Ice Cube Threatens Legal Action After Being Labeled Anti-Semitic

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Earlier this month, Digital Music News was first to report that Twitter had flagged – but not removed – a series of antisemitic tweets penned by Ice Cube. Now, the 51-year-old rapper is threatening legal action against two reporters who wrote articles about him – one concerning his “long, disturbing history of anti-semitism” and the other centering on his war of words with CNN’s Jake Tapper.

Ice Cube posted a picture of the full cease-and-desist letter that his legal team sent to the articles’ authors, Marlow Stern and Charlie Nash, along with a firmly worded warning: “Don’t play with me. This is just phase one.” Calling the allegations within the pieces “outrageously false, unverified, and disparaging,” the letter indicates that Ice Cube and his lawyers “are disgusted” that the respective media outlets “chose to publish this garbage.”

From there, the all-encompassing correspondence denies that Ice Cube is antisemitic, pushes back against the “horrific claim” that the California-based artist ordered his crew to “beat up” a rabbi, and alleges that the story “was obviously fabricated to marginalize and diminish one of America’s great Black heroes and role models.”

And after reiterating that Ice Cube has “no biases against any race, creed, color, ethnicity, religion, or gender,” the letter demands “immediate retractions and an apology to Ice Cube.” Without this “corrective action,” the California legal firm Freedman Taitelman LLP will “have no option” other than advocating on behalf of its client “to the fullest extent of the law.”

Notably, the allegation that Ice Cube directed his associates to harm a rabbi comprises a relatively small portion of the article at the center of the controversy, which also explores the rapper’s aforementioned antisemitic memes, song lyrics, and statements.

At the time of this writing, both referenced articles were still live, and neither of the involved outlets (The Daily Beast and Mediaite) had commented publicly on Ice Cube’s retraction request. It’s worth noting that the former outlet’s piece mentioned – but didn’t break – the five-year-old rabbi-assault allegation against Ice Cube, which TMZ first reported in 2015.

Ice Cube personally targeted Marlow Stern in a pair of other tweets, writing in the first: “The statement by Marlow Stern is a fucking lie. I never ordered my security to beat up anybody. Get your facts straight or I’ll see you in court you asshole.”

The second message, which was accompanied by a (poorly edited) photograph of Stern, stated: “This is Marlow Stern, the punk that’s out there pushing that poison.”

More as this develops.

10 Responses

  1. Angelito

    Ha! Yet the moron will viciously call anyone a racist that he wants.

    What a phony puke.

  2. restless94110

    There is something bad wrong with a 50 year old man who looks like this. What are you sneering at, fool? You never were a gang banger, only a rapper. You are an act-or.

    Why you playing? Sue some one for calling you a name? How weak. Just shut up. Rap. Act. But enough with your weak, stupid words.

    • Burt

      Yes, you are in a position to judge others. His look? Who the fuck cares except you because you are a little bitch. Regardless of anything else, he is and will continue to be more successful than you will ever be. Jealousy should be your middle name.

    • Blobbo

      I’m inclined to agree with you. Cube is a showbiz act, but he acts like he’s some kind of street leader. It’s kind of bs honestly. NWA was always a bit of a show, but it had some legitimacy because Cube’s writing was solid, but as much because Dre and Eazy E were both from the street, as was MC Ren.

      Cube keeps sounding like a grown man trying to act like he’s a teenager again. Of course, this is the problem with rap in general. It’s just not an adult form of culture, sorry, and it is WAY past it’s peak. What it is is a form of exploitation of the poor by ziowasp media owners.

  3. Eddie Davis

    The fake gangster who grew up in a upper middle class family in Woodland Hills suburbia!

  4. AitchDee

    “one of America’s great Black heroes and role models”

    • Angelito

      A success in his industry. What do you do for a living? Yeah, keep checking your box for that welfare check, loser.

  5. Blobbo

    OH please. Cube has said racist sh*t in his career for a long time, and I honestly couldn’t care less, but he shouldn’t try to play innocent.]

    Point two is that he was a suburban gang banger. He wasn’t the real deal like Easy E or Ice T, he was never a gangsta, he just rapped and wrote well.

    I’m getting tired of both of his personas, He’s a rich guy playing with the poor, supporting a form of music that keeps people thinking criminal activity is a future and ignorant.

    I used to respect him and still respect his movie making chops and writing ability, but he doesn’t call sh*t for real the way it is.

    Any anyone who calls jews out for what they’ve done to this country and the world is automatically branded some kind of nonsense, when jews have clearly done dirt as bad as any other group of people on earth, including Wasps. However, no other group of people with power claims a never-ending stream of bs sympathy. White people can’t complain about racism, but jews can? Give me a break. Jews are essentially as powerful in the USA or nearly as powerful as American Wasps. It’s such a stupid complaint. Don’t talk about the Semites – boo hoo.