Academy of Country Music Awards Doubles Down on Morgan Wallen Ban — Singer “Will Not Be Mentioned” at April Event

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Just weeks after declaring country singer Morgan Wallen ineligible to win any awards, the prestigious Academy of Country Music now appears to be taking steps to ensure that the singer isn’t mentioned at all during the upcoming ACM Awards ceremony — or, for that matter, in any pre-ceremony events, interviews, or other engagements.

The highly-unusual gag order isn’t being formally announced, but instead communicated through “unofficial channels,” Digital Music News has learned. One source close to the Academy specifically noted that Wallen “cannot and will not be mentioned” at any point during the broadcast, while also noting that even covert nods to “the elephant in the room” will not be tolerated.

Early last month, the Academy of Country Music swiftly disqualified Morgan Wallen from eligibility for the awards after video emerged of the singer uttering the n-word outside of his home. The Academy was just one of several groups to disavow the singer, including nearly every country radio station in America, Spotify, Apple Music, Sirius XM, Pandora, William Morris Agency, Country Music Television, and Big Loud/Republic (Universal Music Group), among others.

That seemed like enough to completely end Wallen’s career, though the Academy of Country Music Awards disqualification is now being complicated by surge in Morgan Wallen popularity and sales.

The singer’s latest album, Dangerous: The Double Album, has just spent its eighth-straight week at number one, breaking a 64-year-old country music sales record. And more than a dozen of the singer’s tracks are currently top-ranked on Spotify, as fervent followers ditch their local radio stations in favor of on-demand streams while demanding that stations reinstate the artist.

All of that is placing a bright spotlight on Wallen, and making his absence more obvious at the upcoming ACM Awards. Of course, Wallen has already been scrubbed from any official ACM materials, including the awards show website. Now, the award for Male Artist of the Year is a battle between Chris Stapleton, Eric Church, Luke Bryan, Luke Combs, and Dierks Bentley, with a similar group of nominees vying for the Academy’s coveted Entertainer of the Year Award.

Wallen is a giant elephant in the room, though it appears the Academy is comfortable with the arrangement. Separately, it should be noted that some voices within the industry — even publicly — are advocating for letting Wallen back into the fold. Whether the ACM Awards offers Wallen any forgiveness is unclear, though one possibility would be for Wallen to further apologize on the broadcast itself. But the idea appears highly unlikely given the presence of major advertisers and resistance from the broader music industry.

Earlier, Wallen issued an apology over his use of the racial slur, though that has done little to persuade media companies. As of this writing, just one radio station — 96.7 Merle FM in Knoxville, Tennessee — has publicly reinstated Wallen into their playlists.

Separately, Spotify has reinstated Wallen into a number of its country playlists, and even released an enhanced album version of Dangerous. But the singer remains excluded from Spotify’s marquee country playlist, Hot Country, which boasts more than 6.2 million followers.

The 56th Academy of Country Music Awards is slated to broadcast on Sunday, April 18th on CBS.

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    • Anonymous

      We can ban everything this useless f’in daylight savings time that screws everyone’s internal clock up for weeks. Way to go America!

    • Rich

      So, bye-bye Beatles. And Joseph Conrad. And Richard Pryor. And Dick Gregory. And….

  1. fuck the woke US

    man what a total fucking communist piece of shit we’ve become. give me a break.

  2. Sissy2

    The sad part of Morgan’s banishment is that other CMA artists are allowed to think they are the best. If Morgan were in the field, they would not win! CMA wants their choice to win, not who is the best. I don’t approve of Morgan’s behavior, but he still an awesome entertainer!

    • Shanna

      Right! He has attended black organization meetings and, apologized. These people are not realize this is for the fans. The record label and, ACM,CMT are going to be boycott and, I can’t wait to see him come back better than ever before and, hopefully with his own record label.

      • MW fans

        Right on Shanna ! The country music fans are what got them where there at ! Now they are trying to tell us what we can & can’t listen too , let the real fans decide !!

    • Kar

      I agree! Who would really want to accept that award knowing they are the second runner up? I love Stapleton and all but facts are facts, Wallen deserves that award just based on the chart rankings and beating the 60 year country music history with his rankings and talent.
      Seems like ACM needs to STOP BULLYING others to follow their ways.

    • Anonymous

      Makes c m a look racist tword Morgan Wallen now the winners aren’t really the winners anymore. Who wants to watch artists that didn’t win I’m not watching

  3. Team Morgan Wallen

    This is absolutely ridiculous. Everyone knows MORGAN WALLEN deserves the awards. What a joke this country has come to. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Belinda Graham

      We love Morgan wallets new album dangerous it’s an amazing album it’s throws you though all emotions of happy, sad ,love , and memories of happy and sad time …. it’s certainly helped me though lockdown and he deserve a lot of praise as he has helped people around the world with the pandemic ? as it’s lifted our spirits and got us though tough times ?? I can imagine he’s helped a lot of people with metal health. Men and women giving them an out let to sing and enjoy the music ? big big praise to Morgan wallen. Will be remembered for the right reasons for helping us all though Covid ???❤️ Thankyou belinda

      • Shanna

        Yes! Thank you Morgan they are not seeing it. This is for us fans not them. He’s done everything he can do to make it right. Went to black organization, apologized. We all know the true winner. I am not gonna be listening to any music from there record label until they apologize to him or, bring him back. So not only ACM CMT is boycott hate to do it but, big loud record are to.

      • Uli Chanur

        There are also some amazing albums out from Manson, Hilter and other racists. Check them out.

        • Shane

          And your opinion is so important! By the way, what country are you from?

          • Mark

            Where are you from, Shane? Midwest US? southern US? Barf.

    • Shanna

      Exactly I hope you can see what all i have said. They will probably delete it. Its for the fans. They can’t stand to see a young man who came from a small town. Be as good and, big as Morgan is. They don’t understand its for the fans and, us fans can not only boycott ACM CMT we can that record labels as well.

