Ariana Grande Purchases $13.7 Million Hollywood Hills Mansion

Ariana Grande
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Ariana Grande
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Photo Credit: MLS

Global pop-star Ariana Grande is finally settling down in the Hollywood Hills — in a $13.7 million mansion.

The pop singer has rented mansions across Los Angeles for years, but now she’s finally settling down. The mansion is perched above L.A.’s Sunset Strip in a neighborhood called Bird Streets. Her new digs feature 10,000 square feet of space in ultra-contemporary style. That’s smaller than the previous mansion she rented overlooking Beverly Hills.

The mansion has never been occupied, despite its completion back in 2018. Instead, the pad has gone on-and-off the market and started at a whopping $25 million. Eventually, the price lowered to $17 million, which is $3.3 million more than what Ariana Grande paid for it.

The property itself was developed by Woodbridge, a Ponzi scheme investment group that’s now shuttered. The seller was Woodbridge Liquidation Trust, a Delaware statutory trust created to execute Woodbridge’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The price ($13.7 million) Ariana Grande paid is one of the priciest purchases in the Hollywood Hills this year.

Nearby neighbors include Bobby Flay, Keanu Reeves, and Leonardo DiCaprio. The property’s lower level features a gym and wellness center, complete with sauna and a home theater. There’s also a lavish, fully stocked bar for guests to enjoy. The mansion doesn’t have much of a yard or landscaping, but it does feature a large patio and an L-shaped infinity pool. A massive kitchen features custom cabinets and a double-sided fireplace to heat the living and dining rooms.

Ariana Grande’s purchase comes just days after David Geffen took a break from isolation yachting to purchase a $62 million Beverly Hills mansion. That purchase comes just a few months after Geffen sold the massive Warner Estate to Jeff Bezos for an estimated $165 million.

It goes without saying that Los Angeles is a crazy real estate market. Case in point: Geffen could buy two more mansions for the price he sold the Warner Estate. And Grande purchased her palatial overlook at nearly half-price.

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  1. Dr. Fauccibreath

    Rich people problems. I am sure they all will preach that we are all in the CV shut down together and we need to stay home while our businesses fail.

    • Dr. Fauccibreath

      I feel so sorry for her. You are right—my neighbor has no right to earn a living during this scamdemic, and he will surely see Ms. Grande at the bankruptcy court.

      Glad you are a good little capitalist.

      • Angelito

        Of course, I never said that, but you have an agenda.

        • Dr. Fauccibreath

          Yes. It is called freedom and the US Constitution.

          What is your agenda, Senor Antifa?

  2. Johnny

    Most of these ‘rock stars’ will end up losing everything as their careers fade and the record companies stop supporting them and they move on to marketing the next Britney or Miley. Go talk to some of the old ‘stars’ from the 60s and 70s and see how much money they now have – hopefully she will get a good financial planner who will give her good advice so she has some money remaining for her Retirement years.