Hip Hop Artist Lecrae Delivers 70,000 Masks to Prisoners In Georgia

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Hip-hop artist Lecrae is partnering with several organizations to deliver masks to Atlanta.

The rapper recently announced a partnership with Live Free USA’s ‘Masks for the People’ initiative, which will supply over 70,000 masks to prisoners, essential workers, protestors, and people in the Atlanta metro area. Lecrae and the Reach Records family will also join Live Free USA in delivering the first batch of masks to Fulton County Jail. This institution is the first to receive an allotment of masks and personal protective equipment.

“A special amount of PPE will be set aside for families of the incarcerated when visitation restrictions are lifted. Remaining hand sanitizers will be distributed to protestors, the homeless, and other directly-impacted communities.”

The ‘Masks for the People’ initiative is a humanitarian effort in partnership with several organizations. The initiative provides and distributes FDA approved masks to disenfranchised communities. Those who may not have access to PPE are the ones that need it most, say its founders.

“When we launched this partnership on June 1st, Lecrae and ‘Masks For the People’ forged a mission synergy which has literally been life-giving. His message of restoration was a perfect fit as we targeted jails and prisons across this country in need of masks and sanitizer,” Pastor Mike, founder of Live Free USA, says.

“Collectively, we raised almost $50,000, which provided tens of thousands of masks and sanitizer to currently and formerly incarcerated loved ones.” Targeting Atlanta and its metro area focuses on one of the most significant prison systems in the United States.

The Georgia Department of Corrections supervises nearly 54,000 state prisoners. At least 721 prisoners and 241 GDC staff members have contracted COVID-19 to date. The state reports a total of 97,064 confirmed cases, with 11,919 hospitalized.

Lecrae has been active in the Atlanta community, supporting the disenfranchised since the pandemic started.

He helped fund and place portable handwashing stations around the Atlanta Metro area. “Bringing restoration to those forgotten has always been a part of my DNA,” Lecrae says. “I’m proud to share that there are now over 50 sinks throughout Atlanta, and the campaign has expanded to over 20 cities across the nation.”

“In order to begin restoration or rehabilitation, first you have to show that you care. This is my way of saying I care about you, I see you, and want to see you healthy and whole. A two-year sentence shouldn’t become a death sentence. Regardless of their circumstances, how ugly it is, this is not the end!”

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