Ice Cube Reacts to Latest Police Violence In Minneapolis: ‘How Long… Before We Strike Back?’

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Rapper and actor Ice Cube has taken to social media to weigh in on the tragic death of George Floyd, a Minnesota man who perished as a result of injuries sustained during an encounter with Minneapolis Police Department officers.

On Twitter, the 50-year-old Los Angeles native wrote: “How long will we go for Blue on Black Crime before we strike back???”

(Please note that Ice Cube’s above-hyperlinked tweet is a response to a message containing uncensored footage of the graphic incident; the video will play automatically after one navigates to the post.)

The unsettling two-minute-long clip shows a Minneapolis police officer using his knee to apply pressure to the back of Floyd’s neck, while ignoring Floyd’s pleas. The police officer was also ignoring protests from the individual who captured footage of the episode and other witnesses.

Floyd eventually ceases moving, and though paramedics can be seen arriving onto the scene towards the end of the video, neither they nor local doctors were able to save his life. Floyd’s family has yet to release a statement on his behalf, and plans for a memorial service haven’t been made available to the public.

Minneapolis Major Jacob Frey and Minneapolis Police Department officials revealed about one hour ago that all four of the responding officers have been fired. It’s unclear whether these individuals (and particularly the officer who pressed his knee against Floyd’s neck) will face criminal charges.

At the time of this writing, none of the involved police officers had publicly commented on the matter.

Ice Cube is set to release his next feature film, The High Note, this Friday, May 29th, via video on demand. The 113-minute-long movie also stars Tracee Ellis Ross and Dakota Johnson.

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