      • Sandy

        Morgan Wallen deserves every award he would have gotten. Whom ever gets those awards, I hope they realize, they really didn’t deserve them. I’m sure other country singers have done and or said worse things than Morgan Wallen. Stop being cry babies and do what’s right. Give Morgan Wallen his awards and the praise that he deserves.

  4. Brenda

    I say we boycott the ACM’S! Let the ratings drop astronomical! Let them know we stand with Morgan Wallen! I WILL NOT BE WATCHING THE ACM’S! #TeamMorganWallen

    • Diana Larson

      Agreed! 100% not watching this stupid rigged show. I’d like to know if any of these execs ever did something in their lifetimes they regretted, cuz judging Morgan now is gonna bring karma back to bite them in the ass!!

      • Bull shit

        I no longer listen to country music long live rock n roll

    • Lois

      I, too, intend to boycott all country music awards as long as Morgan Wallen is banned.
      I do not watch CMT, listen to I Heart Radio, or Sirrus Radio.
      Cancel culture can work both ways.

      • Jared Locuston

        Nobody with miss you, or your other screen names that you commented under. You have apparently canceled your common sense.

    • Shanna

      Me either or, not any other music from big loud until Morgan is back they’re the ones who should be apologizing. This is for us fans. Not them

    • You and your fake screen names

      You’re a master of idiocracy. #TeamRacistWallen

  5. amy b

    this is ridiculous – guess who will not be watching the ACM’s?

    • Amy beeeatch

      Don’t worry your little head about that. Millions will be watching.

  6. Ally

    So now his name can’t even been mentioned because it might hurt someone’s feelings?? Wow. This country is getting ridiculous. You better not even think a negative thing about anybody nowadays or you are done. But yet, let’s prop up Mickey Guyton and Maren Morris who want to tell us all that we are racist if we like Wallen’s music or don’t like theirs. Sorry, but I am not a Guyton fan and definitely not Morris. Guyton likes to blame her lack of success of race and sex, but honestly she’s not country and when you whine all the time nobody wants to hear you. On a side note, I have heard Wallen on an independent Alabama station also.

  7. Michelle Herndon

    Their decision to withdraw Morgan Wallen will not ruin his career because he is obviously bigger than any award show. Everyone nominated will always know who the real winner is. I will not be watching and I’m sure his millions of fans will not tune in as well.

    • Anonymous

      Yup. The winners will know they would not have won had Morgan been the running. So dumb.

      • Pops

        That’s an assumption, based upon your bias, not reality. That’s so dumb.

    • Ol Jimbob Moonshine

      And because there are lots of racists in the US to continue supporting him. It’s true. His streams and unit sales increased after his racist ways surfaced. The support wasn’t because of music. It was because his fans are just like him – racists.

  8. Diana Larson

    WOW! that is sad and disgusting!! Who made them judge, jury and executioner? The only thing this will do is keep people from watching their stupid rigged award show. Count me out of it from now on.

    I hope none of them have ever done anything they regretted, cuz karma’s a bitch. We, the fans, who are the ones who should be deciding these things, are sticking by Morgan Wallen. So stuff your stupid show where the sun don’t shine

    • Laurel

      You don’t understand the rules of society. And, you haven’t read the rules of the ACM. Yes, there are rules. Being racist is not negotiable.

  9. Laurie

    Morgan Wallace should win on his talent not one stupid mistake. This country has become way to PC.

    • RIcky Bobby

      You said that in your other post, under a different name. Your ability to try and promote your agenda is failing hard. Wallen should win if he is deemed the best talent or having the best songs. If not, then not. Regardless, he racist.

      • Boo hoo he said a WORD

        Who cares anymore about being labeled racist? Everything is racist to the woke brigade.

  10. Connie Morgan

    No. Of course not, no more than Morgan should be banned for playfully telling a fried of his to take care of another of his friends using the current popular word amongst the young people now. It was not used disparagingly but affectionately. Besides, Morgan was AT HOME in his own yard!!! The vindictive, trouble-making neighbors had a system set up for a good while constantly recording Morgan’s private communications just trying to get something they could sell to cause trouble for Morgan and for themselves to easily make a bundle from these trashy tabloids and broadcasts. They have to be terrible to try to wreck Morgan’s life and livelihood and that goes for all his cohorts who are condemning him as well. JEALOUSY is the common denominator here and all those who are trying to bring this very sweet and talented man down should be very ashamed and ask HIS forgiveness, not the other way around!!! Makes me sick!!!

        • brian

          the hypocrisy is ridiculous, this from ACM where half the videos from a couple years ago all had confederate flags but lets punish the young man for a drunken slur to one of his buddies, really? ACM is now a joke, won’t watch or support their partners!

        • MW fans

          I want be watching either , I’ll be blasting Morgan Wallen music from my speakers in my Silverado , Crusing down the road !!!

        • Kevin

          Morgan Wallen is a nasty person for how he acts towards others, ” I’m Country Music Legend Morgan Wallen, Imma allowed to be a nasty jerk ‘ cuz I’m rich and famous, and you ain’t!”
          Shame on him,and the people here who are making excuses for his bad behavior.

        • Wanda

          I agree I want be watching either and he needs to win I would say he would be walking away with the awards

      • Sean

        Couldn’t agree more. This is a joke. All in on Morgan

      • Mike Hunt

        WOW! You must know his next door neighbor. Don’t judge unless you know the facts.

