Kanye West’s ‘Donda’ Achieves Second-Biggest Album Debut on Spotify – 100MM Listens in 24 Hours

Kanye West Donda Spotify Apple Music
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Kanye West Donda Spotify Apple Music
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Photo Credit: Spotify

Donda is finally here, and the hype is real – nearly 100 million plays on Spotify in the first day. Donda also racked up 60 million listens on Apple Music in the US alone.

Kanye West held several listening parties across the United States ahead of the album release. While the album dropped on Sunday night, August 29 – West alleges Universal Music released it without his permission. The album cover is pitch black, decidedly not the album cover he revealed for Donda last year. Donald Glover also threw shade on Twitter, saying, “I love being influential.” He released an all-white album cover in 2020.

On August 29, Donda racked up 94,455,883 plays on Spotify, according to Chart Data.

That’s the second-largest album debut on Spotify ever. Kanye failed to dethrone Drake’s Scorpion album debut, which attracted 132 million plays in the first 24 hours. It’s worth noting that Donda didn’t drop at midnight, so his listening figures are based on 16 hours of data instead of a full 24.

On the global chart, 16 of the day’s top 25 songs were from Donda. Looking at the Spotify US chart, 22 of the top 25 were from Donda. The most popular songs from both charts were “Jail,” “Hurricane,” and “Off the Grid.”

Over on the Apple Music side of things, Donda was streamed more than 60 million times in the US. Tracks from the album claimed 19 of the top 20 spots on Apple Music’s Daily Top 100 Global songs chart. Donda also broke the 2021 record for the most-streamed album and artist in a day on Apple Music.

Donda was the third most played album on its first day of release on Apple Music, ever. Apple Music also held three exclusive live streams of Donda listening events, two in Atlanta and one in Chicago.

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