Pitbull Says COVID-19 Was Planned — “There’s a Rehearsal That Went on Before This Whole S—t”

Pitbull COVID-19
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Pitbull COVID-19
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Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi / CC by 2.0

In a recent interview, Pitbull claimed that the COVID-19 pandemic was completely planned.

The video of the interview has been shared hundreds of thousands of times across Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The footage appears to be from a program called Drink Champs. It stars reggaeton artist N.O.R.E and DJ EFN, airing on the cable channel Revolt TV. The show is also broadcast as a podcast.

The episode featuring Pitbull was first uploaded on September 26th, 2020. The episode is uneventful for about an hour and thirty minutes in – Pitbull discusses his life and his music. The five-minute segment of Pitbull railing against the COVID-19 pandemic comes in around the 1 hour, 37-minute mark.

Pitbull called the COVID-19 pandemic a ‘scamdemic’ and references detailed planning exercises in 2019.

“There’s a rehearsal that went on before this whole shit – it’s called Event 201,” the rapper tells his listeners. “It was ran by the John Hopkins University, which is in cahoots with Bill Gates, Melinda Gates Foundation. And this was a complete rehearsal of what we did right now.”

The event Pitbull is referencing is a real conference called Event 201. It was held in October 2019, and organizers have dismissed these claims. the Johns Hopkins University addressed these claims in a statement released in 2020.

“For the scenario, we modeled a fictional coronavirus pandemic, but we explicitly stated that it was not a prediction. Instead, the exercise served to highlight preparedness and response challenges that would likely arise in a very severe pandemic.”

Pitbull made a few more comments about COVID-19 that seem even further out there.

He claims after the Event 201 meeting, “all the main CEOs in the world – major companies – resign. About a thousand and some change.” Further in the broadcast, he explicitly mentions companies like Microsoft, Nike, Wells Fargo, Boeing, Disney, and Hulu.

Executives at Microsoft, Nike, and Wells Fargo have not dropped their positions. At the same time, top executives at Disney, Hulu, and Boeing did experience leadership changes during the pandemic. Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg was fired over the 737 MAX crisis that grounded many planes for almost two years.

Pitbull’s comments have been banned from social media like Facebook. Facebook announced a policy update in February 2021 that prohibits sharing content stating that “COVID-19 was predicted, including ‘Event 201’s’ pandemic exercise in October 2019.” The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have also addressed the conspiracy theories surrounding Event 201 and vaccine microchips. Most of these theories are gaining traction through viral spread on social media.


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  1. Hard Worker

    Google “Bill Gates Jeffrey Epstein” and enlighten yourself

    • Angelito

      Yeah, also look up every other stupid-ass conspiracy theory related to Hilary taking hard drives to a Colorado mountain to bleach hard drives hiding 30,000 emails. You’re an idiot and so is Pitbull. What a fucking moron.

      • Hard Worker

        She did destroy her emails and lied about it. That’s a fact, it’s in the senate hearings. She got away with it. What are you on about really?

    • Stan S

      Hard Worker; please ‘Go Educate Yourself’. My Lord, our society is in decline due to declined individuals such as yourself with your lack of thought and corroded mental organization! Some non-famous individual such as Pit-Bull states his delusional thoughts, it’s like a mousetrap, low-life’s that bring down society get trapped in their stupid kiddy like comments and rotted beliefs and bow to non educated people such as poop-bull, sorry, pit-bull. Educate, mental up to society standards. Your comment shows and spells out sloshed mental capacity.

  2. deanwangchester

    while we are eventually able to cope with all kinds of diseases, but how can we deal with these who claim themselves “artists” yet idiotic?

  3. Great Dame

    Tell that to the over a million dead people and their families, friends, Pitbull, you ahole.

    • Dr. Faucibreath

      Got hysteria much? Let’s talk facts, asswype:

      Children un 10 are 4x more likely to die of flu.
      80% of people with covid have no syptoms.
      99.6% of those with covid survive.

      So, go fukyurself maskhole puke. You can take your covid and cram it. It is a HOAX.

  4. Stan S.

    Your comment shows your Pit-Bull intelligence (none-zero). Also your statement ‘That’s a fact, it’s in the Senates hearings’, shows your lack of comprehension. This is why Pit-Bull is just ‘Pit-Bull’ nothing exciting, mom-intellectual, no superstar (as he thinks he is) and you’re filling suit on the non-intellectual mind set. You have a Pit-Bull Brain.