Marilyn Manson Sued by Former Assistant for Sexual Assault – ‘I Was His Property’

Marilyn Manson sued
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Marilyn Manson sued
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Photo Credit: Laurence Barnes / CC by 2.0

Marilyn Manson is being sued by a former assistant who says she was treated like property.

Ashley Walters, 37, is suing the shock rocker for sexual assault, battery, and harassment. Her complaint joins a chorus of other women who have alleged the singer was abusive towards them.

Walters’ lawsuit was filed on Tuesday in the Superior Court of Los Angeles County. The complaint says Manson often had violent outbursts, made Walters work for 48 hours straight, and told friends they could kiss and grope her.

Walters’ lawsuit follows that of another actress, Esmé Bianco, who says she was sexually assaulted, whipped, and electrocuted during the course of her relationship with the singer. Since the allegations have unfolded in the public eye, Manson was dropped by his manager and talent agency. He is also currently facing investigation by the Los Angeles County Sherriff’s department over allegations of domestic violence.

According to Walters, she met Manson in May 2010 after he reached out to her on MySpace. Marilyn Manson was sued this week for allegedly sexually assaulting her.

The then 26-year-old photographer thought it was a joke at first, but he soon offered her a potential collaboration. Walters says she leaped at the opportunity and visited Manson’s West Hollywood home to discuss the project.

“Walters tried to leave around 2 am, after his assistant and bandmates had gone home, but Manson said the lot where he had told her to park was closed until 7 am. Then he asked to do a photoshoot and at one point requested Walters take off her shirt,” the lawsuit says. Walters says she was not opposed to provocative art in theory, “but the way in which [Manson] insisted caused her to pause.”

Walters kept her bra on, and when Manson finished taking photos, the lawsuit says he pushed her onto his bed, pinned her down, and tried to kiss her. Manson “then moved behind Walters and bit her ear while grabbing her hand and placing it in his underwear,” the complaint reads.

Walters says she was able to roll off the bed, and as soon as the parking lot opened, she left and walked to her car. She says she stayed in contact with Manson after those effects, and three months later, he asked her to be his personal assistant. He offered double the salary she was making at a production company and promised the gig would involve art projects and travel.”

Walters says she lived in fear of his angry outbursts, which included throwing dishes or pushing her against the wall. Walters also alleges she faced constant threats, including emailing her a picture of Bianco’s cut-up back and saying, ‘see what happens?’

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      Exactly. Just like any place of employment. If you don’t like it leave.

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      “I walked into a burning building and got burned…how did that happen?!?”

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    This is a key story, but never a mention of thousands of musicians in the peaceful music revolution?
    Ashley King who do you recommend fior real news on music issues?