Does the Album Even Matter Anymore? – Guns n’ Roses Is Unsure

Guns n' Roses album
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Guns n' Roses album
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Photo Credit: Heath Alseike / CC by 2.0

Guns n’ Roses has recorded new material. Slash says they just can’t figure out the best way to release it.

Slash recently spoke about the future of Guns n’ Roses music releases in an interview. The interview about his new Gibson selection revealed his thoughts on the future of the album as a release format.

The interview quickly veered into whether GNR is working on new material. “There’s been no definitive answer on anything, and I’ll just keep to that,” he said. “Stuff is happening, but there are no specifics.”

Slash blamed the indecision on the state of the music industry. He has lamented the changes and low royalty rates music streaming pays in other interviews. He also says the focus on streaming means traditionally released albums might not be the best format anymore.

“There’s a handful of people who said, ‘Yeah, make a record and go old school.’ And there’s a handful of people that are like, ‘We don’t even know what buying a record is anymore!” he told the interviewer.

It sounds like GNR is working on new material, but there are no definitive plans on how to release it.

Some notable opponents to the music streaming industry have recently given up the fight. Jay-Z recently gave in on his two-year boycott and returned his catalog to Spotify.

For now, Slash seems content to be touring with GNR and promoting his new guitar collection. The new Slash collection from Gibson is designed to be affordable and includes two acoustic guitars.

Gibson Slash Collection
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Slash jokes that the J-45 in his collection is the J-45S with a few tweaks for his tastes. Namely, the neck is longer, and more time was taken to make sure the piezo is right. So what’s coming next in the Slash guitar line-up?

He says he doesn’t want to speak out of turn, but that he would like to do an Epiphone line. “What we’re discussing now is doing another Goldtop, instead of it being a Custom Shop model,” he added. “I love Goldtops, so I would love to have that.”

6 Responses

  1. Will

    Probably not to most people these days. Music became something of no value through the dot com boom/bust. For me, yes, I still value the album – concept or otherwise. There is artistry in putting together an end-to-end product.

  2. Anonymous

    Vinyl is literally making a comeback. Guns N’ Roses can release a viable album in 2020.

    • Jeffrey Best

      I enjoy Vynl and a collection of various artist ranging from America to FGL. I have all GNR’s albums on Vynyl and I would love for material to be released.

    • Jeffrey Best

      I enjoy Vynl and I have a various collection of various artist ranging from America to FGL. I have all GNR’s albums on Vynyl and I would love for material to be released.

  3. Mike

    They should release a live concept … IE write everything in the studio ..rehearse everything so that all the musicians know what they are doing and then then choose a live venue with the best acoustics in the world and release the album in a worldwide streamed event and release a vinyl record afterwards then finally on streaming services god knows they have the bucks to pull off such a stunt … See I reckon we are back to the days of Beethoven etc where the musicians and composers earned their keep from live performance, back then there was no studio recordings etc etc so live performance is where it was now we are back there but with the twist of being able to perform for the whole world in one go …