Fan Tells Rage Against the Machine to Stop the ‘Political BS’ — Tom Morello Responds

Tom Morello
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Tom Morello
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Photo Credit: Raph_PH / CC by 3.0

Tom Morello claps back at fan who decided to boycott Rage Against the Machine for being “too political.”

The former Rage Against the Machine fan, Scott Casteneda, tweeted Morello with his complaint directly. “I used to be a fan until your political opinions came out. Music is my sanctuary, and the last thing I want to hear is political BS when I’m listening to music,” the fan wrote. “As far as I’m concerned, you and Pink are completely done. Keep running your mouth and ruining your fan base,” he finishes.

Tom Morello
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Twitter quickly dog-piled on the unsuspecting fan, hammering him with the true meaning of RaTM lyrics. On Tuesday night, Morello joined in and tweeted back at him.

“Scott!! What music of mine were you a fan of that DIDN’T contain ‘political BS’? I need to know so I can delete it from the catalog,” Morello fired back.

The incident prompted widespread mocking of right-wingers who claim to be fans of Rage Against the Machine and Tom Morello.

“I too enjoy the band Rage Alongside The Machine,” one user wrote. Needless to say, Casteneda’s jimmies were rustled enough for him to delete his tweet. He tried to clarify his position with the Detroit Metro Times, but he clearly misses the point of 99% of RaTM lyrics.

“I understand they’ve always been political, but it’s getting worse and worse and worse,” he says. “I don’t even want to listen to this stuff anymore.” If I may speak to Mr. Casteneda myself – you can both listen and hear music. You heard Rage Against the Machine, but you didn’t listen to the lyrics.

“Some of those that work forces/are the same that burn crosses,” Morello sings in ‘Killing in the Name.’ It’s hard to miss just how subtle these lyrics are, right? But Casteneda isn’t the only person suddenly becoming outraged over Rage Against the Machine‘s ‘political BS,’ especially as the group enjoys a recent resurgence.

7 Responses

  1. It’s true

    Why did you stop for the politics when you should have stopped becuase it’s like the political version of little Wayne with a singer who sounds like he has lung problems??

  2. Rustled Jimmy

    Some of those that work forces/are the same that burn crosses,” Morello sings in ‘Killing in the Name.’

    Hey, Ashley, you might want to do some modicum of research for your articles before publishing. Tom Morello doesn’t sing for RATM. Those duties fall on Zach de la Rocha.

  3. Frank

    He is just realizing he is outgrowing the douche bag music of a juvenile band that makes money off of little kids lunch money. Stupid fucking commie band that appeals to teen age losers