud, creators get the added benefit of combining Promote on SoundCloud reports with SoundCloud stats to see comprehensive engagement data, a unique capability for creators who choose SoundCloud.”

The news of the service comes on the heels of Spotify’s announcement last month that it is offering a promotion service on its platform.

2 Responses

  1. Make Me A Bird

    It will be just like Google Ads
    They will push the mainstream entertainers and the “approved acts” under the noses of the high active users you know the ones with a following that usually share on social media a song they like etc…
    The rest of us we will get the passive listeners the ones that don’t usually interact with anything
    But toss your money out the window anyway
    When a real Indi brakes out NEW RULE CHANGES…NEW TERM OF SERVICE
    door closed to the rest
    just like always
    Don’t fall for it Indies this DOES NOT INCLUDE US!!!!


    Soundcloud blacklists users. Soundcloud sucks. Browncloud.