Radio-Tracking Platform WARM Raises $1.37MM — Sony a Big Backer

World Airplay Radio Monitor (WARM) is a radio-tracking platform that has recently raised an impressive $1.37 million (€1.25 million) in seed funding. The funding was a result of an event held by the Sony Startup Acceleration Program Europe, with contributions from both existing investors and Sony. WARM CEO Jesper Skibsby expressed his delight with the results and is hopeful that Sony’s backing will bring new market opportunities.

Founded in 2017 and based in Copenhagen, WARM utilizes a proprietary music fingerprinting and identification system to determine when and where songs are played on the radio. This tracking service currently covers about 100 countries, and in turn, artists and industry professionals can access real-time airplay data from approximately 28,000 radio stations.

WARM aims to enhance the accuracy and transparency of foreign airplay data. Skibsby and his team have indicated that this information’s relative unavailability negatively impacts the careers and earnings of up-and-coming artists. The newly acquired funds will be used to further expand into North America, with the larger aim of providing better access to reliable airplay data.

Skibsby is uniquely qualified to provide such an assessment. He founded WARM after managing, among other artists, a two-member Danish act, Few Wolves. The band had signed with a major label, released several tracks, and received an admittedly underwhelming commercial response. However, after some investigating and prodding, Skibsby discovered that two of Few Wolves’ songs were being <ahref=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”> heavily played by Polish radio stations.

Even though their Spotify data didn’t show it and their record label didn’t know it, Skibsby was able to secure the appropriate payments owed to the band. But as a result of the experience, he realized just how difficult it is for developing artists, including those signed with high-profile labels, to keep track of their foreign radio plays and owed royalties.

WARM aims to remedy the situation and help artists keep track of their airplay data and royalties. This latest funding will go a long way towards helping the company to achieve its ambitious goals. By expanding into North America, WARM can provide a more comprehensive service to artists and industry professionals who are looking for reliable and real-time airplay data.

The success of WARM’s seed funding round is a testament to the growing importance of data analytics in the music industry. With the rise of digital streaming services, traditional radio airplay has become an even more important metric for artists and labels. However, until now, tracking radio airplay data has been a time-consuming and often inaccurate process.

WARM’s proprietary music fingerprinting and identification system offers a solution to this problem. By providing real-time airplay data from thousands of radio stations worldwide, WARM allows artists and industry professionals to make informed decisions about their music and careers. In addition, the platform’s expansion into North America will provide even more comprehensive coverage, allowing for better access to reliable airplay data.

In conclusion, WARM’s successful seed funding round is a significant milestone for the company and the music industry as a whole. With the expansion into North America, WARM is poised to become a leading provider of real-time airplay data, offering up-and-coming artists and industry professionals the opportunity to make informed decisions about their music and careers.