“Real, Raw Conversations” – SoundCloud Debuts a New Artist Series on Clubhouse

SoundCloud Clubhouse Sessions
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SoundCloud Clubhouse Sessions
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Photo Credit: SoundCloud

SoundCloud is launching a new ‘Clubhouse Sessions’ series, focusing on new artists.

The new Clubhouse audio chat will be hosted by DJ and producer Jasmine Solano. The first series of shows will focus on SoundCloud-first artists like Carmaine, Ela Minus, Kid Quill, Lourdiz, Otis Kane, Payday, Sofia Mills, and SoFaygo.

The new Clubhouse Sessions show is part of SoundCloud’s new accelerator program. Each week one artist is invited to the show with their collaborators, friends, and family for a deep dive into their creative journey. Solano will drive conversation around the artists’ story, connecting them with others on Clubhouse.

“Internationally celebrated artist and music tastemaker, Jasmine Solano gets to the root with each artist to discuss how they got their start, share career challenges, wins, learnings, as well as where they’re headed and how they plan to get there,” the press release reads. “The full conversations will be available to fans globally on the artists’ SoundCloud profiles following the event.”

SoundCloud Clubhouse Sessions – Series 1 Schedule

  • SoFaygo – Wednesday, May 26
  • Lourdiz – Wednesday, June 2
  • Payday – Wednesday, June 16
  • Otis Kane – Wednesday, June 23
  • Sofia Mills – Wednesday, June 30
  • Ela Minus – Wednesday, July 14
  • Kid Quill – Wednesday, July 21

The First on SoundCloud accelerator program is focused on dedicated investment in co-creating each artist’s career milestones. SoundCloud’s artist development experts work closely with artists to help produce authentic career-making moments. That now extends to hosting fire-side chats on Clubhouse and posting them on SoundCloud like podcasts, it seems.

Part of the appeal of Clubhouse is that the nature of the audio programs feels ethereal and impermanent when you participate. You have to tune in at the right time to be there and experience the artist live with audience participation. Without the audience participation, the experience feels like listening to a podcast.

This will likely help SoundCloud artists find a presence on Clubhouse. But I’m not so sure it will attract more music lovers to the Clubhouse platform. SoundCloud is working hard to bring more exposure to its artists, but Clubhouse may not remain the king for long.

Already services like Twitter Spaces offer much the same feature-set with better filtering tools. It is also open to a wider variety of content creators, not relying on an invite-only system. Clubhouse’s Android launch is now available for limited invitees, too. You can check out these SoundCloud-first artists during their deep-dive Clubhouse Sessions following the schedule listed above.