    • Shanna Caudill

      Like i said in the? about suspended a guy for making a song that has the M word in it. No I don’t like the word but, honestly I hear it from my daughter and, her friend when they are together. Plus like i said besides setting around there fancy dinner tables and, dinners, meetings and, so forth. S”’w this cancel culture S”’t. They need to get off of their high horses they are on. Stop with being so worried about what Morgan said. It’s towards a friend. He’s been to black organization meetings and, things. Apologized and, lost everything all the awards that we knew that he would have brought mostly every darn one of them home with him. He’s lost enough and, just lost his grandpa. They need to stop this before it’s too late. Shame on ACM CMT and, big loud and i think lily rose record labels. They are going to end up being boycott. Not only people want be watching the ACM,CMT they are going to boycott the whole record label. I hate to i do like some of the other singers who are labeled with them but, I only listen to Morgan all the time anyway. I hope he leaves them. Goes on his own record label and, own and, I bet anything that he will be as good if not better than ever. This industry award’s are from the fans view not there’s. The billboard Speaks for itself and, it does. To me Morgan Wallen is right there with George Jones. I love him just as good and, I am a older one. They are going to have hardly any viewers with their made up show because Morgan is the true winner…

      • Karen

        Karma is coming to those who threw that stone ….hypocrites never win. Morgan Wallen has been crucified by people in the media and record industry. Yet, they are the very ones that condone violence against women, all races and human rights; not to mention morals, gun violence and support of gang activity. Shame on you executives, media and; yes, other musicians . Own up to your sins and hypocrisy.

        • Detroiter

          Why don’t we just ban all of the rappers and shut down their music. That word is used endlessly, along with the promotion of smoking , using drugs and beating women

      • Ron

        I worked in a large metropolitan area and heard the “n” word multiple times a day… from black folk. I was even called the unmentionable word; and I’m lily white.

        • Na

          So it’s OK for black people to use the “N” word, I think he’s already paid the price and has suffered enough, let it go

      • Larry

        CMT now sucks. Top 20 had 6 lib people and 6 blacks that have words about raping white women. No problem. The Andress chick has an Emmy nomination. She hates Trump. Yay. 15 of the too 20 are lib performer. Eric Church. Take our guns away. Tim McGraw same thing. Country music is pushing left wing politics down our throat. Can’t wait to see Morgan in concert

        • Ally

          It is getting so sick. Used to country was the one place it was okay to not be liberal and progressive. Now artists and fans are getting pushed out if they don’t become “woke”.

      • Ann

        Morgan wallen does not deserve this at all. His music is great. His cd continuously plays in my car. I dont listen to radio at all they either dont play him or barely play him
        He did not mean any harm to anybody. And is amazing. Goodbye acm. I’ve watched for years I wont b this year.

        • Suzanne

          It should be all about the music. We all have something going on in our personal lives, so what? Our career is a separate piece of our lives. He should be included in the awards solely based on that fact.

    • Super Fan

      All this is BS not sure what they’re trying to prove but all this keeping Morgan Wallen banned from everything he deserves is totally ridiculous. Bring this man back to where he belongs, you would think he committed murder, just can’t believe it all. I am such a huge fan and am so angry at all that has happened

      • Karen


        • Paul Resnick

          But racism should. You’re a fool, no matter what name you post the same stupid shit under.

      • Mugsy

        Like they did Paula Dean for using the word about 30 years ago. Roseanne Barr lost her career for a drunken racist tweet. John Schnatter lost Papa John’s over saying Colonel Sanders said it. Morgan Wallen is losing his future over a drunken remark caught on a neighbor’s ring doorbell. They are trying but his album is breaking records staying at the top of the charts. Black performers get awards, grammys and emmys for saying it. It’s time to stop. Sweep off your own sidewalk before you sweep off mine.

        • Larry

          Muggy. Great comments. I went to Ball State with Papa John. Not a racist bone. Libs stole his business ruined his life. Can’t wait to see Morgan in concert

    • Michele

      Makes me sick too bring Morgan Wallen back or pull all the artists that use the n word in their songs

    • Country Fan

      100% correct. Best selling artist and they want to ban him. Need to add * on the awards this year. The true winner was not allowed to compete. Im sure if you look at all their lives you could find fault in them but they were forgiven. Just like he should. We all loose

    • Vernon Woodruff

      These celebrities are a bunch of crybaby hypocrites.

      • Cathey

        He’s not crying. You need to educate yourself about the man and everything he has said on the topic. In no way is he seeking sympathy, the exact opposite!! In the future when you attempt to contribute to any conversation, most importantly one involving racial topics, think first. If you don’t know enough to comment, don’t!!

    • Not perfect.

      Political correctness will ruin this country,it will happen.

      • Ally

        Exactly. Like with Seuss, you start censoring things it I should never going to stop. Nothing about his music is racist and the comment was not made in a racist manner. Not saying it I should right, but it I should not the job of people in charge or even just other individuals to decide what we can listen to or who we support. This country is not headed for a good place. You’re question is spot on. Who will be next?

    • M. Bowers

      I agree with you. The neighbor had no business filming him.

    • Lee

      Yep. Context is everything. Neighbor sounds like a jerk.

    • Country boy

      I totally agree this is b******* I thought country music was supposed to stand behind each other even when they do dumb things disappointed.

    • Greg

      Well stated. How about older singers. Gonna get rid of Merl?

    • Tisa Moore

      Although i personally can not stand that word i am not judge jury nor executioner. Only one being is. I have not seen the video nor want to. I listen to his music on spotify as he is extremely talented. If that word or any other racial slang was in his music then i would not listen as i choose not to listen to many other genres that regularly have songs with it. I will not be watching broadcast due to his ban

    • Anonymous

      When are we going to talk about Moren Morris’s big @ss mouth? She chimed in within minutes. Ill never listen to her again. She should have stayed out of it.

        • J Majors

          I’m with you on that… she’s nothing but a hypocrite!!

      • Larry

        CMT puts Morris on every 30 minutes. She’s a left wing wacko. Eric Church wants your guns. Gay Osborne’s hate Trump. On and on. Fawned all over Erin Andress because she has a Grammy nomination. Hates Trump. They have banned Conservatives on Top 20. They put blacks on every 15 minutes. Some of their friends rap about raping white women. Cmt loves that.

    • Kristen

      He definitely would have won a boat load of awards this year. Not fair such a drastic punishment if you will. We all screw up time to time. None of us are perfect only the LORD above.

    • Deb

      Why is it ok for some to use that word but not others. No one should say it.

