Diplo Sexual Assault Lawsuit Abruptly Dropped by Accuser – “I Regret Filing the Lawsuit”

Diplo sexual assault lawsuit dropped
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Diplo sexual assault lawsuit dropped
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Photo Credit: NRK P3 / CC by 3.0

The sexual assault lawsuit against Diplo has been withdrawn, according to court documents.

The withdrawal comes after a Diplo performance at Orioles Park was canceled. The lawsuit was filed by a woman who alleges the DJ forced her to perform oral sex on him at a party in Los Angeles in 2019.

“In light of the evidence and after consultation with my attorneys, I have decided to withdraw my lawsuit,” the woman told her attorneys. “No payment was offered or requested. I regret filing the lawsuit.”

The lawsuit was filed last week, with the woman alleging the DJ held her hostage until she performed oral sex on him. She said she felt trapped and had no way to escape, so she gave in to the alleged demand. The lawsuit also claimed that the incident might have been filmed without her consent.

Diplo attorney Bryan Freedman praised the dismissal of the sexual assault lawsuit.

“As we said when we first learned of this lawsuit, there was absolutely irrefutable evidence that proved that the allegations it contained were false. As soon as we shared that plethora of evidence with the plaintiff’s lawyers, they recognized that they needed to withdraw their suit immediately.

“This demonstrably false claim – encouraged by an individual who has stalked, threatened, harassed and attempted to extort Mr. Pentz and his family – has caused great harm. While that damage can never fully be undone, we are glad to see this lawsuit be dismissed with prejudice. Only because of the swift and irreversible decision to withdraw this lawsuit and to issue a public statement retracting the claims and expressing regret, we will not be pursuing charges of malicious prosecution against them at this time.”

When news of the lawsuit broke in early July, Freedman said the DJ intended to fight it. He promised to provide “irrefutable evidence” that the claim was false.

He also suggested that the woman who filed the suit had an ulterior motive for doing so. Diplo’s lawyer says the claims were previously made by the plaintiff’s friend, who has been harassing the DJ and his family. It will be interesting to see if the Baltimore Orioles will allow the post-game concert to go forward since the lawsuit has been dismissed. The baseball team’s heavy-handed response came after a scathing editorial about the lawsuit was published.


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  1. Jux 3bt

    This type of shit pisses me off. Once an accusation has been put out there, the damage is done. It’s all over the internet and the accused can never shed the stigma, true or not. And don’t get me started about all the idiots who will perpetuate the false narrative, or make up their own conspiracy theories.

  2. Name the Liar

    Wait wait wait wait…. I thought we were supposed to believe all “victims”…..

    Women NEVER LIE about this sort of thing.

    They certainly don’t do it to try to get money, or gain attention.

    • Janis

      You fucking idiot. That was never the premise – to believe all victims and you know it. The idea is that there is always a possibility and the claim should be considered, and not dismissed until research has been done. Oh, fuck you.

      • Tom Robinson's Ghost

        Janis, funny how the name of the claimant is never revealed after the case has been dismissed. But now Diplo is forever tarred in the news. Is that fair to Diplo? Perhaps to evil practitioners of misandry and fourth wave feminism like you, that’s OK. Bonus points if the false claim takes down a Republican.

        You are no different from the lunatic mobs who lynched people for instant justice. I bet when you read To Kill A Mockingbird, you believed Mayella Ewell.

  3. Prince

    If he were a homo this would never have happened.

    • Jimmy

      It happened to your mom, and she’s a homo…now (converted after having you).