BTS Cashes In on Japan With ‘Best Of’ Double CD Release — 23 Songs Total

BTS Japan
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BTS Japan
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BTS performing in France in 2016. Photo Credit:

BTS are cashing in on the popularity of CDs in Japan with a new ‘best of’ compilation album. 

We’ve covered the high profitability that comes with physical assets sales, including CDs — if your fans will buy them. Well, in Japan, the entire country is still buying (and renting) CDs, which spells serious money for anyone that appeals to Japanese listeners. Accordingly, BTS’ new Japanese album, BTS The Best will debut on June 16th, 2021 and offer another cash windfall for this K-pop money machine (and at this point, BTS is practically an ATM for Big Hit/Hybe). 

The CD will feature 23 songs total, some of which are collaborations with J-pop acts. The album is a follow-up to one of the best-selling albums of 2020 – Map of the Soul: Journey

This third Japanese compilation album will feature “Film Out,” a collaboration between Jungkook and Back Number. The song and its official music video will debut on April 2nd. The album also includes some Japanese versions of their greatest hits from 2017 onwards. 

BTS, The Best – Tracklist

Disc 1

    1. Film Out
    2. DNA – Japanese Version
    3. Best of Me – Japanese Version
    4. Lights
    5. Blood, Sweat, Tears – Japanese Version
    6. FAKE LOVE – Japanese Version
    7. Black Swan – Japanese Version
    8. Airplane Pt. 2 – Japanese Version
    9. Go Go – Japanese Version
    10. IDOL – Japanese Version
    11. Dionysus – Japanese Version
    12. MIC Drop – Japanese Version

(Bonus Track: Dynamite)

Disc 2

    1. Boy With Luv – Japanese Version
    2. Stay Gold
    3. Let Go
    4. Spring Day – Japanese Version
    5. ON – Japanese Version
    6. Don’t Leave Me
    7. Not Today – Japanese Version
    8. Make It Right – Japanese Version
    9. Your eyes tell
    10. Crystal Snow

Limited edition sets of the new BTS album in Japan will include a DVD with six music videos. One of those will be the official music video for “Film Out.” The album will be available in several editions, ranging from $27 to $50. Reservations for the album began today, March 26th, on the BTS Japan official shop

BTS, THE BEST – Japan Album Inclusions

Limited Edition A

2 CD set + 1 Blu-Ray – $52 USD

Limited Edition B

2 CD set + 2 DVD – $50 USD

Limited Edition C

2 CD set + Photo Booklet – $40 USD

Regular Edition

2 CD set – $27

There are also some limited edition releases with random cards for superfans to collect. The BTS Japan Official Fan Club, Universal Music Store, and Seven Net all have exclusive limited edition add-ins for the album. 

It highlights how popular CDs and physically collecting music still is in Japan.

Streaming may have taken the world by storm, but K-pop and J-pop fans love to collect CDs. These albums’ unlimited collectible nature means fans order the same album from multiple stores for a chance at photos of their favorite band member. 

CD sales in Japan continue to soar compared to the rest of the world, thanks to this method of release. This is BTS’ third compilation album in Japan, all of which have sold out within days.

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