Lady Gaga Raises $35 Million for WHO, Virtual Concert Coming April 18th

Lady Gaga virtual concert
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Lady Gaga virtual concert
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Photo Credit: Martin Sanchez

Lady Gaga has helped raise over $35 million to benefit the World Health Organization – plus a new virtual concert is coming.

A WHO media briefing confirmed the contribution, saying it will go toward buying PPE supplies and testing kits. The WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebryesus says the singer’s approach should be lauded.

“We have said consistently that we are all in this together, and we can only succeed together,” the Director-General said. “We need an all-of-society approach with everyone playing their part. This effort includes people in the entertainment industry.”

Lady Gaga is also partnering with the WHO for a virtual concert at home called “One World Together at Home.”

Global Citizen will spearhead the streamed music festival – coming April 18th at 8 pm EST. That festival will include other entertainment celebrities like Billie Eilish, Elton John, Lizzo, Chris Martin, Paul McCartney, and Steve Wonder. The virtual concert isn’t a fundraiser, but a celebration of the titanic effort in fighting the pandemic.

Lady Gaga spoke highly of front line healthcare workers who are fighting the coronavirus.

“My heart is very, very, achy and warm for those who are ER doctors and nurses who are sleeping in cars to make sure they don’t infect their families or their patients,” she says in a statement. “What you’re doing is putting yourselves in harm’s way to help the world, and we all salute you, and you are a triumph, truly.”

The singer also offered prayers to people who have been infected with the virus or lost their livelihood. Lady Gaga says the virtual concert will be a way to highlight the “gravity of this historic, unprecedented, cultural movement.”

“When we do air live on April 18th,” Lady Gaga adds, “put your wallet away, put anything away that you need to. Sit back and enjoy the show that you all very much deserve.”

11 Responses

  1. Tom Hendricks

    The day after that is bang a pan day. Started by a Dallas musician.
    DMN should ta lk about that. It supports all
    Pan-demic: Bang a pan wherever you are on
    April 19th at 3pm.
    Make some noise to show you support
    all those working for all of us.

  2. Angelito

    THE WHO is responsible for spreading this virus. It is a chines-controlled communist-leaning organization.

    Good job, Gaga.

      • Angelito

        The WHO was in cahoots with the Chines government. I hope Trump defunds them, especially since this idiot Gaga is raising money for the criminals.

  3. MLM

    The virus started in China. Scientists believe it started with consumption of a live animal. So yes it’s the Chinese Virus, an accurate description of it. Did the Chinese Government secretly allow it to spread to U.S. plus Europe to cripple those economies? Maybe but hard to prove.

    • MLM

      Wild animals sorry not live (bat to pangolin suggested as origin of COVID 19)

    • Annie

      It’s racist and you know it. Regardless of where it started, to label it anything other than the actual term of COVID-19 is racist. Then you go on to bring up a conspiracy theory? Wow, you’ve really lost it.

      • Angelito

        Any truth that goes against the leftist agenda is branded racist.

        • Annie

          Your comment doesn’t hold water as my assessment is both true and I’m a lifelong Republican.

    • Julian

      Sounds like a job for Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey.