Wichita Musician Arrested For Kidnapping Plot Against the City’s Mayor

Wichita musician
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Wichita musician
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Photo Credit: Dorrell Tibbs

A Wichita musician was arrested on Friday for allegedly planning to kidnap and kill the city’s mayor.

The Wichita Police Department confirmed it had arrested 59-year-old Meredith Dowty. Dowty is a retired Wichita City firefighter who allegedly threatened the mayor, Brandon Whipple. Dowty said he was motivated by his opposition to “masks and tyranny.” He is facing a charge of criminal threat.

Wichita Mayor Brandon Whipple learned of the threats from another city official. Dowty was asking for the mayor’s address, and another text message contained a detailed threat against Whipple’s life.

“He said he was going to kidnap me and slash my throat, and he needed my address because I needed to see the hangman – me and everyone who, something about tyranny,” Whipple told the Wichita Eagle. “It sounded like the person was very upset about pretty much mask mandates, and he said something about not being able to see his mother because of COVID restrictions on elderly homes.”

Besides serving as a firefighter, Dowty is also a well-known bar and dive musician in Wichita. “Meredith Dowty, aka Cathead, will be performing this brisk evening starting at 8. Cathead does some originals as well as covers. Don’t be afraid to venture out tonight, just don’t be late,” a Facebook post of his act advertises.

Dowty has consistently played guitar and harmonica at bars and nightclubs under the stage name, “Cathead.” In 2008, he was honored by the Wichita City Council for saving a police officer’s life after he was shot. Dowty’s threats are an escalation of Wichita’s situation – where mask mandates have been in place since July.

Last month, 120 people took over a city council meeting in Wichita to protest. They spoke for nearly seven hours in opposition to the mask mandate. Dowty issuing a threat against a city official took the issue beyond civil discourse.

“This wasn’t just some guy popping off on social media,” the mayor says. “He contacted someone that knows where I live that he thought would give him my address.” Dowty’s arrest in Wichita comes just days after the FBI foiled a plot to kidnap and kill Michigan state governor Gretchen Whitmer.

In that situation, the group planned extensively and made several surveillance trips to Whitmer’s vacation home. The group also discussed how to hinder a police response by blowing up a bridge. The group performed several training exercises and recorded them, with the videos surfacing online.

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    So, yeah – FUCK TRUMP and his stupid (non)response to COVID. He’s been denying it and saying masks are not effective and etc. Has been advocating violence (“liberate” cities Tweets) against politicians who are trying to save lives. Morons who follow him should just shut up and suck it up. He is the cause of all this kidnapping and violence talk against officials. Vote the moron out so we can all (try to) come together and rebuild this country. Again, FUCK TRUMP and his ignorant and stupid cult members. Cult 45 is dangerous. Just so you know, if you come at me here, I will not respond because I refuse to engage with morons, idiots and fools. “One Love”.

    • Angelito

      Masks are a hoax and the death rate has plummeted. Pound sand, you Antifa / BLM fuckwit. The rest of us are DONE with this COVID shit.

  2. Angelito

    Sorry, fukhead. 99% of people with COVID survive, and the lockdown BS is clearly political to try to defeat Trump.

    You and your Marxist friends should be jailed and executed for treason.

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    Trump will destroy Biden and your Marxist party.

    America is waking up and realizing democrats are absolutely evil and need to be destroyed. Watch it happen.

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