Mumford & Sons Fans Want Winston Marshall Gone After Andy Ngo Praise

Winston Marshall Andy Ngo
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Winston Marshall Andy Ngo
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Photo Credit: Anthony Abbott / CC by 3.0

Mumford & Sons’ banjo player Winston Marshall is in hot water over a now-deleted tweet.

Marshall tweeted praise for a controversial right-wing figure, Andy Ngo, over the weekend. “Congratulations @MrAndyNgo,” Marshall’s tweet begins. “Finally had time to read your important book. You’re a brave man. The artist also included a cover of said book, Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy. The response quickly blew up on Twitter – with fans criticizing Marshall’s support of Ngo.

“A dumbfounding endorsement of fascism,” one person writes in response. “Shame, I really liked that one song a while ago.” Another person shared, “”Banjo Player from Mumford & Sons Comes Out as Nazi’ was not a headline I foresaw.”

Another person lamented about the ‘stereotypes’ that surround what a banjo sounds like. “This is so damn disappointing and really reinforces all the bad stereotypes about what it means when you hear the sound of banjos. Supporting fascism ain’t a good look.”

Other fans are asking Mumford & Sons to address the controversy head-on. “Unless you kick Winston Marshall out of the band, I’m done with y’all,” one fan responded on the band’s Instagram account. “Your banjo player is a fascist. What do you think this is going to do to your public image? You guys screwed up, fire the fascist,” demands another Twitter user.

No one from Mumford & Sons has directly addressed the situation. However, the Winston Marshall tweet in question is now deleted.

Marshall and his bandmates have received lots of backlash over the tweet. Fellow English musicians, Sleaford Mods, tweeted, “The fact this t** from Mumford is openly showing his support for continued oppression/fascism/the interests of greed, is almost normal now. He inhabits the same landscape most large bands do.”

This isn’t the first time Mumford & Sons has found itself subject to controversy, either. In 2018, Marshall and his bandmates were criticized for posing with Jordan Peterson in a Canadian music studio. Peterson is another controversial fringe figure for the right-wing. Marshall split from his wife, actress Dianna Agron in 2019.

Andy Ngo himself is a controversial figure in right-wing circles. He rose to fame in 2019 after attending a Proud Boys rally and being attacked. Ngo claimed a milkshake thrown at him was filled with concrete. Whether or not that claim can be verified remains controversial. Ngo continues to assert that the Capitol riots were headlined by Antifa rather than Trump supporters.


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  1. Anonymoose

    These fans are idiots. Being against antifa doesnt make you pro-fascist, just like being against the national socialist german workers party means you are against socialism.

    • Truth

      And yet there are facts and fiction in this world that can not be altered by opinion. And that is the only point. If those who are considered right wing could advance their beliefs with fact and without taking advantage of poor uneducated Americans they would have an actual chance. In the meantime, they’re ruining what once was a valid and great ideal of republicans.

      • Jones

        Ha ha, you got played hard. You have zero clue what to think except what Qnon, Fox and Trump feed you. Pathetic. Loser. Your brain is diarrhea.

  2. BAC

    Andy Ngo isn’t a “right winger”.

    He’s a journalist who has exposed the anarchist criminals and terrorists comprising ANTIFA.

    Fuck ANTIFA. They rioted in my town. They destroyed businesses. They harassed and terrorized innocent people. None of them have been brought to justice because the local far left Democrats in charge support rioting and terrorism. Why? Because George Floyd decided to swallow his load of drugs and died? Fuck him. George Floyd’s life didn’t matter to him.

    Ngo has the balls to go after the far left and expose them for their fascistic and terrorist ways. Ashley King couldn’t do that. It is too lazy.

    • Fuck Antifa


      The framing of this whole thing by the media is FUCKED. give me a break.

      If only the borders were open i’d leave this fucking insane asylum on the streets known as america.

        • fuck antifa in their stupid white trash pathetic assholes.

          no i’m against douchebags who break the windows of small businesses, shine flashlights into peoples windows at 4 am and make life hell for average people. They have some fucking nerve. Go wake up billionaires at 4 am if anything and stop being a bunch of fucking pussies who target people who cant defend themselves. Sick of this fucking if you arent for antifa then you are for fascism bullshit, totally false fucking choice and you are a fucking moronic piece of shit asshole for even saying it.

          • Arlo

            So, you’re against white supremacy, right wing and alt right groups that do this?