    • Kevin

      Well, I’m a huge fan of Morgan Wallen and will continue to listen to his music. That said, he used a word (a couple actually…) that I hate, and I think we should go out of our way to eradicate from our vocabulary. I’m not going to apologize for it’s use. So, I think you’ve gone to far too apologize for Mr. Wallen.
      That said, I do think our response to this and similar controversies has to be a little more nuanced. As you say, he used the word with friends, on his property, at night. He didn’t use the word in malice. The word wasn’t used to intimidate, demean, or intentionally hurt another person. It wasn’t used in an argument as an ad hominem attack. Intent and context do matter.
      It was stupid, but not hateful….though some will argue that it’s always racist and hurtful in its use.
      I think Morgan needs to reflect on why he should never use the word. I would also encourage him to examine his alcohol intake. He’s had a recent series of incidents related to intoxication.
      Mr Wallen is supremely talented and cannot let these types of incidents derail him. He needs to be allowed to learn and grow from this.

    • Rob

      The ACM isn’t even I thing… But I’ll make sure I don’t accidentally tune in to that garbage this year. Morgan Wallen is so good. Playing his albums all day long on all the streaming services!

    • Anonymous

      So true .. mean while his music is still #1 on the charts. People need to lighten up.

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree with you. I will not watch any channel or play any station, that doesn’t play Morgan Wallen songs!!! Over this stupidity.

    • Cathy

      Totally agree!! Unfortunately Morgan has some real hateful neighbors who have nothing better to do then bring a good person down. Let’s hope karma sucks for them!!

    • Mary Jo Benjamin

      I agree, it’s a terrible way to ruin a persons life. People all over the World use this word, listen to the music being released. I am very disappointed in the country music association, I have listened to country my entire life I’m 74 years old. If things don’t change with this issue, I’ll be listen to the music I have at home and all Morgan Wallen!!!!!! I think you all are wrong about this! I think the neighbors should be ashamed! Let’s find out what they have said in their home and on their property!,

    • Elouise Romero

      I think this has gone on long enough. People need to live and let live. The whining needs to stop. All this crying is BS
      Get a life people. Leave him alone it’s over and with.

    • Joan

      Yes jealous is the problem, he is passing some popular names and dirt has to be brought up to ruin Morgan. Other country artists have committed crimes and popular award winners this is just bull.
      I will not watch the show, all should boycott….

    • Susan

      Amen. Very well said. I’m so disappointed in the Country Music world. It will bite them in the A$$. Karma is a…Well everyone knows what Karma is. I hope they enjoy their award show. I’m betting their ratings will be WAY down!

    • Dana Thompson

      I’m not watching any award show unless Morgan is included. This is ridiculous. His fans want him included. Stop this cancel culture crap.

    • Ragnar

      Beautifully said, I feel that every rap song with that word should be banned.

    • Michelle

      Agreed!! I think we should all boycott watching the show this year

    • Alex Parker

      I predict the ratings for the ACM Awards will be at record lows in large part due to this move. It’s such a joke to have these same tired old male country artists competing for Male Artist of the Year. Most of these guys aren’t even in the same league as Morgan. How does Dierks Bentley at all compare to Morgan’s recent successes? There’s no comparison. I would’ve watched it had they not intentionally dissed Morgan. But now I’ll definitely not be tuning in. Morgan’s new album will likely go for at least ten weeks at #1, maybe even eleven. Not having radio play does SUCK. But terrestrial radio is a dying format that needs Wallen more than he needs them.

      It’s all so ironic, because in this case Morgan has actually become the victim of racism himself because he’s a country artist and thus by virtue is an assumed racist. Whereas when John Mayer, Justin Bieber, and Jennifer Lopez used the word they all suffered pretty much no consequences because I mean how could they possibly be racist? It’s a screwed up mess.

      I would expect the award shows to reconsider the issue next year. Not doing so would be a huge mistake. It would be great to see a big redemption. And Morgan definitely needs to work on realizing the sensitivities in our society and thus improve his behavior. I’m not asking him to rearrange his life, but just to be mindful about things.

    • Justus Mckay

      I think that what you just said was 100% correct. I think that everyone should blackball the awards this year and force these idiots who think that they have the power to apologize to Whalen for trying to destroy his career and immediately reinstate him and his songs on all radio stations that play Country music.

    • J Majors

      Amen Amen Amen!!!! This is America folks …. we have freedom of speech !! The sad part is Morgan did not mean any harm and was SUPPOSE to have privacy at his home but those broke back bum neighbors had their doorbell cam set up to pay their way and to ruin Morgan’s life! The bum back Neighbors might be winning right now but one things for sure… no one can take that amazing voice Morgan has, other than God but God knows the truth and he knows Morgan’s heart so this is only temporary… Morgan deserves his spot at the CMA’s just like all the others .. He’s my #1 for sure!!!!!! The CMA’s should be ashamed of themselves also all the others that are downing Morgan but hopefully they will get better … jealousy is a sickness get well soon!!!!! And the winner is………..MORGAN WALLEN!!!!!!!!

    • Jim bob

      That’s exactly what I’ve said ! You hit it right on point

    • Kay Myers

      You make some very valid points Connie, However; that word is okay for some and not others and those lines can become very confusing. We are currently living in a cancel culture environment and until it happens to someone personally that culture will continue.
      Those that support Morgan should continue to purchase his merchandise and if he is performing anywhere in the future, (no matter how small the venue), purchase a ticket to see him in person.
      My husband and I will not be watching the awards this year

    • HR

      Totally AGREE WITH you!!!!!
      But they let half naked women shake their butts on national tv for the Grammy’s!

    • Julie

      Morgan is young like we all have been and we have all made many mistakes and I am sure we have said words we did not mean. I am in my sixties and I have never in my lifetime seen this harsh treatment done to any other country artist. My hearts hurts for Morgen. I Pray for him and his career. I love and enjoy this young man’s music more than any other country singer. I want so bad to hear him again and pray that he can become the rising star he was on the road to be ❤️?

