Soundgarden ‘Exploring a Possible Resolution’ with Chris Cornell’s Widow in Royalty Dispute

Soundgarden 'Exploring a Possible Resolution' with Widow of Chris Cornell in Royalty Dispute
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Soundgarden 'Exploring a Possible Resolution' with Widow of Chris Cornell in Royalty Dispute
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Photo of Chris Cornell

A new filing in the lawsuit between the widow of Chris Cornell and Soundgarden indicates that their dispute over unpaid royalties may soon be resolved.

Last month, Vicky Cornell filed the suit in the Miami Division of the U.S. District Court’s Southern District of Florida. She is accusing the surviving members of Soundgarden — Kim Thayil, Matt Cameron and Hunter Benedict Shepherd — and business manager Rit Venerus of not paying her royalties. The defendants are accused of attempting to force her to hand over unreleased recordings Cornell made before he committed suicide in May of 2017.

Cornell has insisted that her husband made the recordings without the participation of Soundgarden, so they have no rights to them. In spite of this, she has maintained that she’s willing to provide the recordings, but only if her husband’s producer is involved in the album project. Furthermore, she wants to be kept in the loop regarding the marketing of the album, with the intention to adhere to her husband’s general philosophies.

However, she says that, while the band initially acceded to these demands, they have since reneged and demanded the recordings unconditionally while also asserting ownership of them.

In the new filing, the defendants are asking for an extension to answer the complaint. It is specified that the extension is directly related to a possible resolution of the matter.

The defendants want to extend the deadline to respond from January 15 to February 3, and this request is not being opposed by the plaintiffs in the case. They further say: “Moreover, Defendants Venerus and Cal Financial are exploring a possible resolution of this matter. Accordingly, the additional time to respond is in the interest of judicial efficiency.”

So, we should know in the next few weeks whether this “possible resolution” comes to fruition or not.

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  1. I. Mondragon

    I find it so sad that my hero can’t voice his opinion on this bs behind SG. I wished that I had a better opinion of his widow. If she were all that she claims, then why would he kill himself? And why did she have him cremated immediately after his suicide? He saw something in her that nobody else sees! I mean no disrespect, but seriously listen to his song lyrics. He seems to reference the shebeast quite alot. He seemed miserable and sang about it. I really do hope to hear some good positive news from Camp Karyannis, in that she learns maturity and stops assuming the role of victim. The best thing that ever happened for her was Chris. I doubt(aside from kids) that she was the best thing that happened to him. Why would he want to die if she was all that? Hmmmm very sad indeed. I am 100% behind Kim, Matt & Ben

    • Em Lee

      One never knows what goes on in an artist’s personal life. Someone’s struggle with mental illness is no one else’s burden to bear, except in the pain that is left behind. You say here that you hope his wife learns maturity. I think you need to take that advice yourself. Maybe a little more life experience will temper your big opinions and assumptions about the causal nature of suicide and what goes on in other people’s relationships.

      • I. Mondragon

        I agree. I was out of line. I should not make baseless assumptions. Thanks for pointing out my ignorance.

      • I. Mondragon

        Em lee me thinks that you are on someones payroll.and I actually do know quite a bit about mental illness. I also have experienced more adversity than most. So perhaps STFU! RIP CHRIS #ISTANDBEHINDKIMBEN &MATT

      • I. Mondragon

        Em lee me thinks that you are on someones payroll.and I actually do know quite a bit about mental illness. I also have experienced more adversity than most. Who has heard of a small opinion or assumption? Especially when it comes to Chris Cornell. So perhaps STFU! RIP CHRIS #ISTANDBEHINDKIMBEN &MATT

    • BlueSkies

      I have to agree with Mondragon. Don’t forget that she also called their insurance lawyer 2 minutes after hearing about Chris’s death (this is 100% true and has been documented). Combined with her and her mother’s constant social media bullying and lies (their list of victims include Eddie Vedder & his family, Chris’s family who they made sit at the very back seats during his funeral, Chris’s ex wife and first daughter Lily, to name a few) for over the past 2 years, makes for a very suspicious case. This article is also very misleading. It has been well documented from numerous interviews done with Chris in 2017 that the new material he was working on was for the new Soundgarden album; he said it himself. Furthermore, the 7 songs being disputed over (with the exception of two of them) were written WITH the band (full credit to them and all), and made into demos WITH the band. All of these statements I’ve made can be confirmed with simple Google searches. This interview is very biased towards Vicky, possibly due to the fact that she has a history of paying large sums of money to news websites to write favorably about her. Lastly, I’d like to leave you all with this quote from one of her previous cases where she was suing somebody (which she and her family has a long history of doing), “Vicky Cornell uses litigation as a means to fund her lavish lifestyle”. In this world of fallacy and illusion, please stay informed people, and think for yourselves.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think that is fair to say that why did he kill himself and sing songs like that? Most of his songs were recorded before he met her. You went too far!

  2. Tony

    All due respect of chris and all the years of beautiful entertainment for all of us to enjoy with a Peculiar understanding of it all , seems to me that there is something, someone, somehow been left out… anyone get my drift …. Tony

  3. Ian Russell A Fan Forever

    It is with my utmost sincerity that I wish all parties involved the Best!!
    That being said, The Band is the Band and entitled to the Music. Enough said on that subject. The Royalties are another subject that is best left to those who deal with that sort of thing. But I believe that anything that Chris would have received should go to his Kids!
    We Miss You Chris and always will,

  4. Craymee

    The band was working on a follow up to King Animal since it’s release in 2012. I don’t know why Vicki would accuse the band of trying to steal songs that didn’t belong to the band, when it is most certainly the case that Chris would have shared songs with the band he had intended as “Soundgarden” songs regardless whether they were co-written with the other members or not. There are a lot of sole Chris Cornell (Music/Lyrics) songs across all Soundgarden’s releases and I’d put trust in the band to get that work right over anyone else. And this business with Chris’s producer? Wtf is that all about. Chris worked with producers that Soundgarden worked, so that she’s meddling in all this band business just seems inappropriate or meddling. In any case, I do hope it’s resolved. I think (I hope) everyone just wants to see this work completed and get their hands on this last bit of Soundgarden material …. I am being selfish as a fan, but i just want to buy the damn thing and I and thousands of other fans feel the same. It’s the only way any of us can say goodbye or share in this experience one last time.

  5. Sb

    I read an interview with Chris where he said starting with “Superunknown”, he always recorded/produced his own vocals in a home studio. I’m guessing that’s why his wife has them.

  6. IM

    I dont agree. Going “Too far” would be if she were referenced as a gold digging , cold hearted narcissist.Why would she cut off Lily? I, speaking as a mother of 4 children (whom I love dearly) cannot wrap my head around such maternal negligence. Seriosly. why should or would any momma deprive a child. It shouldnt matter that Lily has a beautiful mother already (S.S) If VK had any sense of moral compass she would not want to deprive her family. Unless of course she doesnt recognize “FAMILY”. In any case, I never met the man. Despite that fact I always felt his vibe. Peaceful, very emotive, personable, relatable and loving. That being said…. Thank you Mrs. Vedder , much respect to you lady.