Madonna Claims to Have ‘Coronavirus Antibodies,’ Wants to ‘Breathe In the COVID-19 Air’

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Photo Credit: MTV International / CC by 3.0

Madonna has taken to Instagram to lament the coronavirus quarantine in a bizarre pseudo-rant.

Her latest “Quarantine Diary #14” video on Instagram shares her thoughts on the lockdown. The video is shot in black and white, with jazz playing on a phonograph.

“I want so badly to be released from the bondage of giving a fuck,” the singer says. She shares that she managed to get tested for coronavirus and found that she “has the antibodies.”

Madonna then shares that she’s going for a long drive to “breathe in the COVID-19 air.”There is no proof that having antibodies provides absolute immunity to COVID-19, Madame X. The CDC’s website states:

“If antibodies provide immunity, we don’t know what tier or amount of antibodies would be protective or the duration that protection would last. CDC scientists are conducting studies to understand better the level of antibodies needed for protection.”



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Madonna’s disastrous Madame X tour missed several dates due to injuries. It was cut short earlier this year, with appearances in London and Paris canceled. This isn’t even the first time Madonna herself caused controversy with her quarantine comments.

Earlier in March, Madonna caused a stir when she referred to the pandemic as a “great equalizer.”

It’s hard to see that as true when Madonna is performing stylized quarantine diaries for the masses, and others are struggling to feed their families. Madonna has since donated $1 million to the Gates Philanthropy Partners’ COVID-19 Therapeutics Accelerator.

Maybe now that her latest tour is canceled, Madonna can volunteer for those antibody trials? Madonna ended the bizarre quarantine video on a positive note, saying, “here’s the good news – tomorrow’s a new day, and I’m going to wake up, and I’m going to feel differently, start all over again.”

Yep, that’s how life is for ordinary people who don’t tour the world for a living, Madame X.

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  1. She's soaking in it

    Just another reminder that Madge has lost her mind.