    • Country girl

      I agree ..forgive ..learn and move on ..and shame on the neighbor .
      Country music is not like it used to be and things change ..look at some of the lyrics and the way the way some of the ladies dress …appropriate?? Not sure ..let’s not throw stones …

  11. Margie Lake

    This is pathetic! Are you serious? Well goodbye ACM’s! You lost a fan! I support Morgan Wallen ?%!!!

    • Anonymous

      Yep 100% NOT watching. Everyone knows who would have won. Someone needs to have the spine to say so. Um Free Speech.

  12. Lynne

    Exactly, the PC pendulum has swung way too far in this country. I too will not watch the ACM or any other awards show until they forgive Morgan. What a bunch of hypocrites (he who is without sin cast the first stone). I’m not condoning what he said, but really? He was on his own property with friends. This has been blown way too far out of proportion. Boycott ACM, CMA, CMT – support Morgan Wallen 100%

    • Timmy

      So, you’re a supporter of racism. That’s the only answer to your response.

      • Anonymous

        Do you know the difference between saying a bad word and actively promoting hate? People are quick to label others racist. Shame on you!

  13. Shanna Caudill

    ACM CMT CMT shame shame on you you all need to see that this is for the fans and billboard with Morgan Morgan Speaks for itself. S””w your cancel culture S”’t If other people have done what Morgan has Its not right for one to suffer and get rights took but, you guys need to stop setting around your fancy meeting tables and, stop using Morgan as a pawn . Big loud lily rose record label is going to be boycott just as the ACM AND CMT. You all need to get off your high horses and realize that he is a humble person and apologized and went to black organization meetings and, also lost his papaw. Don’t you all think that you have done enough.

    • Anonymous

      Perfect Shanna. Watched CMT top 20. All libs shoved down our throat. Eric. Hutch. McGraw. No more Josh Turner. No Morgan. All left wing trash. Pushed Anders chick all morning with Grammy nomination with performers singing about raping white women. Joke.

  14. Sara


    ACM’s can suck a dick

    • Yoda

      Makes sense. Don’t associate with those who you wouldn’t want people to see you associated with. Wallen is a jerk.

  15. Chris

    Morgan is bigger than fake celebs who act like they are hollier than thou. They are just scared to get cancelled next. Meanwhile rappers degrade women in videos calling them hoes and other nice words. Country music has been dead it should be called CRAP now country rap…

    • Debbie

      It all about. Cancel culture. Gone way to fair. Some song lyrics have terrible but know body says any thing about how wrong they are.

      • Elouise Romero

        Listen to Carly B NASTY song but that’s ok?

  16. GiveItARest!

    Too many brainwashed idiots on here. Anyone who actually heard what he says should know better than to call him a racist. It is a racial slur at best. I’m 49, white, grew up in a very diverse neighborhood and even my black friends still say it when we are talking today. It is the same as brother, man and dude as long as there is an “a” after the 2 “g’s”. We never say the word with “er” after the 2 “g’s”. Its common sense to judge someone by their intentions. For those who read this and are thinking I might have “unconscious bias”, please STFU! Morgan has apologized sincerely even though he shouldn’t of had to. What some people will do to feel virtuous is unreal, looking at you Maren.

  17. Michele

    Bring Morgan Wallen back or boycott country music He would have won all the awards

  18. Michele

    I won’t be watching the awards show as I am not going reward their cancel culture mentality. Morgan is an amazing artist and doesn’t need some stupid awards to validate him. Neither did Hank and people still singing about him.

  19. Anonymous

    See every other race can make statements about it except the white person if he does something but he ain’t even talkin to anybody other than his friend it wasn’t it was just something that was said but you got Nick Cannon out there him and all his f****** racist bulshit people forgive him but like you know if it’s a white person that makes a mistake or says something and he wasn’t even talk into another Race date they throwing to the curb like he’s like he’s the Devil Himself but you got Nick Cannon and people like that that go off on other nationalities I mean Street on the radio and what do they do nothing he he sits out for a couple months then they giving back to million dollar shows

  20. Buck

    We need to stop putting down WHITES!
    Blacks say and do shit much worse than Morgan and are exempt from ridicule.
    You know this is a fact.
    When are we going to start getting equality in the NBA?
    Answer me please.

    • Army Vet

      White people are scared to stand up for being white and scared to say anything because they would be considered racist. That’s why noone has answered you. They are sheep being herded by their surroundings.

    • Anonymous

      First we must terrorize cities by burning & looting businesses. Second we need to take our white money out of the economy that is supporting every sh*tty decision others & our government make. We make up 60% of this country. Our money is supporting America. We’ve been conditioned not to speak out or we’ll lose our jobs & careers. Others have nothing to lose

  21. Anonymous

    Radio stations still playing david allan coe look at his uncensored songs don’t get me wrong I enjoy listening to DAC but I think that Morgan shouldn’t be treated any different let him be reinstated

  22. Lauren

    Bring morgan back. He does not deserve this. Will not be watching

    • We Wuz Kangz

      Exactly! Wonderful culture. Two parent home? No way, that isn’t street. Get an education and speak properly, nope, that is acting white. Respect women, please, I’m a player!

  23. Kristy

    Morgan should not have to apologize again. He has done apologized several times and… I don’t think he should have done it those Because he was not using the N word as a racial slur… Y’all are just mad because you cancelled him and he’s career is skyrocketing… Shame on you County Music…..

  24. Dani

    Morgan needs to grow the hell up! Stop because an asshole! You should be spending time with you son instead of partying, getting drunk, fighting and getting arrested and acting like a baby! GROW THE HELL UP MORGAN!

  25. Dani

    Morgan needs to grow the hell up! Stop being an asshole! You should be spending time with you son instead of partying, getting drunk, fighting and getting arrested and acting like a baby! GROW THE HELL UP MORGAN!

  26. Bilbo baggins

    People need to stop getting so butt hurt for every little thing, we’ve become a bunch of winey fucking cunt’s.