      • Megan

        Amen! Getting my first vaccine shot Friday. Totally against it but if it’s the only way to get the fuck out of this fucked up country I’m down for it! Dr.Suess books banned? Really? I read them and it didn’t turn me into a white supremest. Please don’t take this the wrong way. I think ALL lives matter regardless of race,gender, sexual preference, whatever makes us who we are but I am really put out about this latest round of protest. I lived in San Diego when the whole Rodney King went down. Firstly they kind of skipped the part when he was so cracked out, assaulting the police that it took that much force to restrain him. They just showed the part where the cops were all over him,not what brought on the confrontation in the first place. I recently heard about a black teenager who was an honor student, picking colleges, involved in his church, helping to support his family. In other words had the potential to do great things. He got hassled for being black, went to pull out his wallet and the cops shot and killed him. Protest THAT! Not some other crackhead. I’m white but I’ve had my brushes with the law. The police kept me in a police car in 85 degree temp, in the sun with the windows rolled up for over 2 hours. I honestly thought I was going to die. I asked for my inhaler they said no. They ended up taking me to the ER and the cops wouldn’t unhandcuff me even on a gurney and then the cop told the doctor I was complaining of chest pain so they didn’t treat me for heat stroke. At least the doctor made them unhandcuff one of my wrists so I wasn’t laying on a gurney with my hands cuffed behind me. She gave me a glass of ice water. I found out they had the A/C on in the front of the car and I’d inch my way there to get some air and after ALL that they sent me a1400$ bill for the ambulance. One of my friends got shot in the face, another lady they sicked the police dog on and it tore from the knee to her nether regions. She was hospitalized for 6 weeks. The point I’m trying to make is cops are just as fucked up to whites as they are to other races. Whites commit more white and blue collar crimes but they are not doing it so blatantly. I’m sure all the gang violence doesn’t help but I’d be pretty nervous if I was in patrol in those areas. Maybe there is more racism against blacks but I’m just trying to say they love to fuck with whites too. It would be something I would protest, a great kid great student murdered. I heard very little about that but let them use extra force in a guy who was fighting them because he was doing illegal activities. And if they feel they need to protest by all means but what is all this rioting and looting. How does that make me think black lives matter. It lasted weeks. All these family business are destroyed. How do you come back from that and doesn’t it just reinforce the cops to use deadly force at the slightest provacation the next time. I live in Illinois and they tore Chicago up. No where even close yet they robbed businesses mostly stole appliances and booze. You can tell me these assholes give a shit about some black guy that the cops shot. They look at it like Christmas came early. Same with Rodney King. They aren’t proving black lives matter. They’re reinforcing what the racist already think. Most police are assholes but it isn’t just the race card. I think white criminals just do their dirty work indoors instead of in the street at 1am. This whole situation makes me sick and I can’t even get the hell out of Dodge for a few weeks so I don’t have to think about this mess. I have friends in Canada and as much as I want to see them, I just don’t have any fight left because nothing is going to change. Ripping over statues and showing more African American movies on Netflix isn’t the answer. I sure as hell don’t know what the answers are. Thank you for listening to me rant. This is the most I’ve had to say on this subject and it is actually making me feel a little better. ☮️

    • Sig J

      you’re a mess. Antifa is a people. It is an ideology. The people who rioted in your town were likely gang members and right wing extremists piggybacking on peaceful protests. you need mental help. Your bac is way over the limit.

      • fuck antifa

        keep believing that bullshit, i hope they maim your whole family you fucking imbecile.

        • Sig J

          What a pleasant response. You keep confirming how much of a weirdo, jerk you are. Your thoughts and feelings are wrong and irrelevant.

  3. Dr. Faucibreath

    I hate their music but I am streaming it to death. FUK CANCEL CULTURE.

    And, FUK UR MASKS.

    • Hilda

      zzzz…no such thing as cancel culture, you idiot.

  4. Andy Ngo Fan

    its hard to believe that scumbags in this country love antifa so much. long live this courageous man for speaking up.

    people wanted a store that sells mein kampf not to sell this book, you have to be fucking kidding me.


    • Gerald

      Woke? Antifa?

      You forgot to use the terms snowflake, liberal, socialism, Marxist, etc. to really make you look like a lunatic.

      • fuck gerald in his dumb asshole

        yea man, these motherfuckers go around smashing windows but i’m the lunatic for using language. thanks for the 2021 logic update. DOUCHEBAG.

        • Mandika

          Oh yeah, you’re talking about the boogaloos and patriotic white supremacists. Yes, they cause damage. Not others. Douchebag. Yes, you are one.

  5. Idiot Detector

    Wow, you really know how to showcase your intelligence.

  6. Sure, Andy Ngo's the problem

    Andy Ngo is a “controversial right-wing figure” who is a “controversial figure in right-wing circles” – got it, great writing, we’re clear on your bias. So how about a sentence or two on the book itself? On how Ngo is doing what virtually no other journalist is willing to: exposing antifa as violent Marxist wannabes who are allowed to destroy neighborhoods and businesses by pathetic politicians looking for style points? Maybe that instead of quoting basement dwellers who think opposing low IQ losers who hit you from behind with their skateboard and then run makes you a Nazi, fascist or some other label which they could not even begin to define.