The Flaming Lips Announce ‘The World’s First Space Bubble Concert’

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The Flaming Lips playing live in 2007. Photo Credit: Usuario Mrdarrow

The Flaming Lips have announced that they will perform “the world’s first space bubble concert” on the evening of Friday, December 11th, from The Criterion in their native Oklahoma City.

Flaming Lips lead singer Wayne Coyne unveiled the decidedly innovative gig on social media this morning. A total of 100 tickets, each covering one “space bubble,” will become available for purchase tomorrow. Passes for “bubble rows” one to four will set attendees back $400, whereas tickets for bubble rows five to seven cost $300.

Bubble rows eight, nine, and ten come with a $200 price tag, and a maximum of three individuals can enter each of the plastic balls, the dimensions of which weren’t available on The Criterion’s website at the time of publishing.

While the irrefutably unique effort to afford fans a live-music experience amid the pandemic will mark the “world’s first space bubble concert,” once again, it bears mentioning that Coyne and his bandmates aren’t strangers to the spherical enclosures. A June appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert saw the group enter plastic bubbles, instruments and all, to entertain a small bubble-equipped crowd.

The 37-year-old act also tested the “bubble concert” premise last month, before a somewhat larger audience than on The Late Show, and showed an interest in the transparent holders long before the pandemic. Wayne Coyne specified on Instagram that he’ll answer “all” fans’ questions about the upcoming event – presumably including the bubbles’ size, entry specifics, exit requirements, and more – in the near future. As was also the case with the October bubble concert, attendees will be required to sign a seemingly all-encompassing waiver.

Aside from the one-of-a-kind concept and The Flaming Lips’ apparent willingness to book outside-the-box sets, the bubble concert is noteworthy because it appears to have captured the interest of prospective attendees. Just a couple hours following Coyne’s announcement – and in spite of the fact that further details are forthcoming – more than a few individuals are expressing their intention to purchase tickets and “roll out” to the concert.

“Well if this isn’t the coolest cool that ever cooled,” encouraged one Instagram user.

“Crossing my fingers I can score a ticket!!” exclaimed another fan.

“Stoked! I have always been looking for a reason to visit Oklahoma City!” indicated a different individual yet – one of the many commenters who seemed willing to travel to the show or encouraged The Flaming Lips to bring the bubble concert elsewhere.

“Holy CRAP I wish I wasn’t UK based right now! That will be the most surreal, amazing gig ever,” said a fourth and final music lover.

Other evidence suggests that a multitude of additional fans are eager to resume enjoying in-person music. EDC Las Vegas 2021 tickets sold out after just one day (as did passes to another Insomniac festival, Day Trip), and 83 percent of Live Nation customers have opted to hold onto their tickets.