  27. Billybob

    I will not be watching awards either. The man was talking to his friends on his own property…private conversation!!!!

  28. Mary

    This man did nothing that thousands of others haven’t done. He just got caught. The one that was in the wrong was the one filming at midnight. That was an invasion of privacy. I don’t know what our country has come to. I won’t be watching the Awards This an had a great career going.

    • Small Town Girl

      Your exactly right Mary! I think this was all a plan by one or more for the neighbors to video his home and privacy in hopes to find something on him to get him banned from awards show coming up. They knew he would walk away with them all. I won’t be watching either,and there is karma for jealously too.

  29. Dawn

    Biden has been on tape saying the n word. I wish they’d cancel him.

  30. Not perfect.

    Thanks .very true and politically music has lost so any of it’s traditional singers a lot of those in the industry today if you listen to those songs they put out.well country ain’t country anyway.

  31. Anonymous

    I feel bad for the poor artist that’s going to win those awards knowing deep down that Morgan Wallen deserve them more Best album of the year artist of the year song of the year breaking 64-year-old records sitting at number one for nine weeks in a roll right now no other country artist in touch
    Morgan Wallen

    • A mad fan

      Won’t be watching these awards or CMTs either. It’s ridiculous. Enough is enough. They have punished him already but yet they continue to crucify him. I’m done with them all. Hope their ratings tank!!

    • Shane

      Whoever wins best album of the year had better thank Morgan Wallen because the only reason they will be winning is because he wasn’t allowed to participate!

  32. Rhonda

    Thousands of Morgan fan will Not be sitting in front of their TV on Awards night. See i couldn’t tell you what day it’s even on. Life’s way too short too be fighting over all this racist stuff and gender and you name it ,someone gonna make a issue of it, we have alot more serious problems that need to be focused on instead of all this racist that’s going on. We’re the Land of the Free,we have a right to our opinions ?

    • MW fan

      Agree with Rhonda , I definitely want be watching the awards or anything else so called new country music has to offer ! I’ve been listening to 96.7 Merle , at least they know real country music , every thing else is about $$$$

  33. Team Wallen

    Big Morgan Wallen fan. What they are doing to him is bs. Has anyone listened to Starboy by The Weekend or Go Crazy by Chris Brown? Why are they not banned. If its not ok for us to use the “N” word then its not ok for them either. Give it a rest and give the man his life back. Was super excited to see how his sales skyrocketed. Agree to boycott

  34. Susan Batey

    Well, well, well…….who do we have here? Well if it isn’t country music joining the “cancel” culture! Oh my…..! I was raised on country music and I do believe George Jones was abusive to Tammy…….Haggard did prison time….so did The Man In Black… did Johnny Paycheck. Willie smoked weed….before it was legal…..and Jerry Lee Lewis is a pedophile. All are highly acclaimed musicians still getting air play. Food for thought……

  35. Anonymous

    This year’s winner of the awards Morgan would’ve won will have a tainted and empty victory. Enjoy your second place Trophy!

    • Peggy Pellman

      You are absolutely correct!! Morgan is a winner in every catagory! Who needs those stupid award shows? Not me. I may wash my car instead and listen to Morgan.

  36. CMAs are Shit

    This is shit tier news. Morgan Wallen has dropped the people’s elbow on country music and now all the virtue signallers are mad and have to show they “care” somehow.

    Fuck the CMAs and fuck country music anymore, shits a joke. Morgan’s bringing the revival.

  37. Tonia lackey

    I want be watching it he is the bomb I love his music

  38. Anonymous

    I love Morgan Wallen. That is so ridiculous. I would t be watching the awards this year or any year to come!!!!

  39. Cdpridg

    Hey the pussys out of nashville..nobody cares about that word..big deal

  40. Anna

    I will not be watching, he was the only one who had any music worth listening to and brave enough to put it out during the pandemic, while everyone else is bowing down to cancel culture. Screw you.

  41. Reanea loggins

    Hey hes young. Meant absolutly. Nothin to people of color. He was talkin to his buddy which is blk..people make mistakes when u havent fully matured i guess ya never made any mistakes when ya were young. Right!!! I beleive he deserves a second chance .. What would u do if jesus didnt forgive you for ur sins… Give the boy another chance im 59 years old and i love. Love his music. Give him another chance he has learned and has grew for his mistake. Reinstate him…please

  42. Confused about the hypocrisy.

    It is clear that one can not have freedom of speech at their own private home amongst friends. So, is it ok for the selling and airplay
    of very public recordings of people singing and glorify rape, theft, killings, affairs, sex, and using every curse word there is including the N-word? That is offensive to every race!!! Are they promoting equality, good morals, and love for their fellow human beings? Why don’t music stations ban and condemn them as well. We are supposed to treat each other EQUAL right? Sick of the cancel culture that we have become.

  43. Jason

    Morgan’s language that night was disappointing however, he didn’t dismiss, deny, or lie about his actions that night. It takes a big man to own those mistakes and apologize publicly for his actions. I will not watch or record the ACM Awards this year. He made a mistake…isn’t that what life is about… learning from your mistakes? We ALL have been there, at one point or another!

    • Lynne

      Well said Jason. I watched that video and you can’t even tell that it was Morgan. He could have denied the whole thing but he owned up to it. That takes a big person to admit your mistake. To me he is even a better person. Everyone says and does stupid things; especially after a night out drinking. We all deserve forgiveness!

  44. Jeff

    I will not be watching. Let’s be a forgiving nation, we’ve all said something we regret.

  45. gb

    My question is: If he’s at the the top of the charts, whose making all the money? Couldn’t be all the people trying to ruin him could it?

  46. Margaret

    Yes if your going to be petty and ruin a man’s career make sure you do the exact same then to each and everyone that has every made a mistake.

  47. Chad

    I like how NWA came out with the n word in thier name then they make a movie about the group. But no one cared about that. They’re music still exists. But because they are black its ok. Along with other black artist that use the word. Stop this madness. No one should say it. But a person lively hood should not be attacked because of it.

  48. Fkurfeelings

    I won’t be watching but I will be listening to Morgan on YouTube driving his views up. Maybe ACM can replace him with any rapper and let them say 100 times what he said once. Or maybe get Cardi’s WAP up there.

  49. Darius

    It saddens me that this strong group of businesses and talented singers and musicians would quickly throw Morgan under the bus …Now you’ll see why ratings for all this dumb cowering political stuff are tanking everywhere …I’m certain that most almost all Wallens listeners don’t like what he said and prefer not to enjoy hearing that very negative word but remain nonjudgmental in listening to Morgan going forward …He’s human he’s unlike all of you and not perfect !!! I believe he’s very regretful in his apology …So your awards show will tank he’s more popular now than ever …Isn’t that what was Madonna’s genius marketing herself behind some very unpopular attacks …Well Morgan didn’t plan this and he’s getting the same results …Well deserved and he’s got some pretty pathetic neighbors if you ask me !!!

  50. John Doe

    So wait, people can’t make mistakes anymore, right? Even under the influence? Then, to clear confusion, the word should be banned by every artist of every race. Yes, Morgan should apologize. Yes, he should speak to Associations and contribute earnings to fighting racial injustics. But that’s where it stops. This on-going cancellation is only damaging the brands, labels, and representatives at this point while not allowing this man to PUBLICLY right is wrong that was PUBLICLY sold to TMZ for $$$$. Terrible handling and a selfish PR move by so many “prestigious” organizations.

  51. Cathy

    I won’t be watching. This is ridiculous banning Morgan. Yet you hear worse in rap music & the degrading of women. Screw CMT & CMA

  52. Ken Hunter

    I will not be watching this year…first year I have missed in over 20 years..

  53. Lynn

    All this stuff is just crazy. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me thats what I learned growing up. Just about anything can be racist now days .before long just looking at somebody wrong will be. Our society can’t go on like this it only creates more racial tensions.

  54. Angelique

    No. Banning Wallen shouldn’t be controversial because his music sucks and his fans are all worthless backwoods bumpkins.

    • Edy

      You are entitled to your opinion. If his music sucks why has his album stayed at #1 so long with him being cancelled by so many and not having a far shot at being played?
      I’ve got news for you…we are not all worthless backward bumpkins! ???

    • Shane

      What an ignorant post! I think there are at least a few who would disagree with you. Tell everyone about your favorite artist and how proud you are of them being at the top of the billboard 200 for 9 consecutive weeks. Oh, that’s not possible because Morgan Wallen holds that prestigious position!

  55. Elouise Romero

    Listen to Carly B NASTY song but that’s ok?

  56. #teamwallenmorgan

    Wont watch it this year. Chris Brown beat woman and people still listen to his music and Morgan Wallen says the N word at his house and gets treated like this. This is not fair. People just jealous of his talent.

  57. Morgan fan

    I sure hope to those that made this decision that when you fail or fuck up , you get crucified to the fucking max!

  58. Nila Wolfsheimer

    I will not b watching if this is how their treating Morgan Wallen. Hes a great singer & deserves 2 b there & b mentioned.

  59. Kim

    So CMA is telling those attending what they can and cannot say??? Do we not live in a free world?? Wake up people.

  60. Cortney Becker

    I will not be watching. Morgan Wallen is the best thing to happen to country music. #nowayAMA

  61. Teresa Dunaway

    I think it is very unfair the way you all are treating Morgan Wallen for something he said to his buddies. ( When so many other musicans use this word in speaches and in songs) Plus he has said he was sorry. It was not said in anger to towards anyone.
    I guess each one of you are perfect and God like since he is the only one who can judge when it really matters. I also am guessing that none of you live in a glass house. Because if you did you would not be casting any stones toward Morgan.
    Yes yo do have the right to run your show how you like and with whom you want to appear on it.
    Just like I have the right to avoid watching it. Like many of my friends I will NOT be tuning into your program this year.
    But you sure can bet we will be listening to some amazing music on Youtube, Alexia, Spotfiy, etc of the good ole boy from East Tenn.

  62. Debbie

    Instead of watching the CMAs I will be listening to Morgan Wallen.

  63. Debbie

    But Morgan wallen back on the radio. He said he was sorry. I have quit listening to the radio at all and just been listening to his CD. And I won’t be watching the CMAs this year.2

  64. Lois

    I won’t be watching the awards this year. They are perpetuating hate. I will however continue to watch, purchase & stream Morgan’s videos and music.
    This has gone too far.

  65. Anonymous

    I will not waste one second of my time watching after treating Morgan Wallen like this….to go as far as to not even mention his name after his album being #1 for 9 weeks, breaking a 64 year record, etc.
    That’s disgusting, I will stream his music rather than watch it!

  66. Edy

    I’m just wondering what they are so afraid of not allowing Morgan’s name to be mentioned? Isn’t that like censoring what others say and do? They are running scared about something. Let them have their way. There is no denying his sales have made history. How can you demand no one mention the name of a person? What are you so afraid will happen if Morgan’s name is mentioned? Are you running scared about his name being mentioned at the show? Are you afraid you’ll see people stand up for him? You realize when you silence people it makes everyone more aware of what’s going on…and that’s what’s made his sales increase. Your shutting him out actually has helped his momentum in sales and your banning his name being spoken will only increase his sales more. Because of your decisions towards Morgan you’ve made people realize they don’t want to be a part of your culture and have brought to light how much the cancel culture is hurting this world. You all need to be more like Jimmie Allen. He’s gain fans while you all are losing fans that have watched you for years. I’m 64 years old and have watched for years, but your stance on Morgan Wallen has made me reevaluate what you are about. You don’t stand for unity. You don’t stand for forgiveness. You don’t stand for showing Grace to others. You don’t stand for fairness. You don’t stand you equality. You don’t even stand for country music anymore. You’ve lost a lot of us over your decision about Morgan and in particular about banning his name to be mentioned. Allowing him not to participate, okay…but banning even his name to be mentioned is a little over the top and reeks of being non-American to me. Censorship at its finest is what you are promoting to the world. I find you all a bit to much for me to enjoy your show because of what you are promoting at this time. I realize I’m only one person and you won’t miss me watching but that really doesn’t matter to me. I have to state I feel you have gone too far out of my comfort zone over this Morgan Wallen issue. There’s more going on here than a word that is used all the time in songs without censorship
    and by people referring to their friends in an affectionate manner. Do I use the word? No. I don’t use the word but I did as a small child in rhymes I heard from older people around me. I’m betting a lot of others did, too. We use words we hear. Jimmie Allen referred to this in his interview with Bobby Bones. So you go ahead ACM have your award show, dictate to all attending to not mention Morgan’s name, and feel powerful in demanding this from everyone and see where the chips fall for you. Again, I’m asking what are you afraid will happen if Morgan’s name is mentioned?

  67. Shane

    Wow, that was an awesome comment Edy! You said it all!

  68. Travis

    I’ll always support Morgan wallen the country music awards can kiss my rear and he ain’t done anything worse than anybody else everybody wants to cancel someone else for offending them it’s ridiculous

  69. Kevin

    Craig Wiseman, Joey Moi, Kevin “Chief” Zaruk and Seth England I think the woke thing for Big Loud records should put your money were your big “Fat Mouth” is and donate 100% of your profits that your making off of Morgan to charities.

  70. Jim Smith

    What a bunch of fucking idiots. The CMAs will survive without your stupid asses. Wallen has repeatedly shown racist tendencies and used racist words/phrases. This isnt’ the first and won’t be the last, but you go ahead and forgive him because he makes music you like. You’re just as much of the problem as he is. Losers.

    • Abbey

      Who’s a loser?? If you don’t like him, then just move along……..

      • Terry

        You are a loser if you support someone who is a proven racist, multiple times over.

  71. Kris

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! This whole “ban” on Morgan Wallen is just ridiculous. He humbly apologized, makes incredible music, and is more popular than any other country artist right now. Let the man do what he does best, sing and perform. I won’t be watching this year either. #teammorgan

  72. Anonymous

    This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. He was in his own home. On his property. He didn’t say it on stage or in his music. It was to a friend. I will forever support Morgan Wallen and his music. He’s one of the best things to ever happen to country music and it’s a shame that his mistakes can’t be looked past. No reason for forgiveness not be done. He apologized. Admitted his wrongs. He’s human.
    Love you Morgan wallen.

    • May

      Yes, I heard the difference is in a soft “a” and a hard “er”. He used a soft a ending. Slang when referring to his friend, not a derogatory noun. So wrong to discriminate who uses the word, that is racist, allowing one group permission and denying others.

  73. Patricia Sasser

    I truly feel that Morgan Wallen is being used as a scapegoat bc of his mistake. Im sure he is NOT prejudice and he is a good man. He’s NOT being treated right and he’s not been given the chance to apologize through the venues that have banned him.
    Give him a chance to make up for speaking the way he did. It’s only fair. Everyone else that ever made the same mistake have been given a second chance and he deserves one also. He’s a great artist that deserves a second chance!

  74. Stan

    Can we just stop the insanity and someone or some company please take a stand for what is right and not mob stupidity. OMG please all ready

  75. Marty

    Anybody watch the Grammy performance of Cardi B of her song WAP? The song and the performance are both disgusting. Can’t believe they put it on prime time. The song also contains the “N” word more than once. Why is she not banned? Bunch of hypocrites

  76. Carie Fazzio

    This angers me to no end it wasn’t even on national television or radio this was at his own home with his homeboys where is our right to speak he supposed to lose his career over one word that wasn’t even meant in a racial way..
    It just goes to showwhat people really care about and that’s the almighty dollar they could give a s*** less what this is doing to that man he apologized I don’t imagine anybody could be more sorry than him for what’s going on since when have we become an unforgiving country that we can’t even forgive one word shame on you all

  77. Sick of this

    Morgan is a great talent and should be heard on the radio. One word said on private property…really? Cancel culture is out of control . Let’s turn this around and cancel the Marxist’s, starting with the ACM.

  78. Mkunderwood

    Nobody watched the show. Bring Morgan Wallen back.

  79. Kim

    Do you why they don’t want him there?
    It raises their chances of winning in whatever category he would have been up against them.
    They are no Dummies

  80. Michelle

    I WILL not be watching even though I like some of the other artists. Goes for CMT as well until Morgan is reinstated. Period!

  81. Jordan

    The word is unacceptable, either way you use it. But using it with your own color is friends and not meaning any malice should change the punishment. I don’t understand why country music hasn’t put their arms around him and said “he’s one of ours”. We make sure he gets educated. If the West Coast and East Coast rivalries, which are very serious, can use the word and in any context, why aren’t their labels and fans dropping them? Can I get someone of color to admit the double standard is more than unfair?

  82. Mary

    The respect and status having an ACM award represented in the past is no more. The ACM’S are no longer awarded to the BEST IN COUNTRY MUSIC. They are now given to music from an artist they think is worthy of their award. Shame on the Academy. They must have known he would win, why else would it be necessary to make him ineligible? I hope the winners have the courage and morals to acknowledge they are not the actual best, but second best, because the competition did not include all of the year’s music. How sweet it would be to hear someone get up to accept the award and acknowledge the hypocrisy. The record books need notation, highlighting this year’s nominees were not the best, but their choice of the best.

  83. Emma L

    I don’t understand why people are singling him out. There is so much other important things going on in the world than one person saying the n-word. Do you know how many people say the word in one day? I mean come on. We have riots and protests from people who want equality, peace and unity. But at the same time, they are using violence to get what they want. They want to take over and be the superior race. And it doesn’t help we have an idiot in office not doing anything about the